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Working on increasing pace - Sandeep

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Working on increasing pace - Sandeep
Kings XI Punjab seamer Sandeep Sharma has said he is working on increasing his pace, which will complement his impressive swing that has troubled some of the best batsmen in the IPL. Sandeep, 20, has ten wickets in five games this season, including two consecutive three-wicket hauls.

"I was bowling around 125 kmph last year but now I am consistently hitting the 130 mark," Sandeep told Indian Express. "My pace has increased and I will continue to work in this direction. My pace will definitely increase as I have age on my side. The bones and muscles will only get stronger. In my interactions with the coaches, I have learnt that no matter how good the batsman is, he will struggle against the swinging ball."

Sandeep said he had learnt by observing Dale Steyn that a bowler needs to crank up the pace a bit more when the ball gets older and stops swinging. "When he (Steyn) operates with the new ball, he bowls around 135-137 and as it gets older he picks up speed. It is with the old ball that I will look to get extra yards because the ball doesn't swing and one has to get the yorkers and bouncers right at that stage."

When asked about his interactions with his team-mates, Sandeep said Mitchell Johnson has been helping him with the mental aspects of the game, while Virender Sehwag has helped him plan against opposition batsmen. "He (Sehwag) helps me read the wicket and informs how it has behaved in the past. He also helps me plan for a particular batsman, by discussing their strengths and weaknesses."

Batsmen not converting starts - Albie Morkel
Royal Challengers Bangalore allrounder Albie Morkel has said his team's main batsmen would have to step up and make bigger scores in order to rise from their current position at No.5. In seven games, RCB have had only three half-centuries - from AB de Villiers, Parthiv Patel and Yuvraj Singh - while the captain Virat Kohli has a highest of 49*. Chris Gayle has not carried on after making starts in three innings so far.

"Most of our batsmen got good starts. But we didn't convert," Morkel said on the eve of Royal Challengers' home game against Kings XI Punjab. "The best innings was of AB who hit 89. And if you want to win T20 games, out of top five-six batsmen, one has to go out and score a big one. Thirties and 40s can win you games on occasions."

Royal Challengers play their next three games at home and Morkel was confident the side would fulfill the expectation of winning at least five of the next seven games to qualify for the playoffs. "It is a blessing in disguise to play three matches (in Bangalore)," Morkel said. "We haven't yet peaked. Hopefully, that happens tomorrow. We all know Virat Kohli is a feisty character and he will be up for it."

Enjoying bowling with Steyn - Bhuvneshwar
Sunrisers Hyderabad seamer Bhuvneshwar Kumar has said he is enjoying sharing the new ball with Dale Steyn and that his interactions with the South African have helped him improve as a bowler. Bhuvneshwar is currently tied with Mohit Sharma on top of the IPL wicket charts with 14. He has been one of the most impressive Indian bowlers this season, troubling batsmen with his swing with the new ball and maintaining an impressive economy rate of 5.45.

"He (Steyn) is the one who always talks and shares experiences regarding the different situations in a match. Bowling at the death has been great as of now. I am glad I have been taking wickets and have been economical at the same time," Bhuvneshwar told iplt20.com.

Bhuvneshwar said that patience is key for a bowler, irrespective of the format. "It (patience) is the key while bowling in different situations. And as a bowler, there will be days when you go for runs and don't get any wickets. But one needs to realise that patience pays off, and with time, it will get you results. I feel a bowler should learn to be patient come what may."

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  • Android on May 10, 2014, 3:37 GMT

    Mid 130 s should actually be good enough .These guys should learn how to reverse it .Increasing pace is not that easy .It can lead to loss of their swing ability which would be a tragedy like Irfan Ishant .These guys should be treated properly .Not everyone can be a mitch johnson .Bhuvi and Sandeep should focus on becoming like mcgrath .He had similar pace and kept bowling in right areas .India needs a fast bowling coach like donald wasim or someone .Even Zaheer would do .These guys in association with Steyn Johnson Donald have shown a lot of improvement every IPL .BCCI is still blind to it .I think if Shami regains form and Aaron retains his form we could have a very good fast bowling unit .Ishant and Umesh can come on bouncier decks in place of one of the four .Dhoni will have to go for a four pace attack .We cannot have both Ashwin and jadeja playing and neither can we have Jadeja playing at 8 .

  • Dummy4 on May 9, 2014, 23:57 GMT

    Top 5 wicket takers of IPL this year Bhuvi Mohit sharma Sandeep Sharma Tambe Aaron

    With due credit to Tambe, ignoring him, what a good reading that young fast indian bowlers are heading the table. This is what indian cricket had always lacked. Do we have brighter future in this department of indian cricket...

    All the best guys.

  • Reji on May 9, 2014, 20:25 GMT

    Its all great to get excited and ask our youngsters like bhuvi and sandeep to go for the extra yard of pace. i just hope that they work with their personal coaches rather than listening to popular opinions such as ours. remember what happened to irfan pathan@20 he was hailed the next kapil dev and then he tried to crank up his pace and lost all his swing, so much so that after so many years he had to re-model his action and is a fraction of what he was a decade back. let sandeep, bhuvi develop over time. just 5 years back we all hailed Ishant sharma as the next big thing, frankly is he not the worst pace bowler in international cricket. lets just appreciate our youngsters and give them time to mature and understand their games. no need to thrust them into international cricket so early. Aaron already on multiple occasions has shown that he is not a thinking bowler so its only a matter of time before he disappears. hopefully sandeep and bhuvi remain temperamentally strong.

  • Dummy4 on May 9, 2014, 19:10 GMT

    Sandeep Sharma has to tour England with Bhuvi..they swing will make them more deadlier than Yadav and Aaron...but these 4 quicks and 2 spinners...I think Ashvin will be eaten alive in the UK...Jadeja is ok but I would like Chahal or Karan Sharma to be taken along. I am very disappointed that Kuldeep Yadav of KKR hasnt been given a chance yet in the IPL, he will def do well if given a chance.

  • Cricket on May 9, 2014, 10:21 GMT

    Sandeep Sharma is one of the few bowlers that has openly declared his will to inrease his pace (at least that I have heard of). Bhuvi said that too and he has actually been bowling in the mid 130s. They are both quite young and have some physical developments to go, so there is definitely room for more pace and this is a good sign. Swing is a great commodity in cricket and both Bhuvi and Sandeep can swing it with great control. However, swing alone can only get you so far. If the conditions don't help or if the ball gets old, pace is what troubles the batsmen. Besides, swing becomes even more lethal at high speeds. Bhuvi has shown how his increased pace coupled with his yorkers have made his death bowling so good. If Sandeep can do that and they both crank it up to about 140, with Shami and Aaron already showing promise, India can finally have the makings of a good pace attack. Its still too early to say anything for sure but its a good sign.

  • Siva on May 9, 2014, 9:31 GMT

    Hope Sandeep Sharma gets selected for the Indian team to tour England.

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