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D/L doesn't work in T20s - Steyn

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Steyn speaks out on D/L method

Dale Steyn, the Sunrisers Hyderabad seamer, has become the first major player in the IPL this season to speak up about the much-debated Duckworth-Lewis method, admitting that it was an "ongoing discussion in changing rooms".

Steyn snared two wickets on Saturday to help restrict Delhi Daredevils to 143, and after a couple of rain interruptions, the Sunrisers' task was made even easier as the target was revised to 43 from five overs.

"No doubt the Daredevils would have felt hard done by the last game when the Duckworth-Lewis method gave us a five-over target of less than 50," Steyn wrote in his column for the Times of India . "The rules regarding rain-affected matches are the subject of ongoing discussion in IPL changing rooms.

"Let me skip straight to the conclusion. The way D/L is calculated at the moment, it doesn't work in T20s. But until they, or somebody else, comes up with an improved formula - or even something completely different - we have to stick with it. It's better than tossing a coin or drawing a target out of a hat."

Shastri tips Praveen for England tour

One of the few positives for Mumbai Indians during their defeat to Chennai Super Kings which all but ended their hopes of reaching the playoffs, was a spirited showing from their seamer Praveen Kumar.

Praveen, who went unsold at the IPL auction in February, was roped in by Mumbai as a replacement for the injured Zaheer Khan, and he marked his first appearance for the franchise by picking up the crucial wickets of Dwayne Smith and Brendon McCullum.

Ravi Shastri, writing for Times of India believes that an in-form Praveen warrants selection for the upcoming tour of England, where the bowler's late swing could be a potent weapon.

"This is important for Indian cricket. Praveen is excellent with his control and swing either way; notably late swing. He has the heart of a lion. His Test figures are good," Shastri wrote. "In English conditions, which are expected to be colder this year, he could form a healthy pair with state-mate and protégé, Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

"The fact that he is a genuine swing bowler is something that you must take into account as they are a breed who are getting rarer by the day and hence have to be nurtured."

Been a legspinners' tournament - Vettori

While the likes of Glenn Maxwell, Dwayne Smith and David Miller have hogged the limelight this season for their big hitting, Daniel Vettori, the Royal Challengers Bangalore head coach, struck a different note, insisting that this year had been a "legspinners' tournament".

"I think this has been a legspinner's tournament - Pravin Tambe and Rahul Tewatia today for Rajasthan Royals, Amit Mishra and Karn Sharma for Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Yuzvendra Chahal for us," Vettori told iplt20.com . "We've seen the rise of the legspinners, which is great because everyone loves watching a leggie in action. It's a really tough art to master, but when you see these guys do so well, it inspires youngsters."

"Arrogant" Pollard got away lightly - Donald

One of the biggest flashpoints of this season's IPL was the ugly altercation between Mitchell Starc and Kieron Pollard, with both players eventually admitting to a level two offence under the IPL's code of conduct.

Pollard lost 75% of his match fee, but Allan Donald, the bowling coach of the Royal Challengers, had strong words for the Mumbai allrounder, branding him "arrogant" and worthy of a bigger punishment.

"I have a fairly strong opinion about what happened the other day at the Wankhede Stadium. It's not something that should be tolerated," Donald told Mid Day . "As far as I am concerned, Pollard pulled out deliberately at the last moment and that's not acceptable. Pollard is a fairly arrogant individual. I can't stand a player who wants to throw his bat at the bowler.

"It's just not on. There's space for a bit of niggling but beyond that, I don't think these things should be allowed to take place on the field. And from the fines that were imposed, I must say that Pollard got away pretty lightly."

RCB quash Gayle injury rumours

The Royal Challengers Bangalore dismissed reports that Chris Gayle had been ruled out of the remainder of the IPL. Gayle, who was dismissed for 19 on Sunday, had missed the Royal Challengers' first few games with a back injury, and speculation was rife that he would miss the franchise's remaining games as well.

"Gayle is not ruled out and no replacement is sought," the Royal Challengers said in a statement.

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  • Jo on May 14, 2014, 1:05 GMT

    By the way, I would request the ICC to take my method and Name it GrindAR Method to project the winner match. If the there is a tie or within 3% error margin, then the team hit most sixes at over number the match was stopped ( not the entire match or averaging to per over, because the stage of match need to be matched)

  • Jo on May 14, 2014, 0:57 GMT

    D/L method dont even consider the lose of continuity of momentum for both batsmen at crease and the bowlers in their spells. Why the heck that is even considered? It was created to save Aussies/Eng from danger when the play interrupted on such events. If you pull the records that involve Aus or Eng with any other team... 90% of the time, the D/L method work in favor of these two teams only.

