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IPL has plateaued but here to stay - Moody

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Moody: IPL, a quality product that has plateaued

Sunrisers Hyderabad coach Tom Moody has said that the IPL, now in its seventh season, has reached a plateau in its growth as a product, which, he feels, will continue to be robust. Moody was referring to the tournament's resilience despite all the negative publicity and scandals over the years, most damagingly the corruption scandal of 2013 and the attendant court cases that threatened its future.

"I think there's been a number of things over the last few years that have potentially damaged the IPL as a product, but because it is a very good product and it is robust, it has been resilient to those external influences," Moody told ESPNcricinfo. "And I think what we're seeing is a quality product plateau and a show that it is here to stay. It is a terrific idea that was brought together from the day of its inception and I think it will only, if anything, have an upward curve going forward."

The IPL began in 2008 with eight teams and it expanded to ten for the 2011 season. Over seven seasons, three teams, including Kochi Tuskers Kerala, Deccan Chargers and Pune Warriors have been dissolved due to ownership and financial issues. In addition, the future of Kings XI Punjab, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals has also been threatened, the last two over the corruption scandal.

Moody said the initial frenzy over the IPL was understandable, with sponsors looking for maximum mileage and fans thronging stadiums with the launch of a new concept. Moody gave credit to the ICC and the IPL for doing their bit to ensure the tournament is clean and that the players are honest.

"At the end of the day you hope that anything you are involved in is policed well, whether it is the IPL, whether it is anything you do from day to day in any walk of life," Moody said. "And I think the IPL and the ICC are doing their very best, in cricket in general, not just in the IPL, to police and make it as even a playing field as possible. I think education is very important in that regard, and the IPL and ICC are doing a very good job."

Sunrisers Hyderabad had entered the IPL in 2013 following the dissolution of the previous Hyderabad-based franchise Deccan Chargers. Moody was named Sunrisers coach in December 2012 when the team was launched. He said the corruption scandal had not affected his side.

"Certainly with my exposure at Sunrisers Hyderabad over the last couple of years, it has had no influence whatsoever. We have been very focused on forming a unit and an environment that is a formidable one and an enjoyable one. We basically have a mantra of wanting to develop as players day in and day out. And what happens outside is not relevant to what we are as a group."

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  • Soy on May 6, 2014, 5:03 GMT

    I never really know why people slate the IPL.

    As an Aussie who loves Test Cricket above all else (as it is the truest test of skill with bat, ball, in the field and with the gloves) I look forward to the IPL with utter joy each year.

    There is at least a game a night, the crowds are magical, the quality of cricket is high, the individual feats some players perform are inhuman, and the balance of strength between the sides is close enough to make every match worthy of watching.

    Add to the mix the amazing gocricket youtube videos (including those amazing HD 15 minute highlights packages for every game) and, no matter where you are in the world (permitting that you have Internet), you can watch full replays, live matches or comprehensive highlights package at your leisure.

    I simply love IPL.

    Our own Big Bash League has the IPL to thank for its feverish international interest. Sure, our domestic comp is the strongest in the world, but IPL is easiy the best t20 league going around.

  • Ashok on May 5, 2014, 20:46 GMT

    Indeed Mr. Moody, IPL has hit a New high& is here to stay. IPL prospered because it has provided the Cricketers of all Nations, a means of making a very rich Livelihood. Cricketers making $2 million was unheard of before IPL Era. In order for some countries to keep their Test players out of IPL, England is paying their players high annual contracted salaries which again were unheard of before the IPL started. As for the game itself, IPL started in Fans' concept as a"Tamasha" or just like a circus. But in 7 years it has progressed into a very skilful Tamasha, whether Test Pundits believe it or Not! There are so many things that have to jell jointly to produce a winning formula. Balanced XI selection, right batting & bowling order, great fielding, strike rotation & power hitting + team work - all crucial factors for success -when done well & in a timely manner. Untimely short slumber can lead to loss of Momentum even to the best of the teams as happened to India in the 2014 WC!

  • Jay on May 5, 2014, 18:48 GMT

    The IPL is DEFINITELY here to stay. It's the mother of all T20 leagues and the best in the world. Mr. Gavaskar has done a splendid job to put in place some really good measures to root out corruption. The only thing the tournament needs to do now is bring in a charter of sorts, like an established constitution in place to ensure the rules are never manipulated for the sake of one person or team. Like the NBA, NFL and MLB where transparency and accountability is a big deal. Cricket needs those elements. Once we have a constitution in place, the IPL will be a complete package. It will only grow stronger in years to come. When you place more focus on cricket and less on entertainment and glitz, the result will be outstanding. That's what we are seeing this year; more cricket, less other stuff. Loving it !

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