Indian Premier League, 53rd match: Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders at Mumbai, May 7, 2013
Mumbai Indians won by 65 runs
7 May 2013 - night match (20-over match)

Time for the start. Sachin Tendulkar is out in the middle. Hope you're also following this game on our Live Match Companion. Balaji to bowl to Smith.

Rohit: "I am sick of people blaming IPL for every problem international boards have. Think about the good it has done. Do you think West Indiese would have found talents like Polard, Bravo etc and won the World Cup if not for IPL which gave them a platform to display their talent. If boards like the ECB do not let their players play in IPL because of their false pride it is not the IPL's fault is it?"

Vinay Uppal: "I don't know what Michael Holding's going on about. IPL is the single reason why Indian players have stopped spending their summers in the English county, which has contributed to the deterioration in the quality of both batting and bowling. All senior players have recommended county season as a must for a complete cricketing education."

Vincent: "@Vivek Bhandari: One thing the IPL has done is to make people love players from other places. Chennai loves Dhoni and Bangalore loves Gayle as their own!"

Mohit Garg: "Rodney, the masterclass of batting lies in pressurizing the bowlers with class batting and then making them bowl according to what you want. that's what makes Miller's innings a masterclass."

Aman: "This IPL has opened Indian fans' eyes to some of the failings of Indian cricket - which get lost when we are supporting the Indian team. The boorish behaviour of a number of Indian cricketers, as well as the low quality of Indian umpiring."

Rodney: "@Yunus: I disagree to some extent at your comment. While I agree that David's innings was remarkable, a lot of his shots had copious amounts of risk to it and even he admitted that he "rode his luck". Also, Similiar to Pune's bowlers, RCB's bowlers felt the pressure and (in my opinion) bowled erratically."

Priyesh M: "I don't get it. We keep saying Cricket is a team game and then we expect fans to be loyal to an individual who is playing for another team! When I have my MI cap on, I'll support Punter and when its India v Australia, I can easily go to not liking him again. What's so difficult to understand? Its a 'team' game. Support the team, not a player. But we're Indians brought up on 'individual honours'. Maybe THAT is our problem!"

Naveen: "Wow. Just wow. I cannot quite comprehend how much Virat Kohli has fallen from everyone's good graces. This was the same man who the nation adored just about a year ago. Everyone seems to be reveling in that dropped catch. Schadenfreude anyone?"

Michael Holding is at the ground. He's speaking about how the IPL has been great for India, but is honest about how it has had an adverse impact in some respects with the player v country scenario, especially in the Caribbean, as we saw with Gayle.

Vivek Bhandari: "One thing that IPL has done is to alienate the players from their original domestic teams' supporters; I know many friends/colleagues who just hate Kohli *despite being Delhites themselves and laugh when he fails/drops catches*"

Yunus Randeree: "Wish Mumbai best of luck. In regard to David Miller's innings last night it can be classified as the finest innings ever seen at the IPL. All his shots were cricketing shots and in my opinion surpasses the 175 scored by Chris Gayle."

Nitin Khandelwal: "It will be so much fun if MI and SRH win their next two matches. RCB slips to the 5th position and wow, Virat would then be having sleepless nights :)"

Ravi: "From past few games Mumbai are back to their original problem of not scoring in powerplay. I am not sure if this opening combination is right for Mumbai. Smith waits till the powerplay is finished to take risks. It would be good if Smith and Karthik swap their places."

Toss: Mumbai have won the toss and chosen to bat. Gambhir says he would have preferred to bowl first anyway. Pawan Suyal has a hamstring injury, Abu Nechim comes in. Senanayake is not playing for KKR, nor is Sumit Narwal. L Balaji comes in. McLaren comes in for Senanayake.

arrow: "Punter and Sachin should be Mumbai's No. 5 and No.6 so even if top order collapse, These two legend can play their game and make a decent score"

Abhiram: "Is SRK in today??" Doubt it...

American Cricket Fan: "I like how Mumbai learned from their mistakes and are giving Pollard more chances up the order. I also prefer Dwayne as opener over Ponting because of the simple fact of runs... Still gotta love Punter though,,, :)"

Hi all, welcome to the coverage of this game between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders at the Wankhede Stadium. We're just a few minutes from the toss. In addition to following the game on live ball-by-ball commentary, you can also follow it on our Live Match Companion. Lots of interesting stats, tidbits, polls, and an opportunity to interact with fellow readers.


Balaji to Smith, no run, swung away, landed on a good length, Smith tried to smash that past mid-off, missed it as it went past the outside edge


Balaji to Smith, no run, fullish on the off, rocks back and defends it towards cover from the crease

Balaji has one slip

Absolut_spirit: "Have to agree with Rodney. Had someone managed to score at a S/R of 150+ against MI in the MI vs RCB match at Wankhede, that would have been an indisputably best innings for the intensity of bowling and fielding by MI on that day was a masterclass itself. RCB bowlers particularly RP Singh was way off track. Killer Miller nevertheless"


Balaji to Smith, no run, leaves this one alone, in the channel outside off, shoulders arms

rahul: "@yunus@rodney, i dont understand the comparison between those two innings. just because gayle produced that masterclass in the first innings does not lessen it. i think he would have played the same way anyway. also what miller did was phenomenal! these were two wonderful innings and lets just enjoy them and cricket. another point, what are proper cricketing shots? just because there are a few shots which were invented a few decades ago does not make them proper cricketing shots. it is a matter of perspective. the innovative shots of today will be proper cricketing shots of tomorrow, maybe!"


Balaji to Smith, no run, ooh, went off the back pad, angled in towards off and then darted away, clipped the back pad on the way to the keeper, and landed short of the keeper


Balaji to Smith, no run, ooh, angling in towards middle, Smith doesn't get bat to it as he walks forward to defend it, struck him low n front of middle and leg, a little high on the back pad, may have gone over, may have even missed leg


Balaji to Smith, no run, gets an inside edge as that one moves back in from outside off, Smith tries to punch that towards cover, gets an inside edge on the pads

A maiden over first up, we've seen a fair number this season, three from Irfan Pathan I think

End of over 1 (maiden) Mumbai Indians 0/0 (RR: 0.00)

    • DR Smith 0 (6b)
    • SR Tendulkar 0 (0b)
    • L Balaji 1-1-0-0

Sathya: "At everyone having a go at what Holding was saying, obviously you guys don't get it. Think of it this way. Imagine if West Indies had come up with a T20 league before IPL and Indian players like Kohli, Yuvraj, Pujara chose to play in the T20 league instead of for India. Michael Holding wants West Indies to become a force again in test cricket, and he has a point"

McLaren comes on to bowl


McLaren to Tendulkar, 1 run, lovely drive, fullish outside off, Gambhir at cover point dives to his right to stop that, they get a single


McLaren to Smith, no run, angling in towards the off stump, pushes that one well towards mid-off


McLaren to Smith, 1 wide, down the leg side, good collect by the keeper as he dives to his left


McLaren to Smith, FOUR, nice drive down the ground, just a punch, angling in towards middle and he cracks that down the pitch and past mid-on

Arif: "Every team must have cricinfo commentry on their dressing rooms...Management issues, team selection issues, bowling, batting...etc will be solved."


McLaren to Smith, FOUR, superbly done, even better than the previous one, this one was imperious, half-volley on middle and he stands tall to dispatch it down the ground


McLaren to Smith, no run, in the slot outside off, cracks it straight to mid-off this time


McLaren to Smith, 1 run, on the off stump, flicks it away through midwicket into the deep for a single

End of over 2 (11 runs) Mumbai Indians 11/0 (RR: 5.50)

    • DR Smith 9 (11b 2x4)
    • SR Tendulkar 1 (1b)
    • R McLaren 1-0-11-0
    • L Balaji 1-1-0-0

Balaji to Smith, 1 run, angling towards middle and leg, turns that one towards short fine for a single

Sagar: "KKR has had a legacy of drafting quality fast bowlers in their side. They had Shoaib Akhtar and Shane Bond earlier, and have Brett Lee and Pattinson now. I wish they go for Dale Steyn next year!"


Balaji to Tendulkar, no run, on a good length, gets a stride out and pushes that one towards mid-on


Balaji to Tendulkar, 1 run, rocks forward and opens the face to play that one towards third man for a single

Jury: "@Arif: Interesting idea, but the reality is most professional sports teams don't listen to what media has to say about them. This impacts their performance and psyche. There was a brilliant interview given by Mark Cuban (Owner of Dallas Mavs) where he talks about how his team shuts themselves from the media when they are in a tournament."


Balaji to Smith, no run, takes off from a good length and Smith plays a little inside the line to that one, beaten


Balaji to Smith, no run, frustration for Smith, goodish length, charges down the track to smack him over mid-off, misses


Balaji to Smith, no run, good stuff from Bala, Smith gets across and drives that cautiously towards mid-on

Just two runs off that over...

