Indian Premier League, 1st match: Kolkata Knight Riders v Delhi Daredevils at Kolkata, Apr 3, 2013
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 6 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)
3 April 2013 - night match (20-over match)

8.00pm Massive crowd in at Eden Gardens. The giant screen counts down from 10 to indicate the start to the match. The umpire meanwhile is signalling to fans behind the sightscreen to sit down.

The openers are David Warner and Unmukt Chand. Lee charges in.

7.55pm Hebbar: "Really looking forward to see Manprit Juneja in action. He has all the shots in the book and is in great form too." A 50-ball 108 in the crunch game to take Gujarat to the final of the Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament.

Vivek Bhandari: "@Sid Ravi: You mentioned "switch over" and Kapil Dev in the same sentence. I thought 'reintegration' and 'amnesty' were the words of the last season ;)" I stand corrected, Vivek.

Satish: "There is a lot to like about the IPL. I especially enjoy the trollers on twitter who hate the IPL, love test cricket but seem to turn up for EVERY match more promptly than the rest. I very much like the IPL but its format is a bit tiring. It would be great if it could be cut down by at least a week to 10 days in duration."

Sagar: "@rabga: Completely echo you, mate! Tendo selects himself (just like Morgan), however, never gets a chance to play. Poor guy...wastes his talent in KKR writing diaries for Cricinfo! (good write-ups though)!" Talking of which, here goes.

7.50pm Gonzo: "I watch the IPL each year, but after a few games have to take a break from hearing Morrison scream "he's DLFed it into the stands!" Hopefully the new sponsor will mean they leave 6s alone. Commercialise everything else, but sixes are a T20 highlight - leave them alone!" You've answered your own question Gonzo - sixes are a T20 highlight, which means the IPL will almost certainly look to commercialise it.

Anurag Acharya: "Before the match begins, I'd like to say something on behalf of pretty much everyone who can hear: I. Hate. The. Jhampak Jhapang. "Song"."

Gauging from how strident this message is, you'd think is was Tendulkar who was dropped. Rabga: "What!?? No TENDO? The Best active technical allrounder after Kallis! Booooooooo SRK management."

7.40pm Vinayak: "I wish that naysayers dont go away.. Without them IPL isn't that fun which it is now.. Victory has no meaning without naysayers.."

Sumedha: "Should have played jeevan mendis.. he is in great form... plus his leggies will be valuable in getting the pace down .."

The XIs are here. Delhi: Chand, Warner, Jayawardene, Juneja, Botha, N Ojha, Russell, I Pathan, Nehra, Nadeem and U Yadav.

Kolkata: Gambhir, Bisla, Kallis, Tiwary, Y Pathan, Morgan, Laxmi Shukla, Bhatia, Lee, Narine, Balaji

Will be interesting to see how Umesh Yadav fares. Missed a big chunk of India's home season with injury, and only started playing competitive cricket a couple of weeks ago. Has he shed some pace, or can he still be around the 90mph mark?

7.30pm Toss time Ravi Shastri is shouting again.

Kolkata chose to bowl. Lee, Kallis, Morgan and Narine are Kolkata's four overseas players. Nice for Morgan to get a game after spending so much time on the bench last season. Don't think he played at all last season.

Delhi's four overseas players are Jayawardene, Warner, Andre Russell and Johan Botha.

vibash: "Umesh Yadav, Irfan Pathan, Ashish Nehra, and Ajit Agarkar....DD has a dream bowling line up - a dream Team India had in separate parts of last 15 years, a dream which could not/has not come true."

Nikhil: "IPL is the reason I can do a more than decent Danny Morrison and Ravi Shastri impression. Not to brag or anything, but it's pretty good. At least I think so." You should send us a video of that, Nikhil, and we'll decide.

Ronak Rana: "@Aman: I am going for the other Under-19 WC Starts too...hopefully Baba Aparajith, Harmeet Singh and Sandeep Sahrma can shine at IPL along with Unmukt Chand and Vijay Zol."

7.20pm Prasanth: "Morne Morkel is not playing. Cannot find a suitable replacement for him from DD and suggestions??" Well, they do have plenty of Indian quick bowlers - Umesh Yadav, Irfan Pathan, Ashish Nehra, and Ajit Agarkar - though they could also turn to West Indies' Andre Russell.

Mukund: "Is danny morrison in the commentary team? dying to hear him *wink*wink*" It can't be the IPL unless we have Danny screaming "On a Wednesday night in Kolkata ..." (change day of week and city as required).

