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BSkyB secure IPL from 2015

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February 17, 2014

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Michael Clarke talks to Sky Sports' Ian Ward, England v Australia, 3rd Investec Test, Old Trafford, 2nd day, August 2, 2013
Sky Sports will be showing the IPL alongside is other cricket from 2015 © Getty Images
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The IPL will only be available on pay TV in the UK from 2015 after BSkyB secured a three-year rights deal for the tournament.

Currently the IPL is available on free-to-air digital channel ITV4 which provides UK viewers rare access to terrestrial cricket now that only international highlights of England's home matches are available to those without Sky through Channel 5.

When ITV gained the IPL in 2010 it was the first live cricket on free-to-air TV in the UK since all international rights went to BSkyB in 2006.

BSkyB's strong hold on major UK sports rights is being challenge by the presence of BT Sport which launched last year and has shown itself to have deep pockets by claiming the lucrative UEFA Champions League. There are suggestions that BT will challenge BSkyB for the next batch of ICC broadcast rights.

However, while the IPL remains a sought-after product by broadcasters in the UK, English cricketers have proved less of a drawcard for franchises with only Kevin Pietersen - now a former England player - securing a deal for 2014 tournament.

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Posted by unkith on (February 18, 2014, 13:51 GMT)

Too much hullaballoo is created from nothing...with websites like crichd etc who needs Sky or ITV? Invest in an HDMI cord and mirror your display. Done.

Posted by R_U_4_REAL_NICK on (February 18, 2014, 13:22 GMT)

I'm starting to believe that something excellent has come out of the whole KP saga: now that KP is not in the England set-up, *hopefully* the likes of Sky will not be as interested in English cricket. BBC/ITV still need to wake up and secure some air rights.

Posted by py0alb on (February 18, 2014, 11:40 GMT)

Bye bye all interest or awareness of the IPL in the UK then.

Posted by Paul_Mandair on (February 18, 2014, 11:17 GMT)

@ Karthi_2K11 - Sorry but what you have put makes no sense at all. Sky have the rights from 2015 so the 2014 will only be shown on ITV. Sky would also never in a million years put cricket as a box office event.Box Office is for events like boxing or wrestling where one event gathers interest. Are you suggesting they will put the whole tournament as a pay per view or do you think they would charge people to watch Kings XI vs. Pune??? They would never do this. Also, the watershed has nothing to do with Cricket. By your logic, England home matches would never be shown during the day unless you can unlock with a pin.

Posted by CricketPissek on (February 18, 2014, 9:49 GMT)

Banglalink - don't speak too soon mate. With Sky Go and Now TV being two of BSkyB's biggest draws, they may file an injunction to ban Youtube streaming it in the UK. I believe WillowCricket attempted a similar thing in the USA (although I'm not sure how successful they were). I personally am surprised Sky has bothered with this, but I suppose the high Indian (ex pat + of descent) population in the UK is a major factor.

Posted by   on (February 18, 2014, 8:13 GMT)

2014 IPL is still on ITV isnt?????

Posted by   on (February 18, 2014, 7:51 GMT)

Weird decision by Sky to buy these rights. More dross cricket on our screens. An advert every 2 balls, sponsors for everything, awful commentators, truly Mickey Mouse cricket.

Posted by Karthi_2K11 on (February 18, 2014, 7:24 GMT)

Sky would most likely broadcast the IPL 2014 - as a Box Office Event, which could cost from 15 to 20 pounds. That is, if the event is booked via your Sky remote. (called Impulsive Pay-per-view, with an active phone line (with dial tone) connected to your Sky set-top device.) If it were ordered by calling Sky Customer Services, it would be an Ordered Pay-per-view event, with an additional quid for administrative charges. (You would not be able to record the event, if you book it over the phone.) So, all told, it could cost upto 21 quids, after all the nickel & diming is done, added to your next month's Sky bill. Also, do not forget that (as the tournament would be played during the Daylight Savings period in UK), you would watch part of the 2nd IPL match of a double-header, (namely, the one that starts at 8 PM IST) during the UK "watershed" hours (after 8 PM GMT), when you need the PIN to unlock your Sky set-top box to watch Pay-per-view programs. So, what is next -CLT20 rights for Sky?

