Indian Premier League, Qualifier 2: Mumbai Indians v Rajasthan Royals at Kolkata, May 24, 2013
Indian Premier League - 2nd qualifying final
Mumbai Indians won by 4 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
24 May 2013 - night match (20-over match)

Malinga to Dravid, 2 runs, not the best lines to bowl, it was on his pads and on a length, well flicked to fine-leg where bit of a misfield allows them to come back for the second


Malinga to Dravid, 1 run, slows the pace down and on a length, tapped to deep cover for a single


Malinga to Samson, no run, slower one and that's almost beaten the batsman, played the stroke a tad too early, almost scoops back


Malinga to Samson, OUT, and hit up and it's caught! Not the best of strokes to play there, was another slower one and he went through with the shot, was looking to hit it over the mid-wicket region but that lack of pace beats him, it lobs high and Harbhajan is at it again, takes a good catch!

SV Samson c Harbhajan Singh b Malinga 0 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Malinga to Dravid, no run, another slower one, taking the pace off regularly here, is on a length and he taps it to the leg side


Malinga to Dravid, 1 run, and again, very slow, almost needed to wait for some time before it arrived, flicked away to fine-leg for a single

Rajasthan Royals 65/3   SL Malinga 1-0-4-1

Malinga to Hodge, 1 run, slower ball and on the middle stump, pushes it into the covers for a singe


Malinga to Binny, 1 run, shorter in length and outside the off stump, but again, it's a slower ball, 123.2 km/hr, opens the face of the bat and guides it to third-man


Malinga to Hodge, 1 run, quicker this time, on a length on the off stump, taps it through the covers for a single


Malinga to Binny, FOUR, and again, a slower one, but its fuller and he's tried to push it through the covers, gets an outside edge of the bat and that rushes through the fine third-man region for a four


Malinga to Binny, 1 run, fullish in length and driven to long-on for a single


Malinga to Hodge, no run, bit of a good length that and outside the off stump, pushes it to the covers

Rajasthan Royals 101/4   SL Malinga 2-0-12-1

Malinga to Yagnik, FOUR, short of length and it's a tad quicker than all those slower ones he's been bowling, but it's on his pads and tucked away to fine, fine-leg for a four


Malinga to Yagnik, 1 run, touch wider outside the off stump and shorter too, gives him room to cut the ball, he does that but straight to the fielder, they are off for a single and the throw comes in at the non-striker's end, the batsman's sprawling back


Malinga to Hodge, 1 run, short of length and he wants to give himself room and crack it away, again the ball does not come on as quickly he expected and the inside edge trickles down for a single


Malinga to Yagnik, FOUR, okay, so the batsman has gone really back on his crease even before the bowler has gotten to his bowling crease, gets a typically slow delivery on a length and he goes for a slog, gets an inside edge and still goes for a four!


Malinga to Yagnik, 2 runs, and now it's quicker one, on the middle stump too, wants to flick it away gets an outside edge through to backward point, Ojha rushes across to field that and restricts it to two, the fielder slips while getting up to that one and is down for the count


Malinga to Yagnik, 1 run, very full and darting back into the left-handed batsman, he goes back and tapped down to long-on for a single

Rajasthan Royals 132/6   SL Malinga 3-0-25-1

Malinga to Yagnik, 1 run, and he looks to jab it away through mid-wicket, that's a half-helicopter almost, gets it to long-on for a single alone


Malinga to Hodge, 1 run, fuller on the off stump and driven through to long-off for only a single, good, fuller length that from the bowler, difficult to get it away


Malinga to Yagnik, no run, and he's taken his stance almost close to the stumps there! yorker length and gets it on the full, hits the toe of the bat and hit back to the bowler


Malinga to Yagnik, FOUR, look at that, just look at that, he was looking to play from behind the stumps, yep, you heard it right, he's flicked away from behind the striker's stumps over the square-leg for a four!


Malinga to Yagnik, 1 wide, and now it's down the leg side for a wide, was full yet again and the batsman's back again, misses


Malinga to Yagnik, 2 no balls, now that's a wide of epic proportions, it beats Stephen Harmison's wide by at least a mile, it's slipped off his hand and goes away some place, outside the camera frame too!


Malinga to Hodge, FOUR, finally gets a yorker right, it was swinging back in and right on the length, but what a shot! backs away and gets some bat on it through backward point for a four!


Malinga to Hodge, 5 wides, what is happening here? seriously, that's slipped from his hand yet again and it's gone down the leg-side for a wide that long that a batsman on the adjacent pitch would have hit it easily, Hodge was walking down the track there, took three steps down too and Malinga's put off by that


Malinga to Hodge, no run, and a yorker to finish off well, outside the off stump and beats the outside edge through to the keeper

Rajasthan Royals 165/6   SL Malinga 4-0-43-1





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