Indian Premier League

Mumbai Indians v Rajasthan Royals

Mumbai Indians won by 4 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)


Harbhajan Singh to Watson, no run, fuller, a tad flatter and he gets his bat and pad out and defends it back


Harbhajan Singh to Watson, no run, full enough again but he prefers to go back and flick it away to the leg side


Harbhajan Singh to Watson, no run, quicker again, flatter in length too and tapped to short mid-wicket

Rajasthan Royals 44/1   SR Watson 0* (3b)


Ojha to Watson, no run, fuller and he gets on the front foot, pushes it back to the bowler


Ojha to Watson, FOUR, and now he's away, on the off stump and bit of turn away, gets back and cracks it through the backward point area for a four


Ojha to Watson, 1 run, fuller and angling into the batsman, squeezed through the leg side off the front foot and for a single

Rajasthan Royals 54/1   SR Watson 5* (6b 1x4)


Harbhajan Singh to Watson, 1 run, shorter in length and easily tucked away to deep square-leg for a single


Harbhajan Singh to Watson, OUT, and now he's gone, Watto has played a rather clumsy sweep there and top-edged to square-leg! It was a lot fuller than what the batsman expected probably and he was looking to flick it, gets the top edge of the bat and it pops up easily for the fielder to run back to the circle to pouch it

SR Watson c Sharma b Harbhajan Singh 6 (8m 8b 1x4 0x6) SR: 75.00

Rajasthan Royals 60/2   SR Watson 6 (8b 1x4)
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