Delhi Daredevils v Rising Pune Supergiant, IPL 2017, Delhi May 13, 2017

I want to take complete blame - Tiwary

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I was not able to connect for boundaries - Tiwary

Rising Pune Supergiant batsman Manoj Tiwary has taken "complete blame" for not finishing the game for his team against Delhi Daredevils on Friday night, which means they can still miss out on a playoff spot. Supergiant were chasing 169 at the Feroz Shah Kotla and a win would have sealed a playoff berth, along with table-toppers Mumbai Indians. They needed 43 runs from 24 balls with Tiwary and MS Dhoni in a fifth-wicket stand but Dhoni was run out for 5 and the visitors were unable to strike a single boundary for 22 balls until the last over started.

"I want to take the complete blame for that because I was the batsman who was set over there," Tiwary said after the match. "And prior to the last over we couldn't get any boundaries at that point of time and I was the man who was on strike and was not able to connect. But obviously, the match was in our hands at one point of time and that's the way it happens at times.

"We tried our best but we have to go back now and see what went wrong and how the batsmen could have scored more runs, find out what kind of strokes we could have played at that situation and come back harder in the next game. It's going to be a pressure game because both the teams (Rising Pune and Kings XI Punjab) want to win and let's see who comes best in that game."

Tiwary, who finished on 60 off 45 balls, said Dhoni "was not aware where the ball went" which led to his run-out in the 18th over, making the equation tougher for Rising Pune. Dhoni had top-edged a slower ball from Cummins towards short fine leg and had looked back immediately but only strolled for the first few steps. It was only when Dhoni realised Mohammed Shami had swooped in quickly, did he start sprinting down but a sharp direct-hit caught him a few inches short.

"He (Dhoni) mentioned that he couldn't see the ball where it went and that is the reason he couldn't make it because [the] ball went behind [square] so he wasn't aware where the ball went," Tiwary explained. "But it happens, even the quickest of persons gets run-out and today was an example. It's very rare, but yes, when things don't go your way, things like these happen. But you must give credit to Shami as well because he took that risk of throwing and taking that chance because if that ball wouldn't have hit the stumps [then] it would have been one more extra run."

"It was a great effort by Shami to get him out," Karun Nair said © BCCI

Shami later said he wanted to give it a try even if Dhoni is known for his quick running between the wickets. "You can say it was a game changer," Shami said at the press conference. "Even though Mahi bhai runs very well between the wickets I just tried that if, 50-50, it hits, then we can turn the match."

Daredevils' Karun Nair, who top-scored with 64 off 45 and set up their score of 168 for 8, lauded Shami's "great effort", knowing what a threat Dhoni could be towards the end of the chase.

"That was one of the turning points of the game because to get Mahi bhai out at that time was one of the biggest moments," Nair told "Because if he's there till the end he'll finish off the game most of the time. It was a great effort by Shami to get him out."

Dhoni has struggled to get going this season and has managed only 240 runs from 13 innings so far, at a strike rate of 113.74, his worst in the 10 IPL seasons. His average of 24 so far is also his lowest in an IPL season. Tiwary defended Dhoni's performances saying it was difficult for him to score a lot of runs since he came down the order, and still had a "lot of game left in him."

"Dhoni still has a lot of time left," Tiwary said. "And, more importantly, if he is doing so well in the present then why overthink. Obviously, in terms of runs, we should consider that he comes to bat down the order. In T20 cricket we only want the strike rate to be, say, over 120. But Mahi bhai has done so well in the past and set such high standards that we feel that he should still be batting with the same strike rate of 130-160. But it is practically not possible.

"You need to look at the circumstances too. He struck a good partnership with Ben Stokes in a game where Stokes hit a hundred. That game, if you see, what we needed most was a partnership and we got that partnership from the experienced player.

"Mahi bhai had that experience and he built that partnership. His strike rate might not have been that good but won us the game, so that is a match-winning innings, right? I always feel performances should be judged taking into account the situation of the game and then see what he is contributing to the game. That is more important, rather than the strike rate of the player. Obviously, the format is so fast that everybody wants to see sixes and fours and strike rates of 150 but it is not possible all the time. I feel he still has a lot of game left in him."

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  • Abhishek(TheChamp) on May 14, 2017, 7:28 GMT

    Oh! Just shut up guys.U compared Dhoni with Rahane ,an opener with a finsher and their critics. I wanna ask u one thing why didn't u compared Rahane with Kohli and their critics or compared Dhoni with Jadeja or Yusuf Pathan .Well ,be ready for a Dhoni special today, everytime the critics of Dhoni rises,Dhoni has an answer to those and believe that.....

