Indian Premier League, 68th match: Sunrisers Hyderabad v Rajasthan Royals at Hyderabad (Deccan), May 17, 2013
Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 23 runs
17 May 2013 - night match (20-over match)

Watson to Vihari, no run, shorter in length and on the off stump, defended back to the bowler


Watson to Vihari, no run, ooh, that's angled back into the batsman and it keeps quite low, defended back to the bowler, off the toe of the bat


Watson to Vihari, 1 run, on his pads and tucks it away to fine-leg for a single to get off the mark off his sixth ball


Watson to White, OUT, gone, third wicket, White's hooked it to fine-leg! was a short of length delivery and it was White's first delivery, he seemed to have gone for the hook rather reflexively and hits it to the fielder, who had to move a little to his left and take it high, does well!

CL White c Trivedi b Watson 0 (3m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Watson to Vihari, no run, outside the off stump and moving away from the bat, lets it go through to the keeper


Watson to Vihari, no run, ooh, almost an edge, it was swinging away from the bat and looks to fish away from the body, misses the outside edge through to the keeper

Sunrisers Hyderabad 5/3   SR Watson 1-0-1-1

Watson to Samantray, no run, short in length on the off stump, was looking to tap it away to the off side, does it too but it's not in the gap


Watson to Samantray, 1 run, angles back into the batsman, was on a good length but does not come on too quickly and he pushes it to square-leg for a single


Watson to Vihari, 1 run, length ball, cramping him for any room, straighter too and he has no option but to play it in front of the pads and flick it to the leg side for a single


Watson to Samantray, 1 run, slightly shorter in length and nurdled away to the mid-wicket fielder for a single


Watson to Vihari, 1 run, slightly fuller this time and driven to wide mid-on for a single this time


Watson to Samantray, no run, short of length and gets bit of nip back, was looking to play it away to the leg side but is beaten, hits the pads and rolls over to the off side, not for runs

Sunrisers Hyderabad 21/3   SR Watson 2-0-5-1

Watson to Sammy, 1 run, and thumped over the bowler's head, it was a length ball and he hits it to the straightish long-on fieder


Watson to Samantray, FOUR, edged for a four, it's come off the bottom of the bat there, and its beaten the keeper, short of length and he gives it his all, gets only a thin edge to the fence


Watson to Samantray, 1 run, slows the pace down and he opens the face of the bat through to the third-man


Watson to Sammy, 1 run, whoa, what a ball, that was one of the best yorkers you would see, pacy and in the batting crease, Sammy had to get his bat down in time there


Watson to Samantray, 1 run, and now a shorter one, was probably looking for the yorker again but this one pegs him back, was looking to pull it away but gets a top-edge


Watson to Sammy, SIX, he gets it off the middle now, length ball and Sammy gives it his all, over the deep mid-wicket area for a maximum!

Sunrisers Hyderabad 104/4   SR Watson 3-0-19-1





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