Chennai Super Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders, IPL 2013, Chennai April 28, 2013

Nannes' marathon over

The Plays of the Day from the IPL match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders in Chennai

The byes
This is one of the rare instances in any cricket. Dirk Nannes bounds in, bowls short of a length, beats the pull, hits the top of off. Four runs to the batting side. That's because this was a free hit, and the ricochet bounced over the cordon for four byes.

The over
Marlon Samuels can finish his T20 full spells in the time it took Nannes to bowl the first over of the chase. He began with a wide down the leg side that MS Dhoni failed to collect, followed by a front-foot no-ball. The free hit hit the bails and went for four byes. One legal ball, 10 conceded, none off the bat. Three uneventful deliveries later, Nannes bowled another wide. The nine-ball over went for 18. Only six of them came off the bat.

The field
Kolkata Knight Riders were taken to the cleaners by Michael Hussey, but Gautam Gambhir showed he is an optimistic soul with the field he welcomed the new batsman with after finally getting Hussey out for 95. It was the 16th over, and Chennai Super Kings were 158 for 2, but Dhoni walked out to face Sunil Narine with a slip and a silly mid-off. Dhoni played out a dot, which he would have probably done anyway considering it was the last ball of Narine's quota.

The shot
In the 13th over of the Super Kings innings, Hussey went down on a knee to sweep, and Rajat Bhatia changed the delivery to bowl wide outside off. However, despite the premeditation, Hussey had enough time to change the shot, and drive it square, between point and cover-point for four. Hussey tried the sweep off the next ball too, Bhatia bowled wide and full again, but this time Hussey couldn't recover in time, and could get just the single off the full toss.

The wide that wasn't
In the 18th over of the first innings, with Dhoni's killer intent obvious to all, L Balaji bowled a perfect wide yorker, which swung in a touch, and bounced inside the white guide line for a wide. This being a batsman's game, though, Simon Taufel penalised him for it by calling it a wide. Balaji responded with a trademark grin, but he must have hurt inside. That was not the total cost of the call; the compensatory delivery, the seventh of the over, went for the first four of that over, ruining an otherwise good over.

The run-out that wasn't
Three balls after missing Jacques Kallis' stumping, MS Dhoni pulled off what should have been a spectacular run-out. Manvinder Bisla was taking it easy when Dhoni deflected a wide throw - with his back to the stumps - onto the stumps. The replays showed Bisla's bat was clearly in the air. Everyone agreed, but the third umpire C Shamsuddin, who saw hundreds of replays before ruling it not-out. One for those who knock Super Kings for the umpiring calls going their way.

Sidharth Monga is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo