Indian Premier League - 71st match

Pune Warriors v Delhi Daredevils

Pune Warriors won by 38 runs


Parnell to Chipli, SIX, short of length from WP and that's cracked over deep square-leg for a six! Makes the Free-Hit pay but not the best of lengths he will bowl off a Free-Hit

Delhi Daredevils 24/1   B Chipli 6* (2b 1x6)   WD Parnell 1.2-0-19-1


Kumar to Gautam, SIX, goes across to the off stump and chips it over short fine-leg for a six, was on the length and does it well! the extra ball goes for the maximum!

Delhi Daredevils 83/5   CM Gautam 12* (9b 1x6)   B Kumar 3-0-23-0
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