Indian Premier League, 4th match: Kolkata Knight Riders v Deccan Chargers at Kolkata, Apr 20, 2008
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 5 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)
20 April 2008 - day/night match (20-over match)

Hi and welcome to the fourth game of the IPL. Deccan Chargers v Kolkata Knight Riders. Some of the names of the teams have been er ... pretty flat. Mumbai Indians seems to be inspired from New York Yankees. There are too many royals and kings going around. But then that's just me. Perhaps, you guys liked it.

Arun Lal says the pitch is dry, well-rolled and flat. The spinners might come into play as we go on. Lower and slower. So win toss, bat first. Let's see what the captains decide.

Toss: Hyderabad have chosen to bat

The word in is that the Knightriders have gone in with the same team that defeated the hapless Royal Challengers. For the Hyderabad team, Vaas, RP Singh, Sanjay Bangar and Styris are the seamers while Pragyan Ojha will offer the spin option. Laxman, Gilchrist, Symonds, Rohit Sharma, Venugopal Rao and Arjun Yadav form the top order,

Laxman garu says the usual stuff: "It's a team game ... individuals have to come together as a team... It's a great opportunity for the local players ..." you get the idea.

Dada says Eden Gardens is one of the best stadium in the world and believes the stadium will fill up soon. Already, there is tremendous noise out there.

btw have you noticed, all the commentators, in this tournament, be in studio or at the ground, shout at their top of the voice. Everything is great, everything is unbelievable... I guess the format of the game and the tournament produces such hype.

Samuel Schwartz from India writes in, "Yeah. I agree. Team names have been a bummer. 'Mumbai Indians' is a misnomer. It implies that the other teams don't have Indian players (which is partially true) and that its own team has only Indians (which is untrue) ! Kings 11 Punjab : Mohali or Punjab? They could have alleast enquired what the other team names are before deciding on 'Kings' which is similar to 'Super Kings'. Hmm.. I ICL team names are far far better ! :-)" Ha!

Meanwhile, the stadium already looks full. As the tv comms would have said, lt's quite a party out there.

Tell me, how did you guys decide which team to shout for? On language (Marathi = Mumbai Indians, Bangla = Kolkata ) or the city you live in or based on the players in the squad?

Meanwhile, the cheer girls are out there in full force. The crowd let out out a roar of lust. The players are out there as well. The game is about to start. Here we go. Gilchrist and Venugopal Rao are the openers. Umpires: Billy Bowden and K Hariharan. Third umpire: Asad Rouf. Fourth Umpire: Francis Gomes. Match referee: Farokh Engineer


Dinda to Gilchrist, 1 run, quiet start: Gilchrist stays back to flick a length delivery on the middle and leg past square leg for a single

And I am Sriram Veera and will be here till the end of the game.


Dinda to Venugopal Rao, 1 no ball, curving delivery outside off stump, Venu thinks about offering a shot before withdrawing his bat. And folks, the next one is going to be a free hit. Gilly charges across to have a word with Venu


Dinda to Venugopal Rao, 2 runs, Caught at long-on but then it's a free hit. Gilly was nearly run out, though. Venu had lofted a length delivery straight up and Gilly came back for the second.


Dinda to Venugopal Rao, no run


Dinda to Venugopal Rao, no run, swing and a miss. Full in length, again a hint of away movement, a touch wide and Venu failed to reach it with a cut


Dinda to Venugopal Rao, no run, probing delivery outside off and Venu shoulders arms.


Dinda to Venugopal Rao, 5 runs, Overthrows! It was patted to right of point and what should have been just a single has turned into five runs. Wild throw at the non-striker's ends with no one backing up.

End of over 1 (9 runs) Deccan Chargers 9/0 (RR: 9.00)

    • Y Venugopal Rao 7 (6b)
    • AC Gilchrist 1 (1b)
    • AB Dinda 1-0-9-0

Ishant Sharma to bowl. Two slips in.


Sharma to Venugopal Rao, 1 leg bye, length delivery, jumps, slips down the leg, off the hips and Saha flies to his left to make a impressive take. He appeals for a catch and suggests later, that it went of the gloves.


