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What the IPL did was to debunk some myths and the biggest of them all was about the infallibility of the Australian coaches. The franchise owners are not fools and unless they have an inferiority complex they will soon be issuing pink notices to most if not all these freeloaders masquerading as consultants or cricket officers or some such fancy designations.

Sunil Gavaskar offers some blunt views on the bloated backroom staff, but seems to have forgotten that the winning team was coached by an Australian

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Look, Twenty20 is such a fast game that one has to remain focused all the time. We don't even have enough time for sledging."

David Hussey on one of the many consequences of the shortest form of the game

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"The IPL has taken the game to virtually every house in the world.

Sachin Tendulkar holds forth on globalisation

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"Six weeks' razzle-dazzle enough to consign over a hundred years of Test cricket to the dump? You must be off your rocker.

David Gower makes his thoughts very clear in response to a journalist who asked if the IPL could help wipe out Test cricket

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I left five minutes after the game. It was tight, but I understood there was always going be a flight. Our owners own the airport so things got through very quickly.

Daniel Vettori, now in England, had cut it tight, but all along he had his IPL franchise-owners to fall upon

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"I left five minutes after the game. It was tight, but I understood there was always going be a flight. Our owners own the airport so things got through very quickly.

Daniel Vettori, now in England, recounts how fine he cut his departure for England

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"If they want to talk about their life, they can, but not cricket.

Lalit Modi on the media gag imposed on IPL players, where they can only talk in pre- and post-match press conferences

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The suggestion that the Indian Premier League is a runaway success has been completely manufactured. Even at this early stage, when the paint is still drying on the grounds, they are already giving away stacks of tickets.

Geoffrey Boycott again, this time not buying into the hype surrounding the IPL

May 2, 2008 Tweet | Share

This is not cricket. This is the greatest divide between the rich and the poor. With that kind of money, you could have built another cement factory.

Jaswant Singh, leader of the Opposition, criticises the IPL in the Rajya Sabha

May 1, 2008 Tweet | Share

Can you, I was asked by a leading television executive, imagine cricket lovers rushing down St John's Wood Road to see a franchise called Vodafone Team London owned by an ageing rock star?

ECB chairman Giles Clarke doesn't think a city-based Twenty20 competition would work in England

Apr 30, 2008 Tweet | Share

Violence between players? Scantily clad cheerleaders? Toss in a rant by Charles Barkley and three minutes of commercials for every 45 seconds of actual game time and cricket may finally be ready for a mainstream American audience.

The Los Angeles Times warms to the idea of Twenty20 cricket after hearing about the IPL

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It must seem like volunteer work to those who have drunk from the IPL's ruby-encrusted goblet.

Journalist Peter Lalor on what it will be like for the IPL set to return to international cricket

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Considering that we invented Twenty20, they [India] should not have got there first. It is important that we act quickly.

The Professional Cricketers' Association's new chief executive, Sean Morris, speaks candidly about an English riposte to the Indian Premier League

Apr 22, 2008 Tweet | Share

What makes sport is the identity of supporters These are exhibition matches, whatever anyone says. If you are into sport you want real winners and losers. Filling the boots of cricketers to whack it ... it's great fun but it can't been seen to take over the cricket world, surely?

BBC Radio 5's Mark Saggers on the limited appeal of the IPL

Apr 22, 2008 Tweet | Share

All the organisers are doing by making scantily-clad white women dance in front of huge crowds is to stoke the base voyeuristic and sexual insecurities of the Indian male. It is revolting, appalling and shows the game in very poor light.

Cricket historian Ramachandra Guha on the cheer girls in the IPL

Apr 20, 2008 Tweet | Share

I do not wish Twenty20 well, though I welcome new funds for cricket and cricketers. I think Twenty20 is a decadent, dumbed-down, third-rate formula for sub-prime cricket.

Former Times editor William Rees-Mogg makes clear his dislike for the Indian Premier League

Apr 18, 2008 Tweet | Share

It's really unusual to come to Bombay, hit a four and see nobody clapping for you.

