Sunrisers v Knight Riders, IPL 2014, Hyderabad May 18, 2014

Gambhir's rage and Uthappa's slip

Plays of the day from the match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders in Hyderabad

Gambhir's rage

It was a length ball from Dale Steyn, swinging away from Gautam Gambhir, and he swished at it, looking to go over cover. The ball beat the bat, and continued to swing after passing it. Maybe this was what provoked the umpire Nigel Llong to give him out caught behind, because only Steyn was appealing with any conviction. Gambhir's disbelief quickly turned to anger. He swore in English before turning towards the Kolkata Knight Riders dugout, and swore in Hindi, multiple times, as he approached it. Right after he had crossed the boundary rope, he flung his bat to his side, and kept swearing even after he had taken his seat.

Passing the baton, dropping it

Having dismissed Gambhir in his first over, Steyn came back for his second and almost sent back Robin Uthappa. Trying to hit over the top, Uthappa only managed to sky the ball over the infield, and Shikhar Dhawan, running back from cover, had it well covered, right until the point when it popped out of his hands. It wasn't a proud moment for Dhawan, particularly after he had been replaced as Sunrisers' captain.

Nine overs later, another chance went towards the same part of the field, Manish Pandey slicing a ball from Amit Mishra high over the infield. Sunrisers' new captain Darren Sammy was under it. How would he do? Better, as it turned out, but not well enough. It was a far more difficult chance, and Sammy had to throw himself backwards and to his left to try and catch it. He got both hands to it, and even seemed to wrap his fingers around the ball, but it popped out as he landed.

Uthappa's slippery gloves

Sunrisers hadn't managed a wicket since Gambhir's tantrum, and they might have been wondering where the next one would come from, particularly after Dhawan had let off Uthappa. And then, in the tenth over, Uthappa worked a ball from Amit Mishra towards short fine leg and set off for a single. His partner, Manish Pandey, was quick to send him back, and Uthappa plonked his bat into the crease well in time to beat Darren Sammy's throw to the wicketkeeper. Having plonked it in, though, Uthappa lost hold of the bat. Naman Ojha whipped off the bails, and Uthappa walked off, not bothering to wait for the square leg umpire or the third umpire to make their decisions.

The own-goal run-out

Yusuf Pathan, running in from the leg-side boundary, was slow in getting to a mishit pull from Irfan Pathan. Having run one, Irfan and Karn Sharma moved indecisively out of their respective creases, not really sure if they wanted a second or not but checking with their partner nonetheless.

Both eventually decided against it, but Karn was slow getting back in his crease. This wouldn't have mattered had the throw stayed on its initial course; Robin Uthappa, the Kolkata Knight Riders wicketkeeper, had moved leg-side of the stumps to collect it. But the ball struck Karn's bat and deflected onto the stumps.

None of the players seemed to think it was out. Karn, as batsmen often do when they've gotten in the way of a throw, refused to run an overthrow. In the end, it wouldn't have mattered; the decision went up to the third umpire and Karn was found well short of the crease.

Umesh's underarm non-delivery

Two balls after Karn's unlucky run-out, Umesh Yadav ran in once again, to bowl to Irfan. He hadn't spotted Irfan pulling away from his stance, however, and umpire Nigel Llong stuck out his arm to stop the bowler. Umesh didn't stop. He kept running, and dipped his head at the last moment to duck under the umpire's arm.

Karthik Krishnaswamy is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo