ICC News May 6, 2013

Sivaramakrishnan banks on experience to contribute to ICC panel

ESPNcricinfo staff

Laxman Sivaramakrishnan has responded to criticism of his election to the ICC's cricket committee by pointing to his 33-year association with the game, first as an international cricketer and then as a commentator. Sivaramakrishnan was elected over FICA president Tim May in a hotly contested election that saw hectic lobbying by both sides.

"I am sure there are a lot of cricket-related matters that are going to be discussed," Sivaramakrishnan told CNN IBN. "And I think I have been around for a long time. I've been associated with the game for around 33 years and I have a lot of contribution to make."

He was non-committal about the controversial Decision Review System (DRS) issue. The BCCI has been opposing ICC's attempts to introduce DRS, which was recommended by the cricket committee in 2011.

"I don't know whether it is a part of the agenda. If it is on the agenda, then we will look into the matter. I am not the sole person who controls the committee, I just have an opinion," he said. "I will say whatever I feel about the DRS in the meeting and it's the final consensus of the committee whether to take the decision to implement DRS or leave it optional. So, it's not entirely my call."

He has also responded to charges of proximity to the Chennai Super Kings franchise by saying his association with its parent company, India Cements - owned by BCCI president N Srinivasan - goes back 16 years, well before the franchise was created.

"I am not an employee of Chennai Super Kings," Sivaramakrishnan said. "I have been an employee of India Cements for the last 16 years and India Cements owns Chennai Super Kings. That has happened in the last six years. I have served India Cements as an employee and played cricket for them and I see no attachment with the Super Kings at all. In fact, I have done nothing at all for the Super Kings."

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  • Mick on May 8, 2013, 5:06 GMT

    Let's hope LS comes onto the committee and does a great job. I for one couldn't care less where the elected person is from, as long as they are fiercely independent and have the best interests of the game and players at heart. Must admit the wishy washy response to the DRS question isn't a great start but let's hope it's just first day jitters. I think too many people are mistaking questions over the process for a personal/national/racial battle between May and LS/India and Australia/Asian v Western.

  • Simon on May 8, 2013, 4:18 GMT

    Well this is not a great start by Siva. Non -committal is his best offering. Lets hope he develops a back bone and stands up for the players, rather than being the meek patsy he comes across as here.

  • des on May 7, 2013, 21:21 GMT

    I have often listened to Mr Sivaramakrishnan commentate. He is a very interesting commentator. I have learned that Chennai is always very hot and the Super Kings are a good team.

    All the best to him in his new role representing all cricketers around the world.

  • Manoj on May 7, 2013, 10:00 GMT

    hurray!!! is it real I don't have to mute the tv while watching cricket anymore as LSRK going to quit commentary.... please don't come back on tv again

  • Rakesh on May 7, 2013, 8:54 GMT

    Thanks Siva for accepting the job. Please quit commenting. Your commentary if irritating at the least. Good luck with your new job.

  • Satish Chandar on May 7, 2013, 8:21 GMT

    If Siva is guilty of praising CSK players, same stands with Sunny, Ravi, Kumble and everyone.. Come on.. The guy who handles ICC(whoever he might be) will wish his trusted folks to aid him.. It is perfectly natural in any part of the world.. And, remember folks, Siva is also a ex-cricketer just like the ousted May.. Why are some jumping up and down as if a dancer became a ICC committee member? Ex-cricketer in the ICC committee is a welcome move.. He was employee of India cements long before Srini took role of cricket administrator.. No offense..

  • Dan on May 7, 2013, 7:23 GMT

    Let's hope he is as brilliant a committee member as he was a leg spinner and a commentator. I'm breathlessly anticipating the wonderful proposals that should be coming our way soon; cricket on stilts, international teams with the initial letter "I" playing the one-hand-one-bounce rule, interplanetary series against Mars, 2000 run penalties for pitches featuring grass and many more too I'm sure. Exciting times indeed!

  • Hardik on May 6, 2013, 21:23 GMT

    Well done Shiva. Congratulations!

  • V on May 6, 2013, 18:58 GMT

    I see nothing wrong if he has any connection with CSK. If he has he shouldn't shy away from saying that. I like his commentary. Congrats Siva for the election to the ICC cricket committee. By the way who is Tim May(!)?