Mumbai v Hyderabad, IPL 2013, Mumbai May 13, 2013

Pollard blast takes Mumbai to No. 1


Mumbai Indians 184 for 3 (Pollard 66*, Tendulkar 38*) beat Sunrisers Hyderabad 178 for 3 (Dhawan 59, White 43*) by seven wickets
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An unreal Kieron Pollard blitz transformed a daunting run chase into a cakewalk for Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede, as he tore the match from Sunrisers Hyderabad's grip in a seven-ball stretch that yielded 36. At the end of the assault, Mumbai dethroned Chennai Super Kings and rose to No.1.

Sixes rained down on a delirious Mumbai crowd, whom for much of the run chase may have anticipated the hosts' first loss at home this season. But with 62 needed from the last four overs, 29 was plundered in the 17th from Thisara Perera, in which he bowled three balls in Pollard's slot and was duly smashed over the straight boundary three times, after Rohit Sharma had already hit a six earlier in the over.

Pollard had had no answer to an intense Dale Steyn, who conceded only four runs in the 16th over, making a turnaround seem all the more unlikely. But Sunrisers' supporting cast could not muster death-over competence, and the 21-runs off Amit Mishra's 18th over effectively sealed the match for Mumbai. Having been 9 runs off 10 balls at the end of Steyn's over, Pollard finished with 66 from 27, ending the match with two massive leg-side sixes off Perera, whose confidence was clearly shattered by then. Pollard bludgeoned eight sixes in all, and one four, and despite Steyn's final over going for only five, Mumbai reaped 67 from the last 21 balls of the match.

The late heroics had followed 16 overs of somewhat meandering batting from Mumbai, who attacked in bursts, but seemed largely content to allow the asking rate to mount - perhaps anticipating a late rally, though even they could not have imagined that Pollard would be so punishing nor Sunrisers so generous. Having been relatively cautious towards the start of his innings, Sachin Tendulkar had looked set to accelerate through the middle overs, but he hurt his bottom hand after striking Karan Sharma over long-on for six, and was forced to retire hurt for 38 off 31 balls. Dinesh Karthik chipped in a 30 off 23 balls, and helped keep wickets in hand, which paid rich dividends in the final countdown for the hosts.

Sunrisers' 178 for 3 had been set up by Shikhar Dhawan, who hit 59 from 41 at the start of the innings, and finished by Cameron White, who blasted 43 from 23. Dhawan prospered square of the off stump, as the Mumbai bowlers continued to indulge him outside the off stump throughout the innings. He found success elsewhere as well, slamming Pragyan Ojha over cow corner in his first over, before reverse-sweeping him powerfully to the fence in his next. He reached his fifty with a open-faced drive through the covers off Lasith Malinga, but was dismissed not long after, yielding the floor to White. However, Sunrisers scored only 33 off their last four overs, while Mumbai doubled that during their surge to victory.

Sunrisers must now win both their remaining games to stand a decent chance of making the playoffs.

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  • John on May 15, 2013, 9:22 GMT


    Re MVP - They said on TV how the points are accumulated.Batting - I think you get certain points for 4s and 6s (or should I call them Yes Bank maximums?) and as a bowler you get points for wickets/dots etc.I'd say it could be very flawed as a batsman could score a 6 and get big points but if he's playing a load of dots , he's not necessarily doing your team any good.As a bowler you could bowl an over where you have a single scored off you every ball and you'll get more points for an over where you have 3 dots and 3 balls where the batsmen score boundaries/sixes. Realistically it should purely be based (as a batsman) on runs scored and SR and as a bowler on wickets and ER but I guess that's too simple. As you put (and I was meant to put before) DS knows Pollard and knows the areas where he is less comfortable.There's no guarantee in T20 but DS bowling would surely have given SRH a better chance.IMO he should have played and captained SRH from the off

  • David on May 14, 2013, 22:24 GMT

    @ everfaithful77 Your analysis is clear, concise and dead right. Mishra & Perera choked under pressure, but should NEVER have been exposed to that pressure. Bowling them & not Sammy & KV was, in THAT match situation, thoughtless.