Aman: "Lets predict the which underdog will steal the show this ipl.. I say Unmukt Chand (if he is considered to be underdog)." Plenty expected of him this season, especially with Delhi missing Pietersen, Ross Taylor and Jesse Ryder.

Srinivas Mothilal: "Morne is not playing!! ha!! I remember the fiasco happened last time when they didnt play Morne in the 2012 IPL eliminator!! Poor Sunny Gupta was the scapegoat.." What were Delhi thinking?

Sagar: "Danny Morrison + Jumping Japang!!!!! Run for cover!" Ha ha!

7.15pm The IPL has got a new title sponsor this season, will that also mean the death of the less-than-beloved DLF maximum? Aabhas writes: "DL Maximum = Pepsi Max?"

Here's another way to follow the cricket on Cricinfo during the IPL. It's called match companion, and many of my colleagues has spent sleepless nights making sure it is ready in place before the IPL. So go on and take a look at it.

7.10pm Today's game has the defending champions take on the most consistent team of the league phase last season, Delhi Daredevils. There's a whole host of injuries and absentees on both sides, more on that in the match preview.

Jegan: "The beginning of the IPL is always super exciting. So is the finishing line. But towards the end of April and beginning of May, the IPL starts meandering aimlessly like a drunk cat. That's when the IPL nitpickers will have their heyday. Hoping this season stays exciting throughout."

Ronak: "I don't like this circus. I don't like the political involvement in cricket. I don't like IPL. YET I am here commenting on cricinfo even before the first ball has been bowled. So at the end of the day who won? Go figure.."

One of the studio analysts for the IPL is former ICL frontman Kapil Dev. The switch over is complete.

Matt Warwick: "As an Englishman I enjoy the IPL, and will generally follow what's happening, but it has nothing on test cricket and I won't go out of my way to watch it." Here's something our UK editor David Hopps wrote on Eoin Morgan and Tests, perhaps that might interest you Matt.

7.00pm 'Jumping japang' is blaring from TV, not the biggest fan of it, so having to hear it a zillion times over the next eight weeks is going to be a bit of a pain.

Pradhan: "You are talking about teams identity!!! Last five years I was supporting Deccan Charger (although my interest to IPL was decreasing with DC's performance) but DC team composition and performance changed drastically before they go bankrupt.. Now I will wait for next year auctions.."

Our more alert readers might have noticed a video panel on the top-right of this page. That's one of our new features for this season, a daily Google Hangout with an off-beat take on the day's matches.

Warren: "Logged in to ask where the test cricket is. Cheers chaps. See you in 2 months time." We'll miss you Warren.

6.30pm IT'S BACK.

After it's usual ten-month hibernation, the IPL is set to dominate the cricketing headlines for the next couple of months. How excited are you guys? "Not at all", or "I've been waiting for this day for 10 months now".

The first feedback of the season could well be a missive from my boss. Ramesh mails in: "live update should be fast as possible."

Govin seems to have been waiting for this day for ten months: "Bought a new 42 inch TV, new speaker systems and a couch, all for IPL!"

As is Mudit: "And its back .. I have come to this site almost 3 times in last 20 minutes to check if there is action .. the wait is finally over... I had been waiting for this season since last season !"

Can the naysayers be far away? Karthik: "50+ days of IPL matches? Not excited at all. Give us test matches and ODIs any day. Even international T20s are acceptable."

Digish: "I need few people to speculate on the team formulation ASAP. Need to set up my fantasy league team... Come on people, get your thinking cap on..." Join in the fantasy fun here, if you haven't already. Some nifty prizes to be won.

There hasn't been too much of a change in the squads this season, with all teams more or less retaining the same core of players. That will all change next season, when (almost) everyone goes into the auction pool again, leaving fans confused over the identity of their teams.

There's plenty to read on Cricinfo in the half-hour wait for the toss between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils. Here's the series preview, and a bite-sized ready reckoner for the 2013 IPL.

Abhijeet: "'leaving fans confused over the identity of their teams' - the most irritating thing of IPL...I mean how the hell fans can show some loyalty....the very reason I am supporting Chennai from the start....their core is still intact for 6 years...."

Ram: "As much as naysayers moan about how IPL is ruining cricket, it has never failed to produce a sense of anticipation and excitement. This may not be pure cricket, but this certainly is entertainment!"


Lee to Chand, OUT, what a start that is to the season, forget Pitbull, this is what people want to see, Lee steams in and fires in a lethal away-cutter, Unmukt Chand is clueless against that one, off stump is reclining on the turf, all those wanting to see Chand will be disappointed, but Lee is jumping for joy

UBT Chand b Lee 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Lee to Jayawardene, FOUR, pitched up and on middle stump, clipped in front of square leg by Jayawardene, the usual silky touch in place, hardly puts any effort behind that shot but it races away to the boundary


Lee to Jayawardene, 1 bye, Lee keeps it just outside off stump, Jayawardene is happy to allow that through to the keeper, Bisla - star of the final last season - makes a meal of a simple collection and concedes a bye


Lee to Warner, no run, that would have been a terrific delivery for a right-hander, for warner it is on legstump, and should have been put away, it brushes his thigh pad through to the keeper


Lee to Warner, no run, better line this time, outside off, back of a length, defended to the off side


Lee to Warner, FOUR, Warner is away, punishes that through the covers for four, two boundaries and a wicket in the first over, not a bad start at all

vamsee manhar puli: "sobs.... condolences for my fellow 58% of fantasy team players for selecting unmuk..."

Varun Sood: "Dhoni to Unmukt: "You also have to wait a lot to be part of my team! HaHaHaHa""

End of over 1 (9 runs) Delhi Daredevils 9/1 (RR: 9.00)

    • DA Warner 4 (3b 1x4)
    • DPMD Jayawardene 4 (2b 1x4)
    • B Lee 1-0-8-1

Kallis to Jayawardene, no run, an appeal for lbw, but that took a thick inside-edge before hitting the pads, good start for Kallis


Kallis to Jayawardene, 1 wide, this time Kallis slides it down the leg side


Kallis to Jayawardene, 1 run, quick from Kallis, Jayawardene is not at his most comfortable as he defends that away behind square leg


Kallis to Warner, 1 wide, down the leg side once more, Kallis can't get his line right here


Kallis to Warner, no run, length ball on off stump, pushed off the front foot towards point


Kallis to Warner, no run, length ball heading for off, tapped towards cover

Mahesh: "That first over right there, shows why people crave for IPL ..."


Kallis to Warner, FOUR, Kallis drops it short this time, David Warner is strong on the pull, he dispatches this towards square leg for four, that was 128kph from Kallis


Kallis to Warner, 1 run, keeps it short, dabbed to the leg side for a single to end the voer

End of over 2 (8 runs) Delhi Daredevils 17/1 (RR: 8.50)

    • DA Warner 9 (7b 2x4)
    • DPMD Jayawardene 5 (4b 1x4)
    • JH Kallis 1-0-8-0
    • B Lee 1-0-8-1

Lee to Warner, 2 runs, places that towards midwicket, Warner plays that from the crease, making sure he sends it wide of the fielder


Lee to Warner, no run, length ball on the pads, Warner flicks that authoritatively, but Laxmi Shukla dives to stop that at midwicket


Lee to Warner, 1 run


Lee to Jayawardene, 2 runs, too side from Lee, easy for Jayawardene to slap it away towards third man, that was 136kph from Lee


Lee to Jayawardene, FOUR, innovation from Jayawardene, superb touch as he dinks a short ball over slips, in total control as he pushes his bat upwards at the last moment to connect exactly as he wanted, one of the most effortless fours you'll see


Lee to Jayawardene, no run, defended towards point

NikJ: "Both Warner and Mahela are playing their 142nd T20 game and look at the difference in their records! I always thought Mahela was a better player but now I am rethinking.."

End of over 3 (9 runs) Delhi Daredevils 26/1 (RR: 8.66)

    • DPMD Jayawardene 11 (7b 2x4)
    • DA Warner 12 (10b 2x4)
    • B Lee 2-0-17-1
    • JH Kallis 1-0-8-0

Kallis to Warner, no run, short of length and angling across, Warner looks to stab that towards the off side and he misses


Kallis to Warner, FOUR, length ball on the pads, clipped behind square leg, didn't seem to hit it hard at all but that ball gallops to the boundary, superbly timed


Kallis to Warner, no run, on middle and off, gets back in the crease and makes a bit of room before poking the ball towards cover


Kallis to Warner, no run, on middle stump, short of length, defended down the track


Kallis to Warner, FOUR, short of length and on the pads, easy put away for Warner, helped along to fine leg for four more, Delhi making light of that early loss of Chand


Kallis to Warner, no run, defended towards mid-off to end the over

Samarth: "I am getting tired of hearing comments justifying why people love IPL. This is the 6th season, do we still need to worry about what naysayers think? Those who love it, do so for their own reason, those who hate it, do so for their own. Let's not waste our time trying to convince ourselves why we love IPL and just enjoy the games."

