Indian Premier League, 48th match: Kings XI Punjab v Deccan Chargers at Mohali, May 23, 2008
Kings XI Punjab won by 6 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
23 May 2008 - night match (20-over match)

Gagandeep Singh to Gibbs, OUT, timber! on a good length on the middle stump, coming a little low than Gibbs expected as he looks to pull it away but he misses the length and is bowled

HH Gibbs b Gagandeep Singh 44 (55m 34b 3x4 3x6) SR: 129.41

Deccan Chargers 79/1   AC Gilchrist 31* (33b 4x4)   Gagandeep Singh 1.1-0-3-1

Powar to Gilchrist, OUT, the drop does not prove expensive as Powar pitches on the good length outside the off stump. Gilchrist looks to sweep it across the line and gets a bottom edge onto the pads and the ball ricochets onto the off stump

AC Gilchrist b Powar 50 (72m 42b 6x4 1x6) SR: 119.04

Deccan Chargers 111/2   RG Sharma 13* (13b 1x6)   RR Powar 3.5-0-20-1

Singh to Sharma, OUT, gone! Rohit tries to get cheeky as he moves across off stump to paddle it on the leg side and misses it and is castled. Rohit is out for the second time in the tournament this way

RG Sharma b Singh 50 (33m 27b 3x4 4x6) SR: 185.18

Deccan Chargers 149/3   Y Venugopal Rao 1* (3b)   VRV Singh 2.4-0-23-1

Sreesanth to Venugopal Rao, OUT, fuller on the off stump as Venugopal lofts it down the throat of Chawla at long off and has to go back to the pavilion

Y Venugopal Rao c Chawla b Sreesanth 2 (23m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

Deccan Chargers 163/4   LPC Silva 13* (5b 2x4)   S Sreesanth 3.5-0-29-1





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