Indian Premier League, 71st match: Pune Warriors v Delhi Daredevils at Pune, May 19, 2013
Pune Warriors won by 38 runs
19 May 2013 - day/night match (20-over match)

Parnell to Jayawardene, 5 wides, on the leg-stump and that's swung down further for a wide, fumbled by the keeper, and it's gone for five wides


Parnell to Jayawardene, 1 run, on the leg stump line again and bit of swing too, tapped to fine-leg for a single


Parnell to Warner, 1 wide, wide outside the off stump and not too much of swing, just a straighter ball but too wide and called one


Parnell to Warner, 1 run, gets his line right now, back to bowling the middle stump line and gets an inside edge through to fine-leg for a single


Parnell to Jayawardene, FOUR, good, good, shot, just caressed from the middle stump and through mid-wicket for a four, it was not hit too hard but times it rather well


Parnell to Jayawardene, no run, length ball, pulls it back this time and he taps it to mid-wicket this time


Parnell to Jayawardene, no run, ooh, swing back and probably the first time he gets his line right, swinging back and hitting it on the leg-stump line, misses the bat, hits the pad but swinging down


Parnell to Jayawardene, no run, shorter in length and outside the off, MJ did not know whether it would swing back in or go away and that hesitation beats him, misses the edge through to the keeper

Delhi Daredevils 12/0   WD Parnell 1-0-12-0

Parnell to Warner, OUT, gone, caught-behind! short of length and he wants to pull it away, there's an appeal for a caught-behind and it's been given out! Warner's not too happy about it but replays suggest there's some bottom edge on it.

DA Warner c †Uthappa b Parnell 2 (10m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00


Parnell to Chipli, 1 no ball, swinging down the leg side for a wide, but before that he's over-stepped too and that means that's a no-ball, which will be followed by a Free-Hit


Parnell to Chipli, SIX, short of length from WP and that's cracked over deep square-leg for a six! Makes the Free-Hit pay but not the best of lengths he will bowl off a Free-Hit


Parnell to Chipli, 4 leg byes, and now it's rushed away to fine-leg for a four, there's been some swing all the way through today but Parnell keeps missing his line, gets it on his pads and that's flicked away to the fence


Parnell to Chipli, 1 run, edged and dropped again? it was outside the off and this time its Mathews who's tipped it above the bar, difficult chance


Parnell to Jayawardene, FOUR, length ball, on the middle stump and swinging further down the leg side, easily glances away through to fine-leg for a four


Parnell to Jayawardene, no run, gets the radar right, on the off stump and bit of movement back into the batsman, defended back to the bowler

Delhi Daredevils 33/1   WD Parnell 2-0-24-1

Parnell to Gautam, 1 wide, short of length down the leg side and he was looking to pull it away, misses and it's gone for a wide


Parnell to Gautam, 1 run, shorter in length from round the stumps, tapped to square-leg for a single


Parnell to Pathan, 1 run, full-toss outside the off and he was looking to swing it away but can get it only to long-on for a single


Parnell to Gautam, FOUR, was looking to walk across to the off side to play it over the on-side, at the last moment, he opens the face of the bat and gets it through point for a four


Parnell to Gautam, 1 run, opens the face of the bat and sneaks it through to third-man region for a single


Parnell to Pathan, FOUR, top-edged for a four! it was a shorter ball and he played the right stroke, the pull, got the right result too, just that the direction wasn't quite right, over the keepers head


Parnell to Pathan, no run, and he looks to pull the shorter one yet again but misses the bat

Delhi Daredevils 116/5   WD Parnell 3-0-36-1





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