End of over 3 (2 runs) Mumbai Indians 13/0 (RR: 4.33)

    • DR Smith 10 (15b 2x4)
    • SR Tendulkar 2 (3b)
    • L Balaji 2-1-2-0
    • R McLaren 1-0-11-0

McLaren to Tendulkar, no run, that moved away from a good length, tried to smash that over extra cover, had to reach for it, went past the edge


McLaren to Tendulkar, FOUR, ooh, just clears mid-off, pitched up on the off and he launched it over that fielder, was struck hard, came off the meat and just cleared the fielder


McLaren to Tendulkar, FOUR, banged in short and Tendulkar pulls that hard over midwicket, connected well again, four more

Ram: "@Sagar, Wait a minute!! Don't you say taking away Steyn from Hyderabad! He is our Hyderabadi's pride. We own him just like Banglore owns Gayle!"


McLaren to Tendulkar, FOUR, slower one and he picks it well, McLaren undoing what Balaji did in the previous over, Tendulkar dispatches that over mid-on

Vivek Pooyath: "@ Sagar, Your quesiton got me thinking, Dayle would definitely be retained by SRH next year for sure. Thinking along, these would the probably retaining list. CSK - Dhoni,Hussey,Sir Jadeja, Bravo MI - Dinesh Karthik, Rohit Sharma, Malinga, Pollard, RR - Dravid, Faulkner, Rahane, Watson RCB - ABD,Gayle, Kohli DD - Warner KKR - Gambhir,Sunil narine KXIP - Miller,"


McLaren to Tendulkar, FOUR, full toss and that's well timed, on the off stump and that's punched through point this time, beats the dive, four more, four in a row


McLaren to Tendulkar, FOUR, a touch lucky there but he'll take it, short of a length, made room to cut it over point, got a thick edge and there was no chance there for Bisla to stop that moving to his right

Both openers have gone after McLaren, who has conceded 31 in two overs.

End of over 4 (20 runs) Mumbai Indians 33/0 (RR: 8.25)

    • SR Tendulkar 22 (9b 5x4)
    • DR Smith 10 (15b 2x4)
    • R McLaren 2-0-31-0
    • L Balaji 2-1-2-0

James: "Strange how IPL polarises opinions: it's either "the work of the devil", or "the best thing to happen to cricket". I enjoy it, although I don't think the best T20 game can compare with the best test match. The financial issues, and the fact that the players can earn far more for a T20 knockabout than they can for playing test cricket, does need addressing, as do the club v country issues that all countries have. There are also unresolved issues about how the next generation of players, especially spin bowlers, develop (Aakash Chopra wrote a good article on this a few months ago). However, given a choice between IPL and rebel tours (as happened in the 1980's) give me IPL any time."


Balaji to Smith, 1 run, angling in towards middle and leg, pushed through midwicket in the deep for a single


Balaji to Tendulkar, no run, charged out to Balaji, he held it back and Tendulkar was left to defend it awkwardly into the leg side


Balaji to Tendulkar, no run, tries to fetch that one from outside off to paddle it fine, was hit on the pads there


Balaji to Tendulkar, 1 wide, slower one bowled full outside leg stump, a wide down the leg side, rare lapse this spell from Bala


Balaji to Tendulkar, 1 run, edged, short of a good length, tried to open the face, got it much finer than he would have wanted, a single to third man


Balaji to Smith, no run, Smith tries to pull that hard through midwicket, was short, got an inside edge onto his pads


Balaji to Smith, 1 wide, slower ball gone bad, too wide outside off, called


Balaji to Smith, 1 run, shortish on the off, punched off the back foot towards mid-off to steal a single

End of over 5 (5 runs) Mumbai Indians 38/0 (RR: 7.60)

    • DR Smith 12 (18b 2x4)
    • SR Tendulkar 23 (12b 5x4)
    • L Balaji 3-1-7-0
    • R McLaren 2-0-31-0

This guy has a career T20 economy-rate of under six an over, Narine comes on. Has a slip.