  • tententen on May 14, 2017, 4:37 GMT

    wow, i am just amazed by the loyalty shown by dhoni fans, when he clearly is having a disastrous year of epic proportions, please dont cover saying that he didnt bat higher up, he was given the no.4 spot initially and only after tiwary was performing much better, was he promoted ahead of dhoni. Dhoni scores 240 runs in 13 innings at a sr of 113.74 and no one bats an eye while rahane scores 248 runs in 13 innings at a sr of 119.23 and everybody loses their mind. now fans will say dhoni batted down the order but he doesn't even have a good sr to support that theory. Dhoni was never good in T20Is but played well in IPL due to the fact that he played out good bowlers and targeted mediocre ones (who are not present in intl. cricket). Regarding uv's form, i wouldn't read much into his IPL performances as even during his peak years he never quite set the stage on fire in IPL. Besides, he scored 50+ at a sr of 150+ in both matches where he played 20+ balls, which he would definitely get in ODI

  • sunilvaidya on May 14, 2017, 4:18 GMT

    SRIYAN76...i think you dont get the sarcasm in my is not manoj tiwary or pollard that my post is aimed is for those readers who have said here that manoj tiwary is not to be blamed that he tried his best and they claim that dhoni is to be blamed for the loss in this match!!...

    yes there are many good finishers today and in the past....but nobody gets panned the way dhoni does if they are unable to finish..

    manoj tiwary had to make 12 runs in 4 balls for pune to win....did people blame him for not finishing the match, for the loss?? No!!! but who do people blame? dhoni!! now tell me if it was the other way round tiwari had got run out and dhoni had made those 65 runs in 44 balls and after hitting 2 sixes on first 2 balls was unable to make 12 runs in 4 balls...who would have people blamed?? still they wold have blamed dhoni!! and also for running out tiwari!...... thats my point nobody blamed pollard! if dhoni was in his place would people have blamed dhoni? Yes!!

  • sriyan76 on May 14, 2017, 1:03 GMT

    @ SunilVaidya I will respectfully disagree with your comments.How many times has Pollard finished games for Mumbai Indians with his explosive batting? even games that seemed well and truly lost.Thats the main reason he is in the team!Yes Dhoni is one of the best finishers.But there are many more as well.Ex Faulkner, Kohli,Bratwaith( world t20 final),Pollard, and in days gone by Aravinda,Javed Miandad,Michael Bevan etc

  • Comment123 on May 13, 2017, 21:33 GMT

    For those critics, please remember Pune deserved to be where they are today. Look at MI. They took 5 players from the bench. Still won the match. Please show me at least 2 players who can play in this Pune team. Blaming MSD is very consistent nowadays because the crowd expectations are very high. His wicketkeeping is still very good. In fact the best in this IPL.

    It is simple fact that Pune don't have players to replace anyone who does not perform. Rahane has been inconsistent the whole IPL except one match. Think of Pune once Stokes leave them soon. Zampa vs. Tahir is not comparable.

    Smith has led this team with the limited resources available in this team. May be Smith will play a super innings tomorrow to take them to playoff.

  • harekare on May 13, 2017, 17:33 GMT

    When 12 was needed in the last 3 balls, Manoj was trying to flick for a boundary. A 6 shot was needed not a 4 shot (obviously he didnt get the 4 either) Tiwari , you are poor in math. Or was that brain -fade?

  • YogifromNY on May 13, 2017, 12:26 GMT

    All the MSD fans here: his 2017 IPL stats (strike rate/ average) are waaaay lower than his overall T20 stats or previous IPL stats. I know rabid fans love to be delusional about their heroes, but the cold, hard fact is that Dhoni the batsman is costing his team games they would have won but for his batting. It is the same as that other faded star who should have been discarded six years ago: Yuvraj Singh.

  • bumsteer on May 13, 2017, 10:06 GMT

    @sunilvaidya,,,well analysed. Manoj, yes you are the man. You were in charge. Not Dhoni. You should have taken charge of Dhoni.....

  • Corridor-of-Certainty on May 13, 2017, 9:38 GMT

    @1_4_4 - Haha, that was a good one.

  • sunilvaidya on May 13, 2017, 9:35 GMT

    Tiwary is so naive...blaming himself for not finishing....he should understand that only dhoni can finish and is expected to finish any and all tough chases each and every time without fail....players like tiwari or pollard or yusuf pathan or sachin tendulkar or any xyz can never finish and are never expected to finish a tough chase hence the expectations being zero they are never to be blamed....

    if tiwary failed to finish yesterday,if pollard failed to finish the day before, if yusuf pathan failed to finish vs SA in that odi or if sachin failed to finish against aus and got out on 175 or if any xyz fails any chase they are never to be blamed since they dont have that ability and people dont expect them to finish it...

    on the other hand if in the above situations instead of the above players it was dhoni who was unable to finish those chases then of course he is to be blamed because only he has the ability to finish and people have expectations only from him to finish...

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