  • David on May 13, 2014, 3:22 GMT

    Starc AND Pollard should both have beed suspended. Both are big mouthed and aggressive. Pollard should know that Aussies are always trying to get in other player's faces. They think that is how cricket is played. The rest of the world know that cricket is only played like that by persons devoid of dignity. If Pollard wants to join that gang, he must pay the price. If you are quick to take offense, the Ausies will be even quicker to offend you.

    Besides, these young Ausie bowlers have big mouths, but nothing to back it up. It is easy to get them all worked up and their already weak bowling goes to the dogs. Starc is an awful death bowler - he simply gave away the game to the Royals yesterday. No need to get worked up - just hit him out of the park! That's the best reply!

  • David on May 13, 2014, 3:09 GMT

    Why would RCB need to replace Gayle? They are not going anywhere where they need a replacement - like the playoffs, for example!

  • Jo on May 12, 2014, 23:58 GMT

    Pollard had one moment out of his control.... people tongue curse him as arrogant human being... BTW, they have to go their elementary schools to know the difference between arrogance and aggressive.... There is not much difference... * Arrogance - Showing your response in a socially unacceptable norms (again... it is which soceity the people belong.... not the player) * Aggressive - Showing your response in a socially acceptable norms (same holds here too...)

    Starc must have stopped delivering the ball when he noticed that when his run was behind the umpire.... actually that ball could have been fatally injuring the player... if you see how Pollard muddled with the delivery to avoid body contact... because the ball was aimed at the batsman who already pulled out from the pitch.... The faulty action of batsman was to wave the bat hard... as he lost control.... it would have be an instinctive action if he was injured by the delivery....

    I would say, Mr. Starc need to sit out.

  • Jo on May 12, 2014, 22:02 GMT

    D/L method is a nemesis for all forms of cricket. If anything that need to be trashed to save the integrity of the game is this very D/L method. It was a trash to start with.. and it still is the same. D/L will work only when the match is 80% complete.

    A better method is, 20 minutes before the game and before the toss, the weather need to be assessed and calculate the total time the play can be possible. Then decide how many overs each team has to play. Even after that, if a surprisingly too much of weather event happen, then the formula is,

    How near the completion of last innings is? * If <70%, Average non-pp run rate at the stop of the play + the pp-rr for expected end of play based on wkts deduction as per last X overs * If >70%, Scoring rate of last Y overs+ remaining PP-rr for expected end of play based on wkts deduction as per last Z overs

    X - 20 for ODI, 7 for T20 Y - 10 for ODI, 5 for T20 Z - 15 for ODI, 6 for T20

    Wickets calculated based on bowlers performance (SR)

  • T on May 12, 2014, 19:23 GMT

    @vrm: I completely agree.

    In fact, they use that idea in super overs. Only fair that they extend it to D/L in a T20 game too.

    When field restrictions and bowling limits can be modified to apply for a D/L affected game, then why not the allowed number of wickets for the batting side? This makes the game more interesting for both teams with the side batting second having to re-work their batting strategy.

  • Dummy4 on May 12, 2014, 19:14 GMT

    How about cancelling the match & if it is a must result match then have it on a reserve day. Anything less than 20 overs per inning is a Mockery! We have had enough mockery of Cricket by the Advent of T20s.

  • Android on May 12, 2014, 18:55 GMT

    Minimum number of overs should be increased from 5 to 10. In an ODI, minimum number of overs reqd for a result is 20, which is 40%. So 5 overs (25%) for a T20 is just isn't enough to give the team bowling second a fair chance.

  • Y on May 12, 2014, 17:57 GMT


    Simple logic reasoning will make a fair D/L for rain affected matches.

    When the first team goes on to bat they hope to have full 20 overs, so they set their game based on that hope. They have ten wickets on hand for 20 overs - so they have 2 overs per wicket.

    When the second team goes on to mat after the interruption and say they have only five overs to bat, how fair it would be to provide them all the ten wickets for just five overs. Even if they throw away two wickets every over taking whatever risk that one could imagine, still they would have some one to bat till the end of their innings.

    This is absolutely unfair to the team batting first.

    The best solution would be to provide the team batting second the exact number of wickets that would be fair for their allotted five overs ie 2.5 wickets or rounded to three wickets. So if they lose more than three wickets chasing the total the first batting team should be declared winners.

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