Narine to Smith, no run, turns in from the off stump, may have missed leg as he got across to play it into the leg side


Narine to Smith, no run, turning in from middle and down leg again, struck on the pads as he rocked forward


Narine to Smith, no run, shortish on the off, turns in and catches him high on the pads as he tries to play it off the back foot


Narine to Smith, no run, beaten, this one went the other way and Smith didn't pick it, played inside the line, went past the outside edge


Narine to Smith, 2 runs, floating on middle, gets forward and plays it gently in front of deep midwicket to pick a couple of runs

Monish: "@Vivek : Very bad analysis of the IPL teams so far. As far as most of the cricketing experts are concerned, the following will be a closer picture to reality CSK - Dhoni, Raina, Bravo, Hussey (they may get Sir Jaddu at auction) MI - Sachin, Pollard, Rohit are sure things KKR - Gautam, Balaji, Narine KXIP - Miller at any cost SRH - Steyn, Mishra, White RCB - Gayle, Kohli, AB and Vinay DD - Warner RR - Dravid, Watto, Rahane, Faulkner Pune - NONE!"


Narine to Smith, 1 run, flatter on middle, pushed away into the leg side for a single

End of over 6 (3 runs) Mumbai Indians 41/0 (RR: 6.83)

    • DR Smith 15 (24b 2x4)
    • SR Tendulkar 23 (12b 5x4)
    • SP Narine 1-0-3-0
    • L Balaji 3-1-7-0

Kallis comes on


Kallis to Smith, no run, full outside off and that's driven hard but straight to mid-off, Balaji stops it


Kallis to Smith, no run, angling on the pads, walks across to whip it square, struck high on the pads

Punit: "Sid, if you think that's impressive, Badree has an economy of under 5 an over in his Twenty20 cricket. That's just amazing, some people don't even have that low economies in 50-over cricket. Certainly underused by RR"


Kallis to Smith, 1 wide, banged in short on leg stump, that should be called a wide and is, too high


Kallis to Smith, FOUR, short, nicely struck, stands tall, picks the length and smacks it through midwicket for a boundary


Kallis to Smith, 1 run, bowled that full on middle, drives it towards long-on for a single

VK: "@James - There are however a lot of 20-30somethings in the UK who form a middle ground. We still see Test Cricket as the pinnacle of the sport, and will vaguely pay attention to what the counties are doing. We'll try and make it to an Ashes game every so often, and perhaps even a county game. However the IPL has grown on us. It's on ITV4 when we get back home from work, it doesn't require a hideously expensive Sky Sports subscription, and we get to see a bunch of our favourite international players (some otherwise retired) face off against each other. I can think of several friends of mine who were initially anti-IPL, but now will spend countless hours each spring watching it. But we still prefer Tests when we get the chance."


Kallis to Tendulkar, 2 runs, shortish on middle, gets on the back foot and flicks it through square leg for a couple of runs


Kallis to Tendulkar, 1 run, slightly short on middle, flicked through square leg for one more, 50 up for Mumbai

End of over 7 (9 runs) Mumbai Indians 50/0 (RR: 7.14)

    • SR Tendulkar 26 (14b 5x4)
    • DR Smith 20 (28b 3x4)
    • JH Kallis 1-0-9-0
    • SP Narine 1-0-3-0

Iqbal Abdulla comes on


Iqbal Abdulla to Tendulkar, 1 run, flat outside off, pushed towards extra cover


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, no run, slaps it back towards the bowler


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, FOUR, lots of width there and Smith crashes that through cover and point, powerfully struck and there's no stopping that


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, FOUR, ooh, that landed smack in between long-on and deep midwicket, reaches for it from outside off and drags it between those two fielders with the swing of the bat, McLaren dived to his right, couldn't reach it, one bounce four


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, no run, tries to repeat that shot and misses this time, was eyeing cow-corner


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, no run, slower through the air, short outside off and that one is cut straight to point

End of over 8 (9 runs) Mumbai Indians 59/0 (RR: 7.37)

    • DR Smith 28 (33b 5x4)
    • SR Tendulkar 27 (15b 5x4)
    • Iqbal Abdulla 1-0-9-0
    • JH Kallis 1-0-9-0

Jury: "One thing, which I feel, IPL has done is: Increased animosity between Indian fans and Indian players at the same time made Indian fans love international players even more, especially the new comers. Miller is a household name now in India, Chennai loves Bravo and Hussey, Gayle is as Banglorean as MTR, whereas Kohli gets booed in Mumbai and Gauti fights with all his Indian team mates.."