Sharma to Gilchrist, 1 run, full and on the middle and off, pushed to extra cover for a single


Sharma to Venugopal Rao, no run, beaten outside off. It lifted from short of length and straightened outside off, Venu jabbed at it and was beaten. Puff of dust came up as the ball landed and Venu has a close look at the spot

Sushant: "i am cheering for Kolkata because it has Brendon in it along with Ganguly and Shah Rukh as the Owner and also because their uniform looks kind of cool....I also earned loads of points with McCullum in fantasy cricket..hope he does it again!"


Sharma to Venugopal Rao, 1 run, ooh another lifter! The pitch is certainly doing things. It kicked up alarmingly, Venu took out the bottom-hand and stabbed at it, the ball flew off the glove and went to the off side


Sharma to Gilchrist, 1 wide, And this one keeps low. Hmm... not a ideal track, this. This one was down the leg side and Gilly survives. Had it been straight, he could have been in trouble


Sharma to Gilchrist, no run, leans forward to push a full delivery to mid-on


Sharma to Gilchrist, 1 wide, Again down the leg side, Gilly has a swing and a miss.


Sharma to Gilchrist, no run, fuller, straighter and driven to covers

End of over 2 (5 runs) Deccan Chargers 14/0 (RR: 7.00)

    • AC Gilchrist 2 (4b)
    • Y Venugopal Rao 8 (9b)
    • I Sharma 1-0-4-0
    • AB Dinda 1-0-9-0

Wonder how they messed up with the track. Puff of dust coming up every time the seamer lands the ball and at times, it has kicked up and some times, kept low.


Dinda to Venugopal Rao, 1 run, on the leg and middle, tucked behind square leg for a single


Dinda to Gilchrist, no run, another one jumps up from a length and Gilly can't connect well with his pull shot. Well... its an interesting track and some might say, it makes for interesting viewing. The white ball is not flying everywhere for a change


Dinda to Gilchrist, no run, keeps low and goes under the bat, outside off


Dinda to Gilchrist, 1 run, on a length, angled across, dabbed to wide third man


Dinda to Venugopal Rao, FOUR, slashed over slip. He threw his bat at a short-of-length delivery outside off and got a thick and profitable edge.


Dinda to Venugopal Rao, 1 run, comes in from the off stump line, Venu pats it gently to the off side and off they rush across for a quick single

End of over 3 (7 runs) Deccan Chargers 21/0 (RR: 7.00)

    • Y Venugopal Rao 14 (12b 1x4)
    • AC Gilchrist 3 (7b)
    • AB Dinda 2-0-16-0
    • I Sharma 1-0-4-0

Sharma to Venugopal Rao, no run, the janus-faced pitch is acting up. This one stops on the batsman and Venu is early into his cut and can't connect. Again that puff of dust.

Amit Talhan: "I am from Punjab and there is noway i will support any other franchise even if they have better sides. Go Kings XI!"

Jaufer says he doesn't have a team: "We enjoy & cheers all the runs scored and all the wickets falling. Our favorite players in all the is very diffcult to be with One team....Just Enjoyment."


Sharma to Venugopal Rao, OUT, caught at gully. The previous one stopped on the batsman, this one kicked up a touch even as it came in from outside off to cramp up Venu and he ended up guiding it straight to the fielder.

Y Venugopal Rao c Kartik b Sharma 14 (14b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00


Sharma to Laxman, no run, This one keeps low. VVS lets the delivery go past him outside off stump

Phil: "Glad to see the IPl providing jobs to the famed [Farukh] Engineer et al."

Ravi Shastri says, "This is a shocking pitch."


Sharma to Laxman, no run, In the zone outside off stump, left alone


Sharma to Laxman, no run, Nasty lifter and VVS is in pain. VVS leaned forward to defend a length delivery but was shocked as it kicked up brutally to crash into the left glove.

The umpires are in the walkie-talkie and the tv comms say it could well be about the state of the track


Sharma to Laxman, no run, cuts in, evades the waft and hits him high on the front pad.