Anil: "NikJ, you thought MJ as a better player "over-all" or in "hit-and-miss-hit-a-six" T20? There lies the secret. What about DW's ODI/Test record?"

End of over 4 (8 runs) Delhi Daredevils 34/1 (RR: 8.50)

    • DA Warner 20 (16b 4x4)
    • DPMD Jayawardene 11 (7b 2x4)
    • JH Kallis 2-0-16-0
    • B Lee 2-0-17-1

L Balaji, who was so good for KKR last season, comes on to bowl


Balaji to Jayawardene, FOUR, another easy boundary for Delhi, on the pads and that is glanced to fine leg for four, Jayawardene showing what a superb touch player he is


Balaji to Jayawardene, no run, better from Balaji, on a length on off stump, defended towards mid-on, 131kph from Balaji


Balaji to Jayawardene, 1 run, short of length and outside off, pushed towards backward point and sets off for a quick single, Warner is lightning quick between the stumps, and he makes it in time

Prabhu: "@NikJ: Nothing wrong in Mahela's record, a more fluent n consistent player of the two, plus captained the teams a lot than the other guy. Dude, dont compare Mahela to Warner, for God's sake :)"


Balaji to Warner, 1 run, length ball on leg stump, defended towards midwicket this time

AJ: "And all of a sudden DD batting line up looks really thin, these two need to hang around for a bit"


Balaji to Jayawardene, 1 run, short of length, dabbed towards midwicket for another quick single


Balaji to Warner, no run, just outside off, warner gets well back and punches the ball towards point, straight at the fielder, and he shouts a loud 'No'

Nikhil.: "I have both Mahela and Balaji in my fantasy team.. what should I wish to happen ?"

Samay: "Nice to see Warner not going all out. Looks settled and determined to get a big score"

End of over 5 (7 runs) Delhi Daredevils 41/1 (RR: 8.20)

    • DA Warner 21 (18b 4x4)
    • DPMD Jayawardene 17 (11b 3x4)
    • L Balaji 1-0-7-0
    • JH Kallis 2-0-16-0

Another change. Here's Sunil Narine, Man of the Tournament last season. Can he repeat that form this season as well?


Narine to Jayawardene, no run, starts with an offspinner that turns down the leg side, Jayawardene had moved too far across that one


Narine to Jayawardene, 2 runs, flighted this time, turned towards midwicket for a couple


Narine to Jayawardene, no run, quick offspinner outside off, defended off the back foot


Narine to Jayawardene, 1 run, Mahela sweeps that from well outside off, towards backward square leg, where Balaji makes a diving stop


Narine to Warner, OUT, there's the impact Narine can have, Warner is gone, that was a tough tough delivery first up for Warner, it spat up off the pitch, a lot more than Warner expected, he edges it through to first slip, where the man with one of the safest pairs of hands, Jacques Kallis, snaps it up as comfortably as he has over the past 15 years

DA Warner c Kallis b Narine 21 (30m 19b 4x4 0x6) SR: 110.52

Here's Juneja


Narine to Juneja, 1 run, gets this one to spin away from the right-hander, who defends it to the off side, great start for Narine, pitch offering him something here

varun dave: "Let's start the Australian player's can't play spin in India chant :)"

End of over 6 (4 runs) Delhi Daredevils 45/2 (RR: 7.50)

    • MC Juneja 1 (1b)
    • DPMD Jayawardene 20 (15b 3x4)
    • SP Narine 1-0-4-1
    • L Balaji 1-0-7-0

Balaji to Juneja, 1 run, shuffles across and tucks the ball towards midwicket for a single

Ahzeef: "Ha ha..Warner didnt last a single ball against spin. Indian tour form continues"


Balaji to Jayawardene, no run, short of length ball outside off, worked just behind point

Ryan: "Warner must have nightmares about spinners."


Balaji to Jayawardene, no run, length ball heading for off stump, 131.8kph, defended by Mahela

Himanshu: "really excited to see juneja bat but ipl debut against narine is like hell"


Balaji to Jayawardene, 1 run, short and too wide, Jayawardene has it easy, slaps it towards deep point for a single


Balaji to Juneja, no run, Juneja shuffles across even before the bowler delivers, and then goes for a patented Twenty20 slog, was aiming over mid-off, he misses completely

A change in the field, mid-off goes back to long-off


Balaji to Juneja, no run, terrific over from Balaji comes to an end, last ball is defended to midwicket

Deep: "*yawn* *rubbing eyes* so who was re-thinking about Warner being better than Mahela again?"