    Who knows how to handle Pollard - Sammy, his World20 winning skipper, or Perera/Mishra? In the World20 final, Sammy used Gayle in the 7th & 9th, bowled Badree out by the 12th, & bowled the 11th & 15th, conceding 6. He held himself, Narine, Rampaul & Samuels back for the last 5. Rampaul had conceded 10 in his first 2, but went for 21 in the 16th. Sammy then attacked with Narine & Samuels' spin for the next 3, NOT using Rampaul again & keeping himself back. He had 4 overs each of pace & spin for the last 5, & when pace leaked runs he had his most economical & attacking spin bowlers to deploy for the death. They did the job: Narine, his best bowler, closed it in the 19th. He did not need to bowl again!

    Smart captaincy! SRH could have used that & still need it!

  • David on May 14, 2013, 21:19 GMT

    @ JG2704 I have strongly supported Perera, but he is not the superstar his worshippers claim. I found the IPL's "Pepsi Atom MVP" listing. There is no explanation of calculation method or weighting of the listed values, but "Matches, Wickets, Dots, 4s, 6s, Catches, Stumpings" somehow define a MVP! Just like the IPL & Pepsi, full of sparkle & fizz - no substance. Perera was not #3, & interestingly Dhoni lay at 47 - tactical nous clearly no criterion.

    T20 is about runs scored vs runs conceded - e.g. choking an explosive hitter = dismissing him. I tabled the bowling econ figs of Steyn, Mishra & Perera in wins & losses, & averaged them. Win: Steyn 5.48 Mishra 5.53 Perera 6.09 Loss: Steyn 6.04 Mishra 9.76 Perera 11.62 Diff: Steyn 0.56 Mishra 4.23 Perera 5.53 In wins no real difference in econ, but over 4 overs in games lost, Steyn concedes 2.24, Mishra 16.93, & Perera 22.12 more runs! Clearly Mishra & Perera are vulnerable. The Mumbai debacle most clearly illustrates it!

  • Dummy4 on May 14, 2013, 17:13 GMT

    Excellent play by Pollard ... But its strange that someone here "alarky" has strange things to say about Sach. Get a life! Calling Sachin names does reflect poorly on ones cricket knowledge ...

  • Harmon on May 14, 2013, 15:35 GMT

    @VancouverPunekar: Agreed that Pollard did not take any chances vs Steyn in that over but I think it is more because Steyn was awesome in that over. He nearly split Pollard in two once, the short pitch stuff that Pollard bowled to Pollard was not handled well by him at all. In one replay it was shown how limp Pollard was while facing Steyn, his stance was all semi -crouched with the hand behaving as if it had polio and the body not sure what to do to play that short ball. Pollard did not take any chances vs Steyn in that over cos he could not find a way to. It was his compulsion not choice.

  • John on May 14, 2013, 12:54 GMT

    @Greatest_Game on (May 14, 2013, 1:08 GMT) Pretty much agree with your analysis there. Sammy should be captain and I think (when deciding who to bowl) you have to look at the bowlers at your disposal and the batsmen at the crease and who they would LEAST want to face. Maybe Sharma could have been held back too but surely Sammy was always more likely to give the danger man Pollard problems than Misra. I'd have probably gambled and bowled Steyn over 18 as he had KP in all sorts of trouble. If he bowled the 18th for 5 runs I make it MI would have been on 151-3 still needing 28 off the final 2 overs. Also Sammy only conceded one boundary in his 2 overs and his 2nd over went for 4.

    BTW I think there is a MVP (MOST VALUABLE PLAYER) award where P is rated highly. Anyway I don't think you're saying P is a bad player - just that Sammy would have done a better job with ball and bat towards the end.

  • ttn on May 14, 2013, 9:21 GMT

    Some people saying Criticism and Mockery are natural when a player fails, wonder they will make fun of Dravid or Sachin?

  • Dummy4 on May 14, 2013, 9:19 GMT

    go Mumbai Indians go....... :) great match with an excellent finish. sunrisers would never have expected that their hard work of 36 overs can be made to look so little in a span of just 7 balls.

  • ttn on May 14, 2013, 9:13 GMT

    T Perera is just 24 years old he got plenty of time and talent to become a great all rounder. I remember how much he loves bowling to your Indian batsmen, 29 wickets in just 19 matches with a 5 for,4 for.

  • Kris on May 14, 2013, 8:12 GMT

    If Mishra had bowled 16 th over and Steyn 17th, if necessary, then Perera and Sammy would have more likely been bowling to Bhaji, Johnson or T'kar (if available). With the latter's record, while chasing tricky targets, being not that great, SRH would have had the game in their pocket. Don't label mine as hindsight wisdom when I say White was just terrible.