Kallis to Tendulkar, 1 run, on a good length on the off, gets across and clips it through square leg for a single


Kallis to Smith, 1 run, slightly short on the off, stabs it wide of point for a single


Kallis to Tendulkar, 1 run, nicely hit but straight to deep midwicket, swings it away into the deep from outside off


Kallis to Smith, no run, it's the second time he's done that today, pitched up and that's drilled but straight to mid-off


Kallis to Smith, no run, short of a length, tries to chop it past point, misses

Amit: "@Monish : I would like to differ from you in some choices. CSK - Dhoni, Raina, Bravo, Ashwin. They would not retain Hussey beacuse hussey wont be a good bet for next 3 years . MI - Pollard, Rohit .i personally think reatining Sachin makes any sense but I also feel they might reatin him just for the brand .KKR - Gautam,Narine . I feel Shakib , Manoj Tiwary have hihger chances of retainment than Balaji. KXIP - Miller and may be Azhar mahmood. also retaining Mandeep Singh might not be bad idea . He can be a good bet for next 3 years SRH - Steyn, Mishra, Ishant . here again I feel retaining Ishant Sharma might be a good tactic.He is starting to do well both in India and outside India. RCB - Gayle, Kohli, AB and Vinay (Can be a toosup between Pujara and Vinay) DD - Warner RR - Watto, Rahane, Faulkner . I dont think Dravid would play next 3 IPL's so no point retaining him. I think they might make him mentor/coach .Pune - Bhuvi, Yuvraj and may be Uthaapa .. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar has bowled superbly this season and would be Indian bowling spearhead in coming years , so i feel he might be a good choice. also , agreed Yuvraj has no where been near his class but he is too good a player not to retain.I still feel he will go at very high bid if he is not retained in Pune"


Kallis to Smith, 1 run, back of a length, that's been pulled to the left of deep square leg for a single

9.02pm: The delay's not been very long. The players are coming back on the field. All good with the floodlights now.

9.00pm Nothing's changed, drastically. The players are all at the dug-outs. One of the light-towers is coming back on, slowly but surely.

Nagarjuna: "Taking a different route, who do you think are the players who are gonna get lucrative contracts next year? Sanju Samson, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Dinesh Karthik, Ambati Rayudu, Darren Sammy, Ravi Rampaul, Ajinkya Rahane(if not retained). Come up with names guys. The other big names I missed are to be understood as retained :P"

Sriram Raghava: "C'mon, lets all boo the flood lights."

8.50pm Overs will only start getting deducted after the delay has lasted 60 minutes.

Delay at the Wankhede due to what seems like a problem with one of the floodlights. 8.48pm Oh dear, the players are leaving the field now due to the floodlights issue. One light-tower has gone completely blank. Another floodlight has gone blank now. Two of them down. Darkness descends at the Wankhede.

Time for a timeout, Mumbai have had a steady opening here, lots of firepower to follow.

Sundar: "@VK : Couldn't agree with you more. Tests are the pinnacle of our sport and most of us watch tests instead of the IPL. But then, I think here BCCI has done a good job so far that it does not schedule any international series for India during the IPL so Indian players don't miss either and nor do we fans. We don't have to make a choice between watching India tests or IPL because the two never clash and BCCI has ensured that (mind you.. some Indian players have taken undue advantage of it and played the IPL and missed the immediately following test / ODI series, in the past). Yes, I agree that it is not so simple for some other countries where it has clashed with their international commitments. But then thats for those countries to decide. BCCI cannot decide for everybody and nor is it practical for them to do so. In any case IPL is part of Indian Domestic cricket and the "I" in BCCI stands for India and not International. Most other countries have arrived at a reasonably fair solution to it and they allow their payers to play in the IPL and bring them home early for a test series, like NZ have done now. That way players get to play here and tests for their country and the boards get a 10% 'cut' from the players fee."

End of over 9 (4 runs) Mumbai Indians 63/0 (RR: 7.00)

    • DR Smith 30 (37b 5x4)
    • SR Tendulkar 29 (17b 5x4)
    • JH Kallis 2-0-13-0
    • Iqbal Abdulla 1-0-9-0

Abdulla to continue


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, no run, Smith swings and misses, tries to smack that over midwicket, misses as it turns away


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, 1 run, shortish on the off, slapped off the back foot towards deep cover for a single


Iqbal Abdulla to Tendulkar, 1 run, flatter on middle, Tendulkar makes room and eases that through cover for a single


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, no run, shorter from Abdulla, Smith gets on the back foot to pull it over midwicket, it turns away and misses the bat


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, FOUR, bad ball and Abdulla knows it, full outside leg stump and Smith sweeps it on its way to the fine-leg boundary


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, no run, short outside off, cut away straight to point