End of over 7 (2 runs) Delhi Daredevils 47/2 (RR: 6.71)

    • MC Juneja 2 (4b)
    • DPMD Jayawardene 21 (18b 3x4)
    • L Balaji 2-0-9-0
    • SP Narine 1-0-4-1

Rajat Bhatia taking over from Narine.


Bhatia to Jayawardene, FOUR, starts with a loose delivery, way wide of off stump, Jayawardene reaches out for that and places that wide of the short third man for four


Bhatia to Jayawardene, no run, the legcutter from Bhatia, on a length and on middle and leg, comes on slower than Jayawradene expected, the ball is in the air for a bit as he hits it in the direction of mid-on


Bhatia to Jayawardene, 1 run, again Mahela has to wait for the ball to arrive, works it to the leg side


Bhatia to Juneja, 1 run, confidently played by Juneja, waits for the ball to arrive and late cuts it to third man for a single


Bhatia to Jayawardene, no run, Bhatia keeps taking the pace off, that is slapped towards point, no run


Bhatia to Jayawardene, no run, looks to cut and he misses, Bhatia already showing why he's effective on the slow Eden Garden track, a whole bunch of legcutters in that over

End of over 8 (6 runs) Delhi Daredevils 53/2 (RR: 6.62)

    • DPMD Jayawardene 26 (23b 4x4)
    • MC Juneja 3 (5b)
    • R Bhatia 1-0-6-0
    • L Balaji 2-0-9-0

Balaji to Juneja, 1 run, length ball heading for middle stump, Juneja gets back in the crease and tucks the ball towards midwicket


Balaji to Jayawardene, 1 run, back of a length ball once more, just outside off, guided towards short third man


Balaji to Juneja, no run, Balaji also bowloing slower ones, Juneja was through with a big heave hours before that ball arrived, didn't look good that


Balaji to Juneja, FOUR, Juneja looking to play big shots to every delivery, wanted to whack that towards square leg, top edges it but luckily for him that loops away towards the fine leg boundary for four


Balaji to Juneja, OUT, terrific catch by Shukla, Juneja continued to throw his bat at everything, he skipped away from the stumps and skied that towards deep point, the ball is in the air for ages, Shukla has plenty of ground to cover, he charges in and lunges to take a low catch

MC Juneja c Shukla b Balaji 8 (13m 9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 88.88

In case you have missed it all year, it's strategic break time. Oh gawd!


Balaji to Jayawardene, 1 run, back of a length ball, clips it towards square leg

Testing your IPL knowledge. Raj: "Is Balaji the only player to win the IPL across 2 teams?"

Loads of people have sent this in. Shiva Rajendran: "Happy to See Simon Tauffel on field again."

End of over 9 (7 runs) Delhi Daredevils 60/3 (RR: 6.66)

    • DPMD Jayawardene 28 (25b 4x4)
    • NV Ojha 0 (0b)
    • L Balaji 3-0-16-1
    • R Bhatia 1-0-6-0

Bhatia to Jayawardene, 1 run, on a length, punched towards cover for a single, Jayawardene cool and calm


Bhatia to Ojha, no run, pushed back towards the bowler, Bhatia continues to bowl at the stumps, not giving any room, his slow cutters proving hard to put away


Bhatia to Ojha, FOUR, and just after I type that, Bhatia bowls one way outside off stump, easy to guide it to the third-man boundary


Bhatia to Ojha, 1 run, another slower one, just outside off, defend to the off side


Bhatia to Jayawardene, 1 run, length ball just outside off, eased to cover for a single

Sid S: "Yusuf Pathan has won it twice too..." Ah yes.


Bhatia to Ojha, 1 run, punched towards long-on for a single

VishuSaba: "@Raj - No! So have Yusuf Pathan and Scott Styris. And couple of others as well."

Ali Taha: "Sir Ravindra Jadeja has won it for Rajhastan Royals and Chennai Super Kings!"

