Daredevils v Super Kings, IPL 2014, Delhi May 5, 2014

Super Kings flex batting muscle once again


Chennai Super Kings 181 for 2 (Smith 79, Raina 47*) beat Delhi Daredevils 178 for 5 (Karthik 51) by eight wickets
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Hattangadi: Rain helped CSK chase

There had been a light, on-off drizzle right through the match, and it grew in intensity over the course of the Chennai Super Kings chase. Fifth ball of the 15th over, Suresh Raina aimed a big drive at a full, off-stump ball from Jaydev Unadkat and edged it past the wicketkeeper for four. Raina pumped his fist.

Super Kings were 127 for 1. They still needed 52 from 31 balls, but they had edged ahead of the Duckworth-Lewis par score. It would seesaw this way and that over the next few overs as the rain fell and the insects swarmed in the haloes around the floodlight towers. Super Kings were ahead after taking 14 off Wayne Parnell in the 16th over; Delhi Daredevils were back on top after a frugal 17th, bowled by Jaydev Unadkat.

Throughout that time, Super Kings were in control. They had only lost one wicket, and it soon became apparent the umpires would not take the players off the field. They had Raina at the crease; they had Dwayne Smith, who had already passed 50; they had MS Dhoni waiting to come in. In the end, they simply had too much batting firepower, even if they did suffer a small hiccup.

Super Kings seemed to have it wrapped up after they took 17 off the 18th over, bowled by Mohammed Shami. Bowling with both third man and fine leg in the circle, he sent down three poor deliveries: a short, wide ball that Smith was only too happy to slash behind square for four, followed by two long-hops that Smith pulled for six and four.

But it only took one wicket - Smith holing out in the penultimate over after a powerful 79 off 51 - for panic to set in, albeit momentarily, and show Daredevils what may have been had they possessed a more penetrative bowling attack. Despite conceding a boundary off the first ball, Wayne Parnell only gave up five from that over.

It left Super Kings needing 11 off the final over. Unadkat had the ball for Daredevils; Super Kings had Raina and Dhoni. It was an unequal contest in terms of Twenty20 pedigree and experience, and all it took was one ball in Dhoni's slot - the second of the over - for it to disappear over the long-on boundary and the equation to come down to four from four. There could only be one result from there.

At the toss, Dhoni had sent Daredevils in, contending that there was some moisture in the pitch and it would get better for batting as the game progressed. The first couple of overs of the Daredevils innings seemed to suggest he was right. Ben Hilfenhaus moved it around a bit, and Ishwar Pandey beat M Vijay three balls in succession in a maiden full of gorgeous outswingers.

But Quinton de Kock kept Daredevils chugging along, and he seemed to be able to hit cleanly through or across the line. This was rapidly becoming a good pitch to bat on. Delhi just seemed to have gotten past the difficult phase when they lost de Kock - to a needless run-out - and Kevin Pietersen, who played down the wrong line of what looked a straight ball from Mohit Sharma.

Vijay and Dinesh Karthik got out of rebuilding mode fairly quickly after that. Karthik played some stunning shots, including a paddled six off a Hilfenhaus full-toss, in a 36-ball 51 that provided Daredevils the perfect platform to launch off from. When Karthik was out, Delhi were 108 for 3 with seven overs remaining.

At that point, JP Duminy was expected to walk in. Or Kedar Jadhav, who had looked in sparkling form down the order in their previous games. Instead, it was Laxmi Shukla, who hadn't faced a single ball in the tournament. Starting with Karthik's dismissal, Daredevils lost three wickets in nine balls, just when they should have been flooring the pedal.

With Daredevils needing to rebuild once more, R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja bowled four overs for 26 runs. Having got their eye in, Duminy and Jadhav took 44 from the last three - and were particularly severe on Mohit Sharma, who went for 35 in his last two - to push Daredevils to 178. No one knew at that point if it was a defendable total. Daredevils knew they would have to bowl to a fearsome batting line-up; they didn't know they would be doing so with a wet ball.

Karthik Krishnaswamy is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Dummy4 on May 6, 2014, 15:45 GMT

    @CRICLOVER316, i like VK too, i said "like kohli" kindly notice.i think you have agreed since you haven't disagree that people don't praise CSK much after 6 seasons of consistent performance while remaining IPL champs hit the bottom after winning IPL trophy.