Rahul Dravid jokes about his experience in Bangalore's match in Mumbai in the Indian Premier League

Apr 17, 2008 Tweet | Share

I will sleep peacefully tonight.

As controversies rage on the eve of the first game of the IPL, the league's commissioner, Lalit Modi, brushes away speculation, in a TV interview, that things are less than hunky dory

Apr 15, 2008 Tweet | Share

It was an amazing experience to meet that guy. He is one of the richest men in the world, I think.

Mumbai Indians IPL signing Luke Ronchi is suitably impressed upon meeting franchise owner, Mukesh Ambani

Apr 14, 2008 Tweet | Share

They will add colour and impudence to the game.

An Indian dentist reacts to the potential controversy of a troupe of cheerleaders unleashing themselves on the IPL

Apr 12, 2008 Tweet | Share

The last time there were issues of this nature, Mr Greig gave up playing for England, probably because he thought he could get back in easily, and then Ian Botham appeared.

ECB chief Giles Clarke expresses his view that no England player would risk his place for a quick payday in the IPL. The fact that Greig and Botham played together in the 1977 Ashes is, presumably, neither here nor there

Apr 7, 2008 Tweet | Share

I'm going to tell all my producers to not release any movie between April 19 and May 30. It will be suicide.

Preity Zinta, Bollywood actress and joint-owner of the Kings XI Punjab franchise, is convinced the IPL is going to be a big success

Apr 6, 2008 Tweet | Share

I never lasted more than 20 overs. Did I?

Kris Srikkanth tries to justify why he's the perfect brand ambassador for the Chennai Super Kings

Apr 4, 2008 Tweet | Share

It's like three-minute Maggi noodles. Bang, bang, and it is over. For me, it is not cricket.

Arjuna Ranatunga isn't too impressed with the IPL

Mar 29, 2008 Tweet | Share

There was a little element of feeling like a cow.

Getting auctioned for US$700,000 got Adam Gilchrist in touch with his bovine side

Mar 22, 2008 Tweet | Share

I would be happy to go over for free and play that standard of cricket and cricketers. I will be able to learn so much from them, but I will take anything I can get.

Luke Pomersbach is super excited about IPL

Mar 16, 2008 Tweet | Share

There's a lot of stupid money flying around, and it's money that makes the world go round.

Matthew Hoggard on the Indian Premier League

Mar 7, 2008 Tweet | Share

I won't tell you what my first impression was.

Says a beaming Shane Warne when asked about playing alongside his favourite foe, Graeme Smith, in the IPL

Feb 29, 2008 Tweet | Share

When you go to your grave, people will remember what you did with your life rather than how much money you made.

Justin Langer gets a bit philosophical while stating he's opting out of the IPL

Feb 28, 2008 Tweet | Share

I could end up being the bargain buy of the tournament, you never know.

A smiling Ricky Ponting brushes off his comparatively low IPL price tag

Feb 27, 2008 Tweet | Share

He actually sent me a text message this morning and said, 'I can't believe you're worth double what I am'.

David Hussey got one-up on brother Michael in the IPL players' auction

Feb 27, 2008 Tweet | Share

That's what they offered to pay for me. I didn't ask for it.

Andrew Symonds tries to divert attention to the buyer of a commodity worth US$1.35 million

Feb 26, 2008 Tweet | Share

It's his shout wherever we go.

Ricky Ponting's not shy of making sure million-dollar IPL signing Andrew Symonds pays his dues

Feb 26, 2008 Tweet | Share

It shakes everything up ... often the establishment needs things like this.

The retiring Stephen Fleming on the IPL

Feb 18, 2008 Tweet | Share

This is just a matter of all the cricketing nations agreeing to set aside three months every year when there are no conflicting Test matches and allowing the players to participate.

David White, the general manager of sport with Australia's Ten Network, which has bought the rights to broadcast the Indian Premier League, struggles to understand the crowded international schedule

Feb 12, 2008 Tweet | Share

Who knows what other opportunities in business may crop up through contact with people behind the franchises? For example, I would like to help to take Advanced Hair Studios into India and this may be a way in.

Shane Warne looks on the bright side in the matter of players missing the start of the county season for the IPL

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