End of over 10 (8 runs) Delhi Daredevils 68/3 (RR: 6.80)

    • NV Ojha 6 (4b 1x4)
    • DPMD Jayawardene 30 (27b 4x4)
    • R Bhatia 2-0-14-0
    • L Balaji 3-0-16-1

Kallis to Ojha, 1 run, back of a length ball on off stump, pushed towards cover with soft hands and they scamper a single


Kallis to Jayawardene, no run, just outside off from Kallis, clipped towards midwicket


Kallis to Jayawardene, no run, a rare ungainly shot from Jayawardene, goes for a hoick to midwicket as Kallis drops it a touch short, he misses


Kallis to Jayawardene, no run, looks to carve this through the off side, length ball outside off, beaten once more


Kallis to Jayawardene, 2 runs, on off stump, a controlled clip sends the ball behind square leg


Kallis to Jayawardene, FOUR, superbly done there, short of length ball outside off, steered down towards third man

End of over 11 (7 runs) Delhi Daredevils 75/3 (RR: 6.81)

    • DPMD Jayawardene 36 (32b 5x4)
    • NV Ojha 7 (5b 1x4)
    • JH Kallis 3-0-23-0
    • R Bhatia 2-0-14-0

Bhatia to Ojha, 1 run, short of length ball outside off, slapped towards point


Bhatia to Jayawardene, 1 run, dropped towards mid-on for a single

Karthik Chin: "@Ali Taha: No! Ravindra Jadeja did not win it with Chennai.Remember they lost the final in 2012"


Bhatia to Ojha, 1 run, on the pads, sent away towards deep square leg


Bhatia to Jayawardene, 1 run, length ball outside off, helped towards third man


Bhatia to Ojha, no run, pushed towards cover this time, another dot ball


Bhatia to Ojha, OUT, the lack of runs has forced Ojha to go for the bit hit, he steps out and sends it a long way in the air but not long enough, he picks pout Brett Lee at long-off, no problem taking that one, Delhi losing their way here

NV Ojha c Lee b Bhatia 9 (9m 9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

End of over 12 (4 runs) Delhi Daredevils 79/4 (RR: 6.58)

    • DPMD Jayawardene 38 (34b 5x4)
    • R Bhatia 3-0-18-1
    • JH Kallis 3-0-23-0

Shukla to Botha, 2 runs, short of length ball just outside off, Botha gets off the mark with a guide towards third man

Yavvan: "@Raj, @VishuSaba Darren Lehman has the won the IPL twice in two different teams, once as a player in RR and second as coach of Deccan."

Botha has a big role to play for delhi, he was brought in to plug their glaring weakness in the spin department


Shukla to Botha, no run, was that a drop? yes it was, Botha looking for the straight drive, didn't connect too well, was at a nice height but shukla had to change direction, he goes one-handed at it and misses


Shukla to Botha, no run, beaten outside off


Shukla to Botha, FOUR, length ball outside off, Botha goes for the sweep, and he top-edges that, he looked around desperately to see where that went, fortunately for him that went over Yusuf Pathan at short fine leg and runs away for four

Yusuf Pathan wearing Shirt No 999


Shukla to Botha, 1 run, slapped behind point for a single

Ankitraj Thakkar: "What are the "DLF maximums" being called this year?" No sixes yet.


Shukla to Jayawardene, 1 run, full ball on middle and leg, punched towards long-on, Jayawardene makes unhassled progress

Siva: "Ojha getting out maybe a blessing in disguise. Botha, Russel and Irfan Pathan are pretty deadly when they get going in the final overs if they get going i.e."

Anish: "I have won IPL twice supporting two different teams...Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings...if that counts..."

End of over 13 (8 runs) Delhi Daredevils 87/4 (RR: 6.69)

    • DPMD Jayawardene 39 (35b 5x4)
    • J Botha 7 (5b 1x4)
    • LR Shukla 1-0-8-0
    • R Bhatia 3-0-18-1

Bhatia to Jayawardene, 1 run, Bhatia continues his tight spell, first ball is tapped behind point


Bhatia to Botha, OUT, goes for the reverse-sweep, he misses and that wasn't going to miss the stumps, struck on the thigh pad just outside off stump, and he's a goner, a touch unlucky for Botha, more reward for Bhatia, who continues to be a canny customer in the IPL

J Botha lbw b Bhatia 7 (7m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 116.66

Ashwin: "Darren Lehmann has seen both the sides. He won it with Deccan as coach and also finished last. In big bash too, he finished last with Brisbane heat and then won it with them."