  • Dummy4 on May 6, 2014, 14:31 GMT

    As a long time CSK fan, I am happy with their results. But Brandon is not a long term solution. He has scored well but he surely can be kept quiet by bowlers if they bowl with plan to him and not bowl short. He just survives by playing pull shot. Parnell bowled many times on his pads but he hit only 1 of those for boundaries many he missed to even put bat on ball. CSK was lucky that Raina came attacking from first ball else the dip in scoring rate due to cramping McCulm would have hurt CSK. Good that he gets out if he is kept quiet for some time. Any subcontinent batsman would have hit more runs of those balls that Parnell bowled on his pads.

  • Android on May 6, 2014, 11:07 GMT

    i think DD need to rethink their strategy. instead of tahir they should buy bollinger. they shud open with kp and vijay. karthik at no.03 followed by jp, kedar, LR, parnell, sid, bolly, nadeem, shukula. parnell and bolly can bowl at death..buying overseas spinner for indian t20 is waste coz of ground size and most suited for batsman..

  • Dummy4 on May 6, 2014, 10:33 GMT

    Knockout blow @GreatestGame? Name me one other team without an all-rounder (bearing in mind that Duminy has not been bowling and, if he had, maybe Parnell's bowling could have won us games, but the others go for too many for it too matter yes? Factually that has been what has happened!! SO... you play Neesham, who played in a win and then a loss to CSK in which he took 1/30 and got 22 and was probably still angry with how he went. I am not saying he has been the best.. I am saying he offers more. What would we have lost by doing so? Can you lose more than losing? On yer bike @WorstGame

  • Dummy4 on May 6, 2014, 10:15 GMT

    @Greatest Game - Reread my comments. I never ever rubbish Parnell. I just want the all-rounder in place of the bowler who sometimes bowls well (economically) but never with than one wicket in any game and took none for forty-odd when we lost to SRH inexplicably..... and he did not score a run as not a good batter or needed, in a SINGLE one of those games. So, yes, I go on about Neesham - absolutely - as I know his play and how you get the best out of him (by playing and backing him) and how balance and boundaries win cricket games due to the fact that I am more astute about cricket and more intelligent than you are. I can't help you with that. But your asserion on me disliking Parnell is wrong. If we could have 5 internationals or maybe 6, I would play him in heartbeat and he can be a great bowler, but this is t20!! Neesham bats and bowls and is two players. Without him, while Duminy not bowling, we have ZERO all-rounders... which is an utter farce in t20. Anything else GreatestGame?

  • Vasudevan on May 6, 2014, 9:44 GMT

    KP for DD is identical to SD for SRH. They both need to hand over captaincy and if possible sit out as well. Otherwise their teams are dead in this competition.

  • Dummy4 on May 6, 2014, 7:32 GMT

    Really it was a very, very nice win by our CSK yesterday. But I really don't know the reason behind MSD promoting himself especially in the last 2 encounters with Sun Risers Hyderabad & KKR when there is Faf Duplesis in the wing eagerly waiting for an opportunity. See all the times our openers can't provide scintillating starts, some times they both will fall out cheaply & at that time if you give an opportunity is it fair? Atleast give him some 50-60 balls before the knock out matches. R.Neil Rashan.

  • Ramya on May 6, 2014, 7:06 GMT

    Players who have been benched or underformed in other IPL teams are blossoming with CSK and those who have performed well for CSK and have been bought by other teams are not doing so well - the reason is there for every one to see - the team management of CSK has been perfect in making sure tht the players are given full freedom to express themselves. Combine tht with a classy captain and a cool coach - bingo! the yellow brigade marches on!

  • Garry on May 6, 2014, 6:59 GMT

    Greatest_Game stats ain't everything, tough call on Parnell v Neesham, parnell is obviously a better baller but Neesham does have that X factor when it comes to batting and fielding. But you are right, the problem is bigger than that.

  • David on May 6, 2014, 6:41 GMT

    @ Cpt.Meanster believes that "KP is proving why he is NOT captaincy material."

    Dead right, Captain. He is killing DD. And what Gary Kirsten is up to I have no idea. Well, maybe I do. He absolutely slaughtered SA's ODI & T20 teams. Destroyed them. Win/Loss ratios were slashed in half, and then again! The stats are there. Check out SA's ODI W/L ratio in the 2 years before the 2011 WC, and then after - that is when Kirsten took over, with AB as skipper, and it all went to hell in a hand basket.

    I may be a Saffa, but I can spit a hell of a lot further that I trust Kirsten. Seriously. Kirsten took over, and the stats show what happened. The test team was fantastic, but the short format teams went down like the Titanic. And now they are not bowling Duminy, and batting him at 6 when he is the team's best batsman and most economical bowler. It is like they WANT to lose.