End of over 10 (6 runs) Mumbai Indians 69/0 (RR: 6.90)

    • DR Smith 35 (42b 6x4)
    • SR Tendulkar 30 (18b 5x4)
    • Iqbal Abdulla 2-0-15-0
    • JH Kallis 2-0-13-0

Kallis to bowl


Kallis to Tendulkar, 1 run, on a good length, Tendulkar makes room and cracks that through point into the deep for a single


Kallis to Smith, 1 run, short of a good length, pushed off the back foot to extra cover for a quick single


Kallis to Tendulkar, 1 run, banged in short, gets back to pull it square, mistimes it for a single


Kallis to Smith, no run, bowled on a length on the off, strikes it straight to midwicket, no single on offer there


Kallis to Smith, 1 run, low full toss outside off, guides that one towards third man for a single


Kallis to Tendulkar, FOUR, poor ball, short on leg stump, Tendulkar swivels and pulls it away to the fine-leg boundary, two poor balls down the leg side in two overs

End of over 11 (8 runs) Mumbai Indians 77/0 (RR: 7.00)

    • SR Tendulkar 36 (21b 6x4)
    • DR Smith 37 (45b 6x4)
    • JH Kallis 3-0-21-0
    • Iqbal Abdulla 2-0-15-0

Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, 1 run, short outside off, slapped away towards deep cover for a single


Iqbal Abdulla to Tendulkar, 1 run, short on middle, Tendulkar gets on the back foot and pulls it to deep midwicket for a single


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, no run, slower through the air, waits for it and reverse-pulls it to short third man, can't get it past the fielder


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, 1 run, width, chopped away towards deep point for a single


Iqbal Abdulla to Tendulkar, FOUR, hammered, Tendulkar had made up his mind, made some room and flat-batted that over the bowler's head


Iqbal Abdulla to Tendulkar, no run, well struck and was in the air for a bit but landed just short of extra cover, no single on offer

End of over 12 (7 runs) Mumbai Indians 84/0 (RR: 7.00)

    • SR Tendulkar 41 (24b 7x4)
    • DR Smith 39 (48b 6x4)
    • Iqbal Abdulla 3-0-22-0
    • JH Kallis 3-0-21-0

Smith needs to get a move-on here. Lots of plays and misses, not a lot to do with the track but he's eaten up quite a few deliveries. Rajat Bhatia comes on now. Not an easy man to dispatch, but let's see.


Bhatia to Smith, 1 run, short of a length, gets on the back foot and punches it to long-off

Ravi B: "I thought Smith is supposed to be scoring runs at a higher stiker rate and Sachin to be accumulator. But in the last few matches, Smith has been putting lot of pressure on the middle order. MI wins covering this up well. They will have to consider this strategy soon else it will be too late."


Bhatia to Tendulkar, FOUR, appeal for lbw but Tendulkar motions to the umpire saying he played it, gets across and paddles it fine, may have come off the glove, he shows the glove to the bowler and umpire, may have come off the glove and then gone on to flick the pad


Bhatia to Tendulkar, 2 runs, slower one, swings that one wide of wide long-on for a couple of runs


Bhatia to Tendulkar, 1 run, slower one bowled short on the off, tries to swing it away, mistimes it towards deep midwicket for a single, they thought of a couple but it wasn't on despite a Kallis fumble


Bhatia to Smith, 1 run, bowled on a length on the off, struck straight to long-on for a single


Bhatia to Tendulkar, OUT, Bowled'im, Bhatia gets rid of Tendulkar, slower ball on leg stump, Tendulkar shuffled and tried to paddle that fine, missed and middle and leg were knocked back

SR Tendulkar b Bhatia 48 (49m 28b 8x4 0x6) SR: 171.42

Mumbai Indians, given the way the innings has panned out, may have preferred having Smith out at this point. A 93-run stand, however, and the rest can build on this in the seven overs remaining.

