Royals v Mumbai Indians, IPL 2014, Ahmedabad May 19, 2014

Stupendous Pollard

Plays of the day from the match between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians in Ahmedabad

Kieron Pollard's acrobatics made it one of the catches of the tournament © BCCI

The catch

On top of having probably the biggest hands, Kieron Pollard is unquestionably also the fielder with maximum reach. In the eighth over, he leapt a couple of feet in the air at the long-on boundary to grab on to a floater from Kevon Cooper with his right hand. His momentum though was taking him out of the boundary. He took three tumbling steps, avoiding the boundary skirting narrowly, before going out of the playing area. In the process, he had also tossed the ball back in to the playing area, seemingly, too far away. But he took four big leaps back into the field before diving full length to complete the catch one-handed.

The chance

You don't give Pollard chances. Not when your team has already given away 122 runs in the first 15 overs. Pollard was on 1 when he was sent back by Rohit Sharma after dabbing the ball to midwicket. Dhawal Kulkarni, the fielder, did his part right, firing in a flat throw right on top of the stumps. Sanju Samson, though, only did half of his correctly. He whipped off the bails but had failed to gather the ball. Pollard smashed the next ball for a six over cow corner.

The changes

Both teams made a spate of changes but while Shane Watson was on top of all the names at the toss, Rohit Sharma wasn't. Rohit struggled to remember the third change in the side for a couple of seconds, before the eureka moment. However, by the time the name could travel down from his brain to his lips, it was gone again. It was Michael Hussey.

The slow-motion dive

Apart from befuddling the batsmen and messing with their timing, Rajat Bhatia's slower deliveries are also capturing the public imagination in 'Bhatia is so slow..' jokes - a measure of his increased popularity. At 34 though, Bhatia is no spring chicken in the field. In the third over, as Hussey played a paddle shot to the left of Bhatia at short fine leg, Bhatia went down in slow motion, making a mess of a regulation stop and giving away two extra runs.

Devashish Fuloria is a sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo