Chennai Super Kings v Mumbai Indians, IPL final, Kolkata May 27, 2013

'Amazing to win with my hometown team' - Rohit

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Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has admitted leading his team was "tough" after Ricky Ponting stepped aside from captaincy in the initial stages of the tournament. Rohit was quick to add that he "really enjoyed" the role as well and knew he was next-in-line being the vice-captain for the past two years.

"It was tough when we changed our captain," Rohit told the IPL website. "It was not easy to come in suddenly to do the job. But I have really enjoyed this role since the moment Ricky stepped down and I was handed the captaincy. I knew the responsibility would fall on my shoulders since I was vice-captain for two years.

"It is simply amazing to win the IPL title with Mumbai, my hometown. The way we performed shows the character of the team. It was not an easy victory and I am really happy. I have no words to describe this feeling."

Rohit was handed the captaincy once Ponting dropped himself after the game against Delhi Daredevils on April 21, which they lost by nine wickets. Of the six matches Mumbai played under Ponting, Mumbai won three but Ponting made only 52 runs from five innings.

According to Rohit, Ponting's presence in the dugout and the dressing room also made a big difference and other former international players from the support staff also chipped in with their contributions.

"The support from Ponting from beyond the boundary was superb," Rohit said. "And it was not just him, but everybody else as well. Right from John Wright to our masseur, they were really fantastic. I would like to mention Robin Singh as he has been working day in and day out with all of us. Anil Kumble was brilliant and so was our support staff. We just stuck together as a team, which is really important in this format."

He was not perturbed by his own form in the playoffs in which he couldn't get to double-digit scores even once. But in the 16 innings before that, he amassed 526 runs at an average of 47.81.

"I am happy with my overall form, but I am a little bit disappointed with my performance in the playoffs. But it happens sometimes. I was focusing on getting my team in shape for this challenge."

Mumbai beat Super Kings three times this season and the venue for the final, Kolkata, proved to be lucky for the champions. They first beat Kolkata Knight Riders by five wickets in the league stage, then Rajasthan Royals by four wickets in the second qualifier, before meeting Super Kings in the final. Overall, Mumbai have played seven matches in Kolkata and have lost only one.

"We have always done well in Kolkata," Rohit said. "We have had an outstanding record here over the last six years. Plus, the people of Kolkata are really amazing. They have been supporting us. Even when we play against KKR, we get some support."

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  • King-Cobra on May 30, 2013, 5:53 GMT

    @Harsh joshi, @naveenmadhawa: Comparing apples and oranges are you? Analyzing head to head in a tournament comprising of 9 teams. Thanks for the stats, but a take a look at this: Playoffs - 6/6, Finals - 5/6, Champions - 2/6. Match these feats and come back to this forum, for now please move off.

  • King-Cobra on May 30, 2013, 5:48 GMT

    @satanswish, A defeat is a defeat neverthelesss. Don't keep cribbing that it was captaincy error and all that rubbish. You are accusing others of shielding themselves, and may I ask what have you done differently?

  • satanswish on May 28, 2013, 11:58 GMT

    MI should have won against CSK in the finals of 2011 IPL but captaincy error of sending Pollard at No.8 cost MI the title. MI had also beaten CSK pretty convincingly in Champions League match of 2011. Not to mention 3/4 defeats in this IPL. Now all CSK supporters are shielding their defeat with off-field issues. This is really funny.

  • yoohoo on May 28, 2013, 11:38 GMT

    @Pradeep Kumar Panda - So after winning once against CSK in the knockouts in 6 years, that too when CSK was totally out of focus due to off-field issues, you are trying to talk? give me a break, if not for the off field issues it would have been a repeat of qualifier-1 where MI were beaten handsomely.

  • King-Cobra on May 28, 2013, 11:36 GMT

    @Pradeep Kumar Panda - 'So called desctructive csk lineup' ??? Now we know how you draw your conclusions. There is an other article posted on this very site: - please take a look at this page before typing some crap.

  • dummy4fb on May 28, 2013, 9:46 GMT

    @Navaneetha Krishnan Vasudevan...Mumbai beat Chennai 3 times in this year's IPL.The overall record between two teams also has Mumbai ahead with 12 wins to 7 against Chennai.On the other hand RCB which has very good international players have failed every time wether IPL or Champions League

  • naveenmadhawa on May 28, 2013, 9:24 GMT

    MI beat CSK 3 out of 4 times in IPL 6

  • dummy4fb on May 28, 2013, 8:16 GMT

    I am not exactly a CSK fan. I am a RCB supporter rather. But it is very clear from another article where they have published stats of all teams that CSK leads the stats in all departments. MI may be a good team compared to others. Bit I don't think MI can ever defeat CSK in a normal match.CSK are way above all other teams. This shows that CSK were mentally not in the match (due to external factors). May be since CSK reaches final everytime and people get bored due to this, the organizers come up with a novel idea of selecting teams which have not yet won IPL in round robin fashion and making them all win atleast once. So that way it should probably be KINGS XI Punjab vs CSK final in IPL 7 with kings XI winning. MI may have won the trophy. But CSK is still the team to beat.

  • crickethung on May 28, 2013, 2:09 GMT

    The most significant change in MI team was that finally they got smart and moved Pollard up the batting order

  • Cpt.Meanster on May 27, 2013, 20:47 GMT

    As much as I hate to admit it, I feel Rohit Sharma is an epic FAIL in international cricket. He mayl never cut it at the top like Virat Kohli. That's cause Kohli is a big game player. Sharma flatters to deceive when the team most needs him. Take the last few games for MI as an example, most of the time it was either Dwayne Smith, Dinesh Karthik or Pollard who dragged them out of hopeless situations. Sharma did lead well but his contributions with the bat apart from a couple of half centuries was next to nothing. I think Dhoni is giving him one last chance to shine in this champions trophy. If he does well, he could continue playing for India at least in ODIs and T20s.

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