End of over 13 (9 runs) Mumbai Indians 93/1 (RR: 7.15)

    • DR Smith 41 (50b 6x4)
    • R Bhatia 1-0-9-1
    • Iqbal Abdulla 3-0-22-0

Karthik walks in


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, FOUR, tossed up, lands in the slot for Smith outside off and he drives that superbly and powerfully to the deep extra cover boundary, landed just inside the ropes


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, 2 runs, shortish on the off, slapped off the back foot to the left of deep cover for a couple of runs, century up for Mumbai Indians


Iqbal Abdulla to Smith, OUT, Smith holes out, that swing across the line had worked for him earlier in the innings but he fetches this from outside off, tossed up from Abdulla, and sends it straight into the hands of McLaren at long-on

DR Smith c McLaren b Iqbal Abdulla 47 (62m 53b 7x4 0x6) SR: 88.67

The Mumbai openers depart in quick succession, Smith may feel he should have stepped up much earlier...Rohit is the new man


Iqbal Abdulla to Sharma, 1 run, defends that one into the off side and steals a single


Iqbal Abdulla to Karthik, 1 run, angling in towards middle, defended in front of cover and he sets off


Iqbal Abdulla to Sharma, no run, floating it on the off, comes down the track and drives it back to the bowler

End of over 14 (8 runs) Mumbai Indians 101/2 (RR: 7.21)

    • RG Sharma 1 (2b)
    • KD Karthik 1 (1b)
    • Iqbal Abdulla 4-0-30-1
    • R Bhatia 1-0-9-1

Narine returns to bowl


Narine to Karthik, no run, ooh, shortish, turning in, the cut was on but Karthik missed it, some extra bounce for Narine


Narine to Karthik, 1 run, gets forward and nudges that wide of the bowler for a single


Narine to Sharma, 1 run, tossed up on the off, drives that one towards long-on for a single


Narine to Karthik, 2 runs, shortish on middle, was the carrom ball, knocked down into the leg side in the directio of midwicket, the fielder takes a while to run in from the deep, they steal two


Narine to Karthik, no run, on a good length, gets forward and defends that carrom ball into the off side


Narine to Karthik, 1 run, shortish on the off, tapped into the leg side off the back foot for a single

End of over 15 (5 runs) Mumbai Indians 106/2 (RR: 7.06)

    • KD Karthik 5 (6b)
    • RG Sharma 2 (3b)
    • SP Narine 2-0-8-0
    • Iqbal Abdulla 4-0-30-1

Bhatia to Karthik, 1 run, drives that one well on the up but straight to extra cover, just the single for Karthik

Ankit: "Who will take on Narine? Someone needs to do that today, else Mumbai are looking at another sub-par score for the bowlers to defend today."


Bhatia to Sharma, 1 run, pushes that through the line towards long-off for a single


Bhatia to Karthik, 1 run, low full toss, difficult to get those away, gets it as far as long-on, on the bounce, just the single


Bhatia to Sharma, FOUR, finds the gap, the slower legcutter, made a bit of room and slashed it between point and short third man for four


Bhatia to Sharma, no run, converts it into a yorker, a fullish delivery, comes down the track and digs it out to the bowler


Bhatia to Sharma, SIX, errs in length, lands it on a length, Rohit picks it, gets under that one and launches it over the long-on boundary, clean strike

Time for a timeout

End of over 16 (13 runs) Mumbai Indians 119/2 (RR: 7.43)

    • RG Sharma 13 (7b 1x4 1x6)
    • KD Karthik 7 (8b)
    • R Bhatia 2-0-22-1
    • SP Narine 2-0-8-0

Narine to bowl


Narine to Karthik, 1 run, shortish outside off, Karthik makes room and slaps it towards deep cover for a couple. Dharmasena signals "one short". Karthik grounded his bat well outside the crease there, good spot from the umpire


Narine to Karthik, 1 run, swung away towards deep midwicket for a single


Narine to Sharma, 2 runs, the doosra, punched off the back foot wide of long-off for a couple of runs, took on Abdulla there


Narine to Sharma, no run, the doosra and this one is defended watchfully back to the bowler


Narine to Sharma, 1 run, short, pulls it to the right of deep midwicket, just the single


Narine to Karthik, SIX, Karthik sends that into the crowd, swung it hard with the turn from off stump and smashed it over deep midwicket

End of over 17 (11 runs) Mumbai Indians 130/2 (RR: 7.64)

    • KD Karthik 15 (11b 1x6)
    • RG Sharma 16 (10b 1x4 1x6)
    • SP Narine 3-0-19-0
    • R Bhatia 2-0-22-1

McLaren to Sharma, OUT, Smart catch from Eoin Morgan, bowled short and Rohit pulled it, Morgan was the man at deep square leg, caught it, lost his balance and stepped over the ropes but he had released the ball by then, got his feet back into the playing field at the right time and completed the catch, smart work

RG Sharma c Morgan b McLaren 16 (18m 11b 1x4 1x6) SR: 145.45

Kieron Pollard is the new man.