Posted by Banglalink on (February 18, 2014, 3:50 GMT)

As far as I know the IPL is also broadcast live on YouTube which is free. So how does it matter if it is not available on free to air channel. Having lived in UK for 10 years I know for a fact that almost all houses have internet connection with speeds more that adequate to watch live streaming matches.So calm down guys.Due to the time difference I myself have watched a lot of matches on YouTube in the past two years.

Posted by salazar555 on (February 18, 2014, 3:21 GMT)

Terrible news. Many people young and old who may have wanted to watch this, now can't because they don't have SKY and can't afford it. Surely there should be ome limit on what can go on pay per view?. People without sky now have zero access to any cricket apart from 30 mins highlights when the test team is playing home games. It's not good enough.

Posted by jamie9lashley on (February 18, 2014, 0:12 GMT)

Worst cricket news for me personally. As my family cannot afford the ridiculous sky prices, the IPL is the only live cricket I can watch from home. Every year I look forward to it, watching numerous world superstars. Now I won't be able to. Absolute sickener

Posted by   on (February 17, 2014, 23:19 GMT)

this is why cricket is not as big in the uk as it could be, coz we have to pay for it.

Posted by threeslipsandagully on (February 17, 2014, 20:07 GMT)

This is terrible news for English cricket fans who don't want to pay £43.50 a month to the Dirty Digger.

Posted by SirViv1973 on (February 17, 2014, 19:37 GMT)

@Matty, I'm not sure the likes of Nick Knight & Bumble will be involved in SKY's IPL coverage. I expect the coverage will mirror that of the BBL & what we currently see on ITV. It will be the IPL's own commentary team & a 1 or 2 studio guesses. I can't see them using any of their a (Bumble) or b grade (Knight) commentators as studio guesses it will more likely C/D graders like Harmison, Butcher or Ian Harvey or Solanki. They will probably also try to pull in guys who have played in the league, I was thinking someone like Collingwood but looks likes he gonna be part of Giles coaching staff going forward.

Posted by OhhhhhMattyMatty on (February 17, 2014, 19:01 GMT)

Can't wait to see Bumble and Nick Knight laughing at the hapless players in this running around in funny coloured pyjamas!

Posted by SirViv1973 on (February 17, 2014, 18:41 GMT)

The rights to the IPL were up for grabs for next to nothing when Setanta went under in 09 & Sky did not show any interest. The reason being as I understood it was that it clashed with our own domestic cricket & Sky wanted to make sure domestic cricket was it's priority. As the article points out the goalposts have now been moved, due to sky's failure to outbid BT & keep hold of the Champs Lge. I'm a sky subscriber for the following reasons, domestic & inter cricket, PL & CL fball. I now find that one of my prime reasons for subscribing CL fball is no longer going to be available. I'm sure sky will not be compensating me for the loss of CL by reducing me bill instead it appears they want to offer me IPL cricket which has been available free to air for the past 4 yrs! Not a good move from SKY IMO. It's bad 2 that more free to air sport has gone, ITV have already lost CL & Europa lge football aswell as the FA cup, come next yr there will be pretty much no live sport left on the channel.

Posted by CodandChips on (February 17, 2014, 18:37 GMT)

Happy because sky's coverage should be better than ITV's. But I'd hate it to reduce the quantity or quality of county cricket shown, which already isn't good enough.

Posted by   on (February 17, 2014, 18:14 GMT)

Well, I hope you realise that only the source of the money has changed - the IPL is getting the money without Sky too. Plus it helps your cause that people in your country now have to pay to watch the IPL, which would directly contribute to fewer people watching it, leading to less interest in it. (Not that I agree with your assessment of the IPL)

Posted by Hello13 on (February 17, 2014, 18:12 GMT)

why are they only showing 60 games? That's just half the tournament

Posted by   on (February 17, 2014, 17:36 GMT)

This is absolutely NOT great news at al!. It's almost enough to make me cancel my Sky subscription. I absolutely do NOT want any of my Sky subscription being used to finance a foreign league which clashes with the English domestic season in April and May. I want players to be encouraged to play in England, not in a Mickey Mouse overseas 20/20 tournament at the same time. The IPL is the enemy of English cricket. This is stabbing English cricket fans in the back and putting naked greed ahead of quality..

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