Indian Premier League, 1st Semi-Final: Delhi Daredevils v Rajasthan Royals at Mumbai, May 30, 2008
Indian Premier League - 1st semi final
Rajasthan Royals won by 105 runs
30 May 2008 - night match (20-over match)

Maharoof to Smith, OUT, caught! and splendidly caught! Smith lifts the ball off his pads once again, he's hit it flat towards deep square leg where Shikhar Dhawan runs in from the boundary and dives to take the catch inches off the ground, superb effort and the relief is visible on Sehwag's face

GC Smith c Dhawan b Maharoof 25 (21b 5x4 0x6) SR: 119.04

Rajasthan Royals 65/1   SA Asnodkar 39* (19b 6x4 1x6)   MF Maharoof 0.4-0-7-1

Maharoof to Asnodkar, OUT, Maharoof's struck again! He hits the pitch hard and gets the ball to lift on Asnodkar from just short of a length, Asnodkar cuts the ball from outside off stump but can't control it because of the high bounce, he slices it in the air towards Tiwary at point, who takes a smart catch

SA Asnodkar c Tiwary b Maharoof 39 (21b 6x4 1x6) SR: 185.71

Rajasthan Royals 65/2   Sohail Tanvir 0* (0b)   MF Maharoof 1-0-7-2

Maharoof to Sohail Tanvir, OUT, caught! Maharoof has his third! He pitches just short of a length and gets the ball to bounce and hurry on to Tanvir who had come on to the front foot to pull, he was in no position whatsoever and the ball ballooned after hitting high on the bat towards Karthik who held an easy catch

Sohail Tanvir c †Karthik b Maharoof 5 (5b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Rajasthan Royals 76/3   SR Watson 6* (6b 1x4)   MF Maharoof 1.5-0-12-3

Mishra to Kaif, OUT, bowled him! Kaif decides its time to go after everything and swings across the line at a googly from Mishra, he misses and the ball crashes into the stumps

M Kaif b Mishra 12 (11b 0x4 1x6) SR: 109.09

Rajasthan Royals 128/4   SR Watson 44* (24b 3x4 3x6)   A Mishra 2.4-0-23-1

Mishra to Watson, OUT, stumped! Watson gives Mishra the charge and tries to loft over long-on, he doesn't get to the pitch of the ball and gets beaten by the length, once the ball begins to spin away from him he has no chance in making contact, Karthik whips of the bails

SR Watson st †Karthik b Mishra 52 (29b 4x4 3x6) SR: 179.31

Rajasthan Royals 155/5   YK Pathan 18* (9b 1x4 2x6)   A Mishra 4-0-37-2

Mahesh to Jadeja, OUT, caught! Jadeja makes a bit of room and slashes at a fuller ball outside off stump, he slices it