End of over 4 (wicket maiden) Deccan Chargers 21/1 (RR: 5.25)

    • VVS Laxman 0 (4b)
    • AC Gilchrist 3 (7b)
    • I Sharma 2-1-4-1
    • AB Dinda 2-0-16-0

Dinda to Gilchrist, 1 run, Gilly swings at a length delivery and it runs away to the right of mid-on


Dinda to Laxman, no run, stops on VVS and he wrists it down to midwicket. VVS walks down to have a very close look at the spot. Big puff of dust flew up that time.

Siva: "I am strongly rooting for the Hyderabad team as I believe it has the perfect balance to win the T20 tournament. This was achieved because of intelligent auctioneering. Laxman leading the side adds to the local flair."


Dinda to Laxman, OUT, The pitch takes out VVS. It was a short delivery and as any batsman would do, VVS went for the pull but it stopped on him, VVS couldn't get out of the shot and just managed to flat bat it a dolly to mid-off.

VVS Laxman c Shukla b Dinda 0 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Dinda to Gilchrist, 1 run, on a length, on the middle stump line, defended on the back foot.

Shameem Haque: "My heart is with Kolkata 'cause -- Bengali is my mother-tongue, lived in New Zealand for 4 years and Shah Rukh khan is my favourite actor."


Dinda to Symonds, no run, fuller, cuts in from just outside off stump, Symonds is late in getting forward but manages to jab it away to the leg side


Dinda to Symonds, no run, cut and a miss. Flashes at a short-of-length delivery which doesn't climb much

End of over 5 (2 runs) Deccan Chargers 23/2 (RR: 4.60)

    • A Symonds 0 (2b)
    • AC Gilchrist 5 (9b)
    • AB Dinda 3-0-18-1
    • I Sharma 2-1-4-1

Agarkar to Gilchrist, SIX, Swung over long leg. Agarar offers a loose delivery - full and outside leg and Gilly just helps it up and over.

Rohit Sen has a simple philosophy: "To hell with this franchisee stuff.. i always support Tendulkar.. whichever team he is in..."


Agarkar to Gilchrist, no run, The top soil is coming off already. It landed outside leg, on a length and just spun across! Gilly was stunned and just had a poke and a miss.


Agarkar to Gilchrist, SIX, It takes special talent on this pitch to go for two sixes in one over. Agarkar does it. It was again outside leg stump and Gilly again flicks it over long leg


Agarkar to Gilchrist, FOUR, And it's not over yet. Full, wide, outside off and Gilchrist says thank you and slams it to the deep backward point boundary


Agarkar to Gilchrist, no run, fuller and straight, defended back down the track


Agarkar to Gilchrist, no run, drifts on the legs, turned to short fine-leg fielder.

Bad over from Aag , he was so good the other night. He will hopefully come back roaring in the next over

End of over 6 (16 runs) Deccan Chargers 39/2 (RR: 6.50)

    • AC Gilchrist 21 (15b 1x4 2x6)
    • A Symonds 0 (2b)
    • AB Agarkar 1-0-16-0
    • AB Dinda 3-0-18-1

Murali Kartik to bowl. He would remember Wankhade track in Mumbai circa 2004.


Kartik to Symonds, 1 run, on the middle and leg, turning in, placed towards midwicket for a single


Kartik to Gilchrist, no run, turns in towards the pad, worked to the leg side


Kartik to Gilchrist, 1 run, spins towards the pads again, and Gilchrist works it behind square leg for a single


Kartik to Symonds, FOUR, flighted one, full and outside off, Symonds opened the bat-face and guided it past the slip. Very skilful stroke. He was unsure initially, didn't read the flight properly but adjusted to push it away


Kartik to Symonds, no run, Now then, that's a ripper. It spun sharply from the middle stump, jumped up and left a bemused Symonds. Ponting rushes across from first slip to have a chat with Murali Kartik


Kartik to Symonds, no run, leans forward to defend to the off side

End of over 7 (6 runs) Deccan Chargers 45/2 (RR: 6.42)

    • A Symonds 5 (6b 1x4)
    • AC Gilchrist 22 (17b 1x4 2x6)
    • M Kartik 1-0-6-0
    • AB Agarkar 1-0-16-0

Mohammad Hafeez to Gilchrist, no run, from round the stumps, on the middle line, pushed back to the bowler


Mohammad Hafeez to Gilchrist, 1 no ball, around off stump, pushed to point.


