Royals v Sunrisers, IPL 2014, Ahmedabad May 8, 2014

The comical run-out

Plays of the day for the match between Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad in Ahmedabad

Amit Mishra was given two lives and dismissed off the same delivery © BCCI

The comical run-out
As far as comedies go, this one would make the hall of fame. Amit Mishra was given two lives and eventually dismissed. Off the same delivery. He tried to sneak a bye after missing off James Faulkner, and the first reprieve came from the wicketkeeper Sanju Samson, whose throw missed with Mishra halfway down the crease. Mishra turned back slowly even as Faulker grabbed the ball. He was so still far out he had given up trying to get back, and was walking expecting the worst. But it was Faulkner's turn to miss. Mishra still continued to amble towards the crease, and even looked accusingly back at the non-striker Irfan Pathan. Mishra was inches short now, but Samson wasn't letting him have a third life.

The direct hit
Samson and Faulkner may have needed multiple attempts, but David Warner hit his target right away. After Stuart Binny and Steven Smith had stemmed the fall of wickets, Smith tucked one wide of deep midwicket. Warner raced forward, picked up the ball and fired it flat. It crashed into the non-striker's stumps on the bounce, and Binny was way short.

The elongated hat-trick
Shane Watson brought himself on for the fourth over of Sunrisers Hyderabad's innings, and bowled Shikhar Dhawan with the last ball. He took himself off after that and did not return till the 17th over. Moises Henriques slammed the first ball straight to long-off. Karn Sharma got one leaving him and feathered it to the keeper. There were 72 legitimate deliveries from others in between, but it was a hat-trick alright for the Rajasthan Royals captain.

The set-ups
Pravin Tambe usually does not give the ball too much air. To Warner, though, he tossed one up high. Warner slogged assuming it would turn in, but it didn't, and he was fortunate the toe-ended skier fell in a vacant area. Tambe was encouraged. In his next over, he tossed it up higher. Warner charged out and had a heave. It was another googly, and turned past to give Samson a straightforward stumping.

The shot
Young Samson went up against the best fast bowler in the world, and won the contest. Third ball he faced from Dale Steyn, he was beaten by a late outswinger. The fourth moved away as well, but Samson leaned forward to chip it over mid-off for four. He was not completely in control, but he was in Steyn's next over. Steyn pitched it up at 146 kph, Samson leaned forward again and lofted it so cleanly, it sailed way over the boundary.

Abhishek Purohit is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo