IPL 2014 June 3, 2014

Being rested destroyed my momentum - Maxwell

ESPNcricinfo staff

Glenn Maxwell, the Australia and Kings XI Punjab batsman, said his being rested during the latter half of the IPL "destroyed" his momentum and left him underprepared for the knockout matches.

He set the IPL ablaze with his first three innings and had centuries for the taking each time. His strike rate was constantly around 200 and his range of shots confounded bowlers. However, Maxwell languished in the other extreme during the latter half of the season, averaging 13 in nine innings.

"The problem I had, I think, was being rested for one game frustrated me a bit," he told Times of India. "Especially since it was in a game against the (Rajasthan) Royals, against whom I had played so well previously. It destroyed my momentum. I got a 0, 6,13,0 after that.

"If I would have continued playing, I would have been able to get some form before the final. Then I came against Delhi (Daredevils), who put up only 110 on the board. So, it was a lose-lose situation, and then I went straight into the final. It is tedious when you miss a game just before the final, especially when you need momentum and some form back. That didn't happen, but I'm proud of the way the boys played."

Maxwell's ability to clobber the ball over midwicket and his equally powerful reverse sweeps and switch hits have baffled spinners and seamers alike. He said his skill at finding the boundary came from a mix of knowing who to target and help from another sport.

"I play a lot of golf," he said. "My slog sweep is a bit like my golf swing which is like a `snap hook'. I've always had pretty fast hands. I back myself to clear the ropes. I try and target certain bowlers depending on fields."

Kings XI progressed to their first IPL final this season on the back of some explosive batting performances. Despite coming up short in the final hurdle, Maxwell was hopeful of a better result next time. "To get so close, and yet be so far was disappointing, but the Kings had an unbelievable season. Hopefully, we can go one step further next year."

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  • Lian on June 5, 2014, 1:00 GMT

    This is the most childish excuse I've seen from a player. Prior to his rest, he wasn't batting very well and was found out by leg-spin, so to blame the rest for his continual poor showings in the final few games is just a very childish excuse. He's a professional cricketer, and should have the correct mindset to perform at the highest level at all times. If one rest is going to stuff him up, then he shouldn't really deserve to be called a professional cricketer. Also, to slam the management team that has given him the opportunity to perform is totally uncalled for. He performed poorly internationally before the auction, but for them to have faith in him and buy him at the price that they did, he should be grateful!

  • Rahul on June 3, 2014, 13:34 GMT

    @Number-09 - Whether his fans accept it or not, Maxwell is Massively Overrated. Its unbelievable. Where was all the hype before the IPL? Yeah,he played a good innings in WT20, Thats the only good innings he played in International Cricket Career of almost 2 Years. He got lucky in the earlier innings and later got owned by many good spinners and fast bowlers,while everyone around him batted sensibly to take KX1 to the finals. I rate Cameron White much more than him. Sadly,its the mentality of so many SC fans to rate players so highly after seeing them hit a series of 4s,6s and a few innings. I dont think even some Aussies would take Maxwell seriously. He has a big head because he never blamed himself for playing Rash shots all the time,but the management who supported him. His 15 Minutes of fame over. Slogging every delivery on one side of the ground can only help you for so long. Found out so easily.

  • Rahul on June 3, 2014, 13:08 GMT

    @number-09- You really need to do your research son. His scores before being dropped were -

    95,89,95,15,6,45,90,25,14,43,14,2. And the rest has been worse than he could imagine have happened to his so called batting.

    So if "resting" for 1 match can really affect the mindset of a batsman,then he's just not good enough. Its not as if he had any momentum of such sort. His team had it. Thats a silly defense of yours that it affected his state of mind when he got carried away in crucial moments and shown his arrogance taking wild heeves at every ball. For that you need a temperament. He has none.And I dont need to give an example,all his innings are like that.His scores after the 1st 3 innings evidently suggest that they were flukes. Immature of him to blame the Management when the support staff has been terrific for Punjab. His Record coming after in India was worse.Whats the harm even trying Marsh,who had been terrific for them for all the seasons?Childish of him to blame others.

  • Worrell on June 3, 2014, 12:00 GMT

    @criclover316 Although I agree that Maxwell's excuse is poor, do not skew the facts. In Maxwell's 1st 8 innings his scores were 95, 89, 95, 6, 45, 90, 14, 43. He was rested in his 11th inning, so it cannot be said that he was rested because of poor form. But maybe being rested affected his state of mind. But still the excuse does not pan out. He was found out.

  • ESPN on June 3, 2014, 11:13 GMT

    Maxwell was lucky too as he was dropped so many times. He was dropped twice in that 95 against SRH.

  • Praveen on June 3, 2014, 10:33 GMT

    Get a life Aussie! A typical aussie. Have something to blame on, always. That reverse sweep when you had 2 overs to play, was the stupidest shot to try having a 2 mtr tall man standing at short fine leg especially placed for that catch! Praise Gambhir's quick-witted captaincy rather. Just say it out loud that you were outplayed by the field set.

  • SujeeKl on June 3, 2014, 10:29 GMT

    Maxwell you won lot of hearts around the world. . I'm a Sri lankan. . KxiP lost the IPL title because team management mistrust Maxwell. . If maxwell come as number 3 batsmen way the pitch behave would have being a world record. . Take the positive side of the game and entertain all the world

  • Rahul on June 3, 2014, 9:20 GMT

    Maxwell got figured out by the bowlers so quickly and it was on the cards with his monotonous approach of slogging in one direction and the only other option he used was reverse sweeping. His 15 minutes of fame are up and he's now complaining about being rested. Maxwell was dropped because he wasnt scoring runs and got carried away by the hype that was created about him in every match. After the 1st 3 innings, he hasnt done much at at all. I read atleast 15 Players have scored more runs than him since then. Just goes to show he couldn't stay grounded. Pretty immature of him to blame the management,when you're just not good enough a player. Flying starts were provided by Sehwag and Vohra most of the times, but in his overconfidence and arrogance Maxwell threw it away. Fair to say,got owned by leg spinners or good bowlers. Saha and Miller were the integral parts of KX1 middle order. "Being rested for 1 game frustrated me a bit" So Immature. What is it Under 15 Cricket?

  • Nish on June 3, 2014, 8:48 GMT

    Poor excuse - he was dropped or 'rested' after suddenly showing a poor run of form & when he kept on getting out to leg-spin. When he got back in, his poor form continued as evidenced by his run of poor scores till the final. Whether he was found out by opposition teams is hard to say but am sure he will continue to entertain us with his wonderful batting in many years to come.

  • RAJARAMAN on June 3, 2014, 8:26 GMT

    The continuous failure in the finishing stages makes one wonder whether the first few successes were a fluke? It requires a steady head on one's shoulders to succeed and achieve consistency also. That perhaps is lacking in Maxwell as he seemed to take things very lightly following initial success. His reading of game situation and batting plan were poor for an international player.

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