Indian Premier League, 71st match: Pune Warriors v Delhi Daredevils at Pune, May 19, 2013
Pune Warriors won by 38 runs
19 May 2013 - day/night match (20-over match)

Yadav to Uthappa, 1 wide, down the leg side and starts with a wide, it was a quick enough delivery but with the radar wrong, fuller too


Yadav to Uthappa, OUT, gone, caught at point now, is it? was a fuller one outside the off stump and he was looking to drive at it, gets an outside edge and flies to point where it's taken, Uthappa's not convinced it's gone without bouncing and the third umpire's called to adjudicate on it. That's a surprise, it was far from bouncing anywhere but straight into the fielder's hands

RV Uthappa c Warner b Yadav 24 (22m 20b 3x4 0x6) SR: 120.00


Yadav to Pandey, no run, quick and straight and he has defended it back to the bowler


Yadav to Pandey, 1 run, oww, almost a run-out there, it was a fuller one and tapped it to MJ at mid-off, he comes in and fields and has a shy at non-striker's end, misses, the diving Pandey was gone had it hit


Yadav to Finch, 1 leg bye, on his pads and he looks to pull it away, hits the pads and rolls over to the leg side


Yadav to Pandey, no run, shorter in length and tapped to short cover, almost looked like the ball never came on


Yadav to Pandey, no run, pulls back his length yet again and it's on the middle stump line, pushes it to the short cover fielder yet again

Pune Warriors 40/1   UT Yadav 1-0-2-1

Yadav to Finch, SIX, gone all the way, it was a fullish delivery and bit of an angle into the batsman, there is a short arm jab because of the length and it's gone for a six over long-on


Yadav to Finch, no run, gets it shorter and tapped to the off side this time


Yadav to Finch, SIX, and now that's been hit over mid-wicket for another boundary, that was a shorter one this time and hes quickly back and smacking, gets it all the way for a six, which is what the fielder at the boundary, Nadeem says too after the umpire has signalled a four


Yadav to Finch, FOUR, and that's another four for Finch, it's very full on the off stump and that's taken as a full-toss, gets the gap through extra-cover for a four


Yadav to Finch, 1 run, shorter in length outside the off stump, tapped to the off side for a quick single


Yadav to Pandey, no run, slower outside the off stump and beats the outside the edge, he was looking to crack it through point but misses

Pune Warriors 71/1   UT Yadav 2-0-19-1

Yadav to Wright, 1 run, finally gets one full and on the middle stump, the batsman wants to drill it through the covers, gets some bat on it and goes to long-off for one


Yadav to Mathews, 1 run, well fielded by Morne, it was a full-toss and was played away rather well to short fine-leg, the fielder dives to his right to field that one and gets it down to one


Yadav to Wright, 1 run, short of length and tapped to the deep cover area for a single


Yadav to Mathews, 1 run, fuller outside the off stump and tapped down to long-off for a single


Yadav to Wright, FOUR, up and over for a four, he moved across to the off stump and cracked it over the mid-wicket fielder within the circle, it was an attempted yorker that fell slightly shorter than it should have


Yadav to Wright, 1 run, that's the yorker he needed to get last ball, is only able to push it down to long-off for a single

Pune Warriors 130/4   UT Yadav 3-0-28-1

Yadav to Mathews, SIX, length ball and that's smacked over long-on for a six, for some time the fielder thought he might have a chance but no...


Yadav to Mathews, 1 run, fuller this time and hits it to long-on for a single to bring Wright back on strike


Yadav to Wright, SIX, six more and this is again off a length, swings his bat away and cracks it square over the leg-side for a six! second of the over


Yadav to Wright, (no ball) FOUR, full-toss, quite high in fact and high enough to be called a no-ball and that's been hit over the bowler for a four!


Yadav to Wright, FOUR, outside edged for a four this time, too many of those full deliveries and this was pushed shorter and gets the edge through to the right of the keeper for a four


Yadav to Wright, 1 run, yorker length ball on the pads, tapped to mid-wicket for a single


Yadav to Mathews, 1 run, dropped! was looking to pull it away to the leg side and it went straight to Pathan at deep mid-wicket who's spilled it! another poor spell from Yadav comes to an end

Pune Warriors 164/4   UT Yadav 4-0-52-1





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