Indian Premier League, 27th match: Royal Challengers Bangalore v Rajasthan Royals at Bengaluru, Apr 20, 2013
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 7 wickets (with 13 balls remaining)
20 April 2013 - night match (20-over match)

Rampaul to Watson, FOUR, bowls it short of length on the pads and all Watson has to do is flick it past the short fine leg fielder


Rampaul to Watson, no run, now he bowls length on the off and middle line, Watson gets solidly behind that and pushes it back to the bowler


Rampaul to Watson, no run, beats the batsman with a length delivery outside off. Watson stayed in the crease and tried to dab it to third man


Rampaul to Watson, 1 run, slightly short in length and that is enough for Watson to chop it past point firmly, the fielder there gets a finger to it to slow it down


Rampaul to Rahane, no run, back of length delivery on the stumps, Rahane stays in the crease and defends it solidly down the pitch


Rampaul to Rahane, no run, another back of length delivery, just outside off, the batsman stays on the back foot and defends it to cover

Rajasthan Royals 5/0   R Rampaul 1-0-5-0

Rampaul to Watson, no run, fuller length delivery on off stump, Watson drives it firmly with a slightly closed face, finds mid-on with that shot


Rampaul to Watson, OUT, caught at mid-off! It was another full length delivery on off stump and this time Watson goes straight with his shot, hits it really hard but doesn't get the elevation he would have liked. Murali Kartik times his jump to perfection and plucks it to give RCB the first boost

SR Watson c Kartik b Rampaul 6 (9m 9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 66.66


Rampaul to Dravid, no run, length delivery on middle and leg line, the batsman comes forward and defends to the leg side


Rampaul to Dravid, no run, keeps it in the channel outside off with a length delivery, the batsman lets it go through


Rampaul to Dravid, no run, back of length delivery just outside off, Dravid stays in the crease and tries to punch it through cover, but the ball hits the inside half of the bat and heads back to the bowler


Rampaul to Dravid, no run, slightly short in length, Dravid plays a pull shot straight to midwicket. He didn't get much timing on that as the ball came slightly slow off the deck

Rajasthan Royals 10/1   R Rampaul 2-1-5-1

Rampaul to Dravid, no run, length delivery on off stump, Dravid stays in the crease and punches it forcefully to the fielder at mid-off


Rampaul to Dravid, no run, short of length delivery outside off, Dravid makes room to hit it through off, but it bounces a touch extra and goes past the outside edge


Rampaul to Dravid, no run, back of length delivery and Dravid stands tall to play a back foot punch through off, but he is not able to beat the fielder at cover


Rampaul to Dravid, FOUR, he gets a length delivery outside off which he tries to smash back down the ground, but the bat face closes and the ball just eludes a diving mid-on, goes past his left to the boundary


Rampaul to Dravid, 1 run, length delivery on off stump, Dravid is struggling with his timing here and he pushes it towards the off side


Rampaul to Rahane, SIX, oh what a shot that is! He makes room and charges down at the same time, gets a shortish delivery that gets big on him, but he goes on with his punch shot over mid-off, and looks at the timing, it sails over the rope

Rajasthan Royals 25/1   R Rampaul 3-1-16-1

Rampaul to Chandila, no run, again, moves away to the leg side and tries to slog a length delivery but misses, the ball goes past the leg stump


Rampaul to Chandila, 1 run, moves his front leg out of the way and punches this length delivery past the non-striker for a single


Rampaul to Trivedi, 2 runs, makes room and slashes this full delivery over cover, it goes high rather than long and drops just before the boundary. The fielder at deep cover pulls it in


Rampaul to Trivedi, OUT, he was making room again, but this time he gets a short delivery to which he presents an sky-facing blade. The ball ramps off the face off the bat and settles in the hands of RP at third man

SK Trivedi c Singh b Rampaul 3 (6m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Rajasthan Royals 117/10   R Rampaul 3.4-1-19-2





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