Bhatia to Pathan, 1 run, spinning away from the batsman, Irfan pushes that towards cover for a quick single


Bhatia to Jayawardene, 1 wide, a wobbly slow delivery down the leg side, Jayawardene can't connect with that as he looks to help it down to fine leg


Bhatia to Jayawardene, no run, length ball on off stump, pushed back to the left of the bowler, Bhatia moves across to stop that


Bhatia to Jayawardene, 1 run, on the pads, helped towards fine leg

Sanju : "A bit disappointed that Jeevan Mendis did not figure in the XI given that he is a specialist of playing spin against the team with the best T20 spinners and lots of slow medium cuttter bowlers."


Bhatia to Pathan, 1 run, on off stump, driven towards long-on for a single

End of over 14 (5 runs) Delhi Daredevils 92/5 (RR: 6.57)

    • IK Pathan 2 (2b)
    • DPMD Jayawardene 41 (38b 5x4)
    • R Bhatia 4-0-23-2
    • LR Shukla 1-0-8-0

Time for Narine? Or will they hold him back for one more? Not yet


Balaji to Pathan, 1 run, outside off, played towards deep point


Balaji to Jayawardene, 1 run, short of length ball on middle stump, moves away from the stumps and guides that down towards third man

Sam: "I'm a KXIP fan. What is this 'winning' that everyone keeps talking about? Anyway, this is our year. Valthaty for the orange cap." Heh!


Balaji to Pathan, no run, length ball heading for middle stump, defended back to the bowler


Balaji to Pathan, no run, and again, Pathan punches that back towards Balaji, who moves across to cut that off

Irfan and Balaji, ah, brings back memories of that famous series in Pakistan


Balaji to Pathan, 1 run


Balaji to Jayawardene, 1 run, chases the batsman who steps past leg, Jayawardene manages to bring his bat across in time to swipe it behind square leg

End of over 15 (4 runs) Delhi Daredevils 96/5 (RR: 6.40)

    • DPMD Jayawardene 43 (40b 5x4)
    • IK Pathan 4 (6b)
    • L Balaji 4-0-20-1
    • R Bhatia 4-0-23-2

Trivia time. Hebbar: "Is Shami Ahmed the first Indian player to make his international debut before his IPL debut? (2008 onwards)" Can't think of anyone, can you? Here's Narine.


Narine to Jayawardene, 1 run, clipped towards square leg for a single


Narine to Pathan, OUT, Narine is magic in the IPL, how long before the questions over his 1.9million tag crops up, he was much too early into his hoick, sends the ball high and not far at all, Tiwary gets under that at long-off, and Delhi have lost another

IK Pathan c Tiwary b Narine 4 (10m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 57.14


Narine to Jayawardene, 1 run, stays on the back foot and taps it behind point for a single

Aatif: "@Hebbar: I think Jaidev Unadkat played a Test against Proteas before getting a game in IPL."

Abhishek Agrawal: "@hebbar: Shami Ahmed has already made his IPL debut with KKR before his international debut." Ah yes, Shami played one game for KKR in 2011.


Narine to Russell, no run, Russell begins last season by whacking his first ball for a humongous six, this time he is bamboozled by the legcutter, no idea which way the ball is turning and he is beaten


Narine to Russell, no run


Narine to Russell, no run, guided towards backward point this time

End of over 16 (2 runs) Delhi Daredevils 98/6 (RR: 6.12)

    • AD Russell 0 (3b)
    • DPMD Jayawardene 45 (42b 5x4)
    • SP Narine 2-0-6-2
    • L Balaji 4-0-20-1

Lee is back


Lee to Jayawardene, no run, strange shot from Jayawardene, backs away from the stumps and then looks to power the ball through cover, he misses out


Lee to Jayawardene, FOUR, this time the ball is closer to the stumps, Jayawardene skips to leg just a touch and stabs that behind backward point for four, a controlled hit from MJ


Lee to Jayawardene, no run, pitched up and that is pushed back to the bowler

Mahesh: "@Hebbar:Murali made his test debut in Nov 2008 and IPL debut in 2009 session"


Lee to Jayawardene, 1 run, skips away from leg stump, deftly pushes the ball towards third man to reach his half-century


Lee to Russell, 1 run, goes for a murderous hit., a swipe towards midwicket, connects well enough to send it towards deep square leg, gets only a single


Lee to Jayawardene, 1 wide, a wide from Brett Lee, too far outside off

cricket simpleton: "This match companion is really interesting.. its a smart innovation by cricinfo. But i see only Common factor, none of my comments are not published there as well :)"


Lee to Jayawardene, FOUR, slower ball, Jayawardene waits for it and thumps that behind square leg for four, a good over for Delhi

End of over 17 (11 runs) Delhi Daredevils 109/6 (RR: 6.41)