Mohammad Hafeez to Gilchrist, no run, jumps out to have a big swing but ends up yorking himself. He charged out too far


Mohammad Hafeez to Gilchrist, 1 run, gets a inside-edge as the ball kicks up but will pick a single as the ball rolled towards square leg


Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, no run, floated outside off, full, defended to the off side


Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, no run, Big turn. Is it Hafeez or Muralitharan?! It landed way outside off and spun past Symonds and down the leg side


Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, no run, stretches across to dab a turning delivery to covers

End of over 8 (2 runs) Deccan Chargers 47/2 (RR: 5.87)

    • A Symonds 5 (9b 1x4)
    • AC Gilchrist 23 (21b 1x4 2x6)
    • Mohammad Hafeez 1-0-2-0
    • M Kartik 1-0-6-0

Kartik to Gilchrist, OUT, holed out to long leg. It was a short delivery and Gilchrist swiveled to pull it but ended up top-edging it to the fielder. Chargers are running out of battery.

AC Gilchrist c Mohammad Hafeez b Kartik 23 (22b 1x4 2x6) SR: 104.54

Jagdeep Singh has his own problems: "It is difficult for me to decide where do i belong. I am punjabi. Born in Bengal. Studied in Chennai and working in Hyderabad. And My favourite player is Sachin Tendulkar. I am yet to decide which team I support."

Two slips in!


Kartik to Sharma, no run, beaten by big turn. He leaned forward to defend but the ball jumped, spun and teased the outside edge

Karthik makes a point: "Unless you support a team , the enjoyment doesn't continue long. after the initial hype people will have a better alternative for entertainment."


Kartik to Sharma, no run


Kartik to Sharma, OUT, Rohit is gone. Flighted delivery, full and on the middle and leg, it dipped rapidly before Rohit could get forward to defend and ran off the inside-edge onto the pad and popped up to the unmanned short leg position and Saha, the 'keeper, rushes across to take a lunging catch

RG Sharma c †Saha b Kartik 0 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Kartik to Styris, no run, leans forward to defend


Kartik to Styris, 1 run, pushed to extra cover for a single

End of over 9 (1 run) Deccan Chargers 48/4 (RR: 5.33)

    • SB Styris 1 (2b)
    • A Symonds 5 (9b 1x4)
    • M Kartik 2-0-7-2
    • Mohammad Hafeez 1-0-2-0

Mohammad Hafeez to Styris, 1 run


Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, 1 run, leans forward to turn a flighted delivery to square leg


Mohammad Hafeez to Styris, 1 leg bye, spins in to evade the waft and runs off the pad to short fine-leg


Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, no run, fuller, outside off, spins in, Symonds went for a rather ambitious off drive against the turn but just gets an inside edge


Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, 1 leg bye, spins towards the pad, tucked behind square. He has to start from well outside off to be effective


Mohammad Hafeez to Styris, no run, again on the middle and leg line, turned to midwicket.

End of over 10 (4 runs) Deccan Chargers 52/4 (RR: 5.20)

    • SB Styris 2 (5b)
    • A Symonds 6 (12b 1x4)
    • Mohammad Hafeez 2-0-4-0
    • M Kartik 2-0-7-2

Kartik to Symonds, no run, tries a paddle sweep but doesn't connect well


Kartik to Symonds, no run, OMG! what a ripper. Unplayable. It drifted in, landed on middle and leg, gripped, turned, bounced and spun past the off stump, past the poke.


Kartik to Symonds, no run, armer, on the middle and leg, Symonds went back and is hit on the pad. A appeal goes up and the umpire felt it would have missed leg. The hawk eye says it would have clipped leg


Kartik to Symonds, no run


Kartik to Symonds, 1 run, worked to midwicket region


Kartik to Styris, FOUR, turning outside off stump, squeezed off the outside edge, down to third man boundary

End of over 11 (5 runs) Deccan Chargers 57/4 (RR: 5.18)

    • SB Styris 6 (6b 1x4)
    • A Symonds 7 (17b 1x4)
    • M Kartik 3-0-12-2
    • Mohammad Hafeez 2-0-4-0

Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, no run, turns in from outside off and Symonds stabs it to the off side


Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, no run, stretches across to defend, misses and is hit on the pad outside off stump


Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, 1 run, on the middle and leg, tucked behind square leg


Mohammad Hafeez to Styris, OUT, Change of pace and length does the trick. The crowd roar their delight. It was quicker, it was full and Styris yorked himself, trying to tap it to the on side. Cleaned up.