McLaren to Pollard, no run, banged it short on middle, Pollard moves across to pull it, seemed a touch too high but the umpire didn't call it a wide


McLaren to Pollard, no run, short and he tries to pull that past square leg, struck in the midriff, dot


McLaren to Pollard, FOUR, slower one bowled short on the off and Pollard pulls it well, just manages to clear midwicket who is right at the circle


McLaren to Pollard, OUT, McLaren has struck out two big wickets this over, short and Pollard goes for the pull again, a bit of extra bounce and he gets a top-edge, Narine at short fine leg takes it comfortably

KA Pollard c Narine b McLaren 4 (3m 4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

McLaren has been expensive today but he's hit back with a couple of wickets. Can KKR restrict the hosts to under 160? Rayudu is the new man


McLaren to Karthik, 1 run, OUT, nicely cut but Balaji has done some outstanding work at third man, cut away to his right, he moved quick from third man and dived to his right to stop that, then returned a superb throw to the keeper, right over the stumps, Rayudu had called for a second, was sent back, slipped and then fell short of the crease as Bisla took off the bails, KKR have hit back well here

AT Rayudu run out 0 (2m 0b 0x4 0x6) SR: -

Balaji was excellent with the ball first up, and now this. Some of that Mumbai firepower being dealt with well by KKR here. Harbhajan walks in

End of over 18 (5 runs) Mumbai Indians 135/5 (RR: 7.50)

    • KD Karthik 16 (12b 1x6)
    • R McLaren 3-0-36-2
    • SP Narine 3-0-19-0

Narine to Karthik, FOUR, short on the off, he pulls it away over square leg and that lands short of the boundary, a one bounce four


Narine to Karthik, 1 wide, flat and hard, wide of off and called by the umpire


Narine to Karthik, FOUR, fires it down the leg side and that's a freebie, clips it down to the fine-leg boundary


Narine to Karthik, OUT, Mumbai losing it here, another run-out, that's an inside edge to short fine leg, there was never a run in there, he goes for it, has been run out with a direct hit from Yusuf

Harbhajan Singh run out 0 (2m 0b 0x4 0x6) SR: -


Narine to Johnson, no run, tossed up outside off, turns away after pitching, misses as he tires to drive


Narine to Johnson, no run, closer to the stumps, turns away sharply and goes past the outside edge as he tries to defend


Narine to Johnson, 1 run, slaps that hard but straight to long-off, just the single

End of over 19 (10 runs) Mumbai Indians 145/6 (RR: 7.63)

    • MG Johnson 1 (3b)
    • KD Karthik 24 (15b 2x4 1x6)
    • SP Narine 4-0-29-0
    • R McLaren 3-0-36-2

The end of another economical spell from Narine. Mumbai haven't stepped up to the extent they would have liked at the death. McLaren runs in


McLaren to Johnson, 1 run, pitched up outside off and that's well fielded by Kallis at mid-off, driven hard and he fields diving to his right


McLaren to Karthik, FOUR, Narine drops it and messes it up completely, welcome runs for Mumbai, top edge as he goes for the pull, Narine is running in from fine leg and he spills it diving forward, can't get his body behind the ball either and it rolls over the ropes for four


McLaren to Karthik, SIX, sits up as a length ball, on middle and he smashes that hard over the bowler's head for a flat six


McLaren to Karthik, 1 leg bye, Karthik will feel he missed out there, was fullish on the pads and he tried to flick it fine, was struck on the pads


McLaren to Johnson, 2 runs, low full toss, driven uppishly towards long-off, a little wide of him and Karthik forces him to come back for the second


McLaren to Johnson, 5 wides, appalling stuff, five wides, down the leg side, misdirected from the bowler, way down the leg side and it was out of Bisla's reach


McLaren to Johnson, SIX, attempted yorker, ends up being a full toss, Johnson makes room and thrashes that over the long-off boundary, into the stands

McLaren has been taken for 60, valuable partnership for Mumbai that, between Karthik and Johnson. 64 runs have come off the last five overs, 35 off the last two. Mumbai Indians will take it, after they seemed to be struggling to accelerate at one stage. KKR have slipped up at the death after having looked good both with the ball and on the field until Narine made that mistake. Join us in a bit for the chase.

End of over 20 (25 runs) Mumbai Indians 170/6

    • MG Johnson 10 (6b 1x6)
    • KD Karthik 34 (18b 3x4 2x6)
    • R McLaren 4-0-60-2
    • SP Narine 4-0-29-0





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