    • DPMD Jayawardene 54 (47b 7x4)
    • AD Russell 1 (4b)
    • B Lee 3-0-28-1
    • SP Narine 2-0-6-2

Narine to Russell, 1 run, length ball outside off, pushed towards point for a tight single

Btw, Narine's heels are a radioactive green


Narine to Jayawardene, 1 run, too short form Narine, spins in and sits up, pulled towards deep square leg


Narine to Russell, 2 runs, looking to sweep that fine down the leg side, that was outside off, doesn't connect too well, but well enough to get it past the keeper at least


Narine to Russell, no run, spins in from outside off, defended by Russell, who is all at sea here


Narine to Russell, OUT, this was coming , Russell really didn't have much of an idea of what Narine was bowling, he closes the face much too early to a legspinner and that lobs up off the leading edge to Narine, who collects that easily, doesn't bother celebrating, just drops the ball at his feet, 'boringly easy this is,' he seems to be saying

AD Russell c & b Narine 4 (11m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00


Narine to Nadeem, no run, length ball outside off, pushed towards cover

End of over 18 (4 runs) Delhi Daredevils 113/7 (RR: 6.27)

    • S Nadeem 0 (1b)
    • DPMD Jayawardene 55 (48b 7x4)
    • SP Narine 3-0-10-3
    • B Lee 3-0-28-1

Still waiting for the first six of the match


Lee to Jayawardene, 1 run, backs away from the stumps, was looking to hit towards off, somehow gets it away to the right of the bowler


Lee to Nadeem, no run, bangs it in a bit short, Nadeem looks to hammer that towards point but is much too late on that


Lee to Nadeem, 1 run, pulls that away towards deep backward square leg, nifty shot that


Lee to Jayawardene, SIX, a monster hit from Jayawradene, that the first Yes Bank Maximum (you aren't going to forget that phrase), a powerful swipe sends that way over midwicket for six


Lee to Jayawardene, FOUR, and four more, Lee leaking runs here, perhaps someone with Lee's pace isn't the best bet on this sluggish pitch, that was a low full toss and that is thumped towards long-on for four


Lee to Jayawardene, OUT, another full toss from Lee, this time the result is completely different, Jayawradene looks to make room and chip it over the off side, ends up chipping it to Narine at cover, Jayawardene is distraught at that

DPMD Jayawardene c Narine b Lee 66 (94m 52b 8x4 1x6) SR: 126.92

Siddharth Chowdhury: "The commentator waited and thought and then said YES BANK MAXIMUM HAHAHAHAHAHAH"

End of over 19 (12 runs) Delhi Daredevils 125/8 (RR: 6.57)

    • S Nadeem 1 (3b)
    • B Lee 4-0-40-2
    • SP Narine 3-0-10-3

Narine to Nadeem, 2 runs, pitching outside off, helped towards short fine leg


Narine to Nadeem, no run, looks for the reverse-sweep, and then strays out of the crease, he misses the ball but did he make it back in time? he was really tardy getting his bat back in, think he has made it by a frame, yup he has, Nadeem didn't seem aware that he could have been stumped there

Ankit Jain: "YES BANK! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Who said DLF maximum was annoying! can't wipe the grin off my face! - Modi :)"

Harsha Prakash: "Yes Bank Maximum! Oh my gaaawd!! Suddenly DLF maximum seems better! Resistance to change or settling with known devil?"


Narine to Nadeem, no run, looks to power the ball through the off but can't


Narine to Nadeem, 1 run, quicker, flatter and full, squeezed out towards point


Narine to Nehra, OUT, and another wicket for Narine, Nehra goes for the midwicket swipe favoured by tailenders, he can't get it far enough, and Delhi have lost nine

A Nehra c Shukla b Narine 0 (4m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

One ball left, one wicket to take, can Narine get it?


Narine to Nadeem, OUT, Delhi are all out! the batsman goes for another heave, bottom edges it not too far from the stumps, and there's some confused running, easy run-out at the non-striker's end

S Nadeem run out 4 (13m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

So Delhi finish on 128, this isn't the easiest of pitches to bat on but it still seems too small a total. Mahela Jayawardene was completely at ease, while almost everyone else struggled. The star of the show was Sunil Narine, breaking that Warner-Jayawardene stands in his first over, and then taking wickets for fun later.

End of over 20 (3 runs) Delhi Daredevils 128/10

    • UT Yadav 0 (0b)
    • SP Narine 4-0-13-4
    • B Lee 4-0-40-2





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