SB Styris b Mohammad Hafeez 6 (7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 85.71


Mohammad Hafeez to Yadav, 1 run, flighted one outside off stump, driven to mid-off for a single


Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, no run, straighter one, on the off stump, Symonds defends to the leg side

Arjun is the son of the former India offspinner Shivlal Yadav

End of over 12 (2 runs) Deccan Chargers 59/5 (RR: 4.91)

    • A Symonds 8 (21b 1x4)
    • AS Yadav 1 (1b)
    • Mohammad Hafeez 3-0-6-1
    • M Kartik 3-0-12-2

SRK is there in the crowd, swaying away as ever.


Hussey to Yadav, 1 run, flighted full and driven to long-on for a single


Hussey to Symonds, 1 run, turns in sharply, Symonds arrests his front-foot movement and turns it behind square leg


Hussey to Yadav, no run, loopy delivery outside off and Arjun stretches across to defend


Hussey to Yadav, 1 run, leans forward to driven to long-on


Hussey to Symonds, no run, turns in, beats the hurried jab and strikes the pad. Going down leg, though


Hussey to Symonds, no run, fuller and driven back to the bowler

End of over 13 (3 runs) Deccan Chargers 62/5 (RR: 4.76)

    • A Symonds 9 (24b 1x4)
    • AS Yadav 3 (4b)
    • DJ Hussey 1-0-3-0
    • Mohammad Hafeez 3-0-6-1

Mohammad Hafeez to Yadav, no run


Mohammad Hafeez to Yadav, 1 leg bye, turns in, on the pad, and they pick up a leg bye

Tim Jones:"I'm watching from New Zealand (the early games, anyway) - hoping to see the NZ'ers do well, so I'm disappointed some of them didn't play in the first round - after Brendon McCullum's innings in the first round, I think I might support Kolkata, with Chennai as a backup. Not too hard to decide from this distance!"


Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, no run, a straighter one this time, Symonds carefully nudges it back down the track.


Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, no run, this one spins and again, the same response from Symonds


Mohammad Hafeez to Symonds, 1 run, leans forward to dab one through the leg side for a single.


Mohammad Hafeez to Yadav, 1 run, a touch short and Arjun punches it to deep point

End of over 14 (3 runs) Deccan Chargers 65/5 (RR: 4.64)

    • AS Yadav 4 (7b)
    • A Symonds 10 (27b 1x4)
    • Mohammad Hafeez 4-0-8-1
    • DJ Hussey 1-0-3-0

Hussey to Yadav, SIX, Third six of the game. Arjun, the son of Shivlal, is the man who does it. He charged down the track, reached the pitch of a flighted delivery and swung it over long-on


Hussey to Yadav, no run, a touch short, outside off, dabbed to point


Hussey to Yadav, OUT, caught at long-off. Full and outside off, Arjun went for a lofted drive, this time from the confines of the crease, and holes out at the deep.

AS Yadav c Dinda b Hussey 10 (10b 0x4 1x6) SR: 100.00


Hussey to Symonds, 1 run, flighted full, driven to long-on


Hussey to Bangar, 1 run, stretches across and whips effectively with the turn to deep midwicket


Hussey to Symonds, FOUR, spins sharply, down the leg side and Symonds glances it fine, past the diving short fine-leg fielder

End of over 15 (12 runs) Deccan Chargers 77/6 (RR: 5.13)

    • A Symonds 15 (29b 2x4)
    • SB Bangar 1 (1b)
    • DJ Hussey 2-0-15-1
    • Mohammad Hafeez 4-0-8-1

Sharma to Bangar, no run, full in length, outside off stump, left alone


Sharma to Bangar, 1 run, fuller, outside off and square driven past point


Sharma to Symonds, no run, again that puff of dust, the ball stops on the batsman and Symonds very skil fully waits for the ball, adjusts his hands and taps it to backward point. Very well played Sir!


Sharma to Symonds, no run, it broke away off a length, spun away is the word actually, and bounced once before it reached the 'keeper

Viju: "I am watching this match from Dubai, Born in Kerala, study in Ranchi (Dhoni place), worked in Pune now in Dubai to whom support i don't know maybe Kolkata near to Ranchi (one night travel from Ranchi)"


Sharma to Symonds, 1 wide, slower one, full and well outside off stump and Ishant is unhappy with the call. It was pretty fair call, though.


Sharma to Symonds, 2 runs, short and outside off stump, cut to right of deep backward point


Sharma to Symonds, 1 run, short and outside off, cut hard to sweeper cover

End of over 16 (5 runs) Deccan Chargers 82/6 (RR: 5.12)

    • A Symonds 18 (33b 2x4)
    • SB Bangar 2 (3b)
    • I Sharma 3-1-9-1
    • DJ Hussey 2-0-15-1

Hussey to Symonds, no run, big turn and Symonds is beaten. It runs off the pad to the leg side


Hussey to Symonds, 1 wide, spins too much and goes down leg side


Hussey to Symonds, SIX, Symonds has had enough. It was a short delivery that turned in, Symonds rocked back to pull it high over deep midwicket boundary


Hussey to Symonds, SIX, No 2 comes up. Symonds just leans forward and swings a full delivery over the cow corner. The Deccan Chargers have pressed the accelerator


Hussey to Symonds, 1 run


Hussey to Bangar, SIX, Bangar goes down town. Murder! Clean hit and it flew over wide long-on.


Hussey to Bangar, no run, full and quick, Bangar tries to heave this one but can't connect properly

End of over 17 (20 runs) Deccan Chargers 102/6 (RR: 6.00)

    • SB Bangar 8 (5b 1x6)
    • A Symonds 31 (37b 2x4 2x6)
    • DJ Hussey 3-0-35-1
    • I Sharma 3-1-9-1

Agarkar to Symonds, 1 run, starts off with a full toss, hit to long-off


Agarkar to Bangar, no run, beaten by the slower one. Bangar wanted to take a single to rotate the strike and was walking into a delivery outside off stump


Agarkar to Bangar, 1 run, gets the single this time with a nudge through backward point


Agarkar to Symonds, OUT, Symonds falls after a very fine 32. It was a length delivery well outside off and Symonds wanted to carve it over the off side but it stopped on him and all he could do was present a simple catch to mid-off

A Symonds c Hussey b Agarkar 32 (39b 2x4 2x6) SR: 82.05


Agarkar to Bangar, 1 run, yorker just outside off, dug out to point for a single


Agarkar to Vaas, OUT, Vaas is unable to counter the pitch. Again, the ball stopped on the batsman and Vaas tried to check his on drive. Too late. The ball stopped and jumped and went off the leading edge to a delighted Ganguly at covers.

WPUJC Vaas c Ganguly b Agarkar 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

End of over 18 (3 runs) Deccan Chargers 105/8 (RR: 5.83)

    • SB Bangar 10 (8b 1x6)
    • AB Agarkar 2-0-19-2
    • DJ Hussey 3-0-35-1

Kartik to Singh, 1 run, on the middle and leg, worked through midwicket. Bangar wants the strike


Kartik to Bangar, FOUR, Fabulous shot from Bangar. He waltzed down the track, reached the pitch of a flighted delivery and drove it inside-out through covers.


Kartik to Bangar, OUT, After a lovely classy shot, he falls to a swipe across the line. He tried to slog a turning delivery over midwicket. Instead, it lobbed up to covers.

SB Bangar c †Saha b Kartik 14 (10b 1x4 1x6) SR: 140.00


Kartik to Singh, OUT, Deccan Charges have been shot out for 110. It was tapped to right of point and the throw, from Hafeez, was slightly wide but Saha, the 'keeper, lunged to his right, collected the ball, turned quickly to whip off the bails. Very smart work from him and Knight Riders need 111 to win.

PP Ojha run out 0 (0b 0x4 0x6) SR: -

On a brute of a track, Deccan Chargers have reached 110. Twenty runs short? We will know soon. Symonds is not too happy with the track and reckons they are in with a chance here. It is going to be one tricky chase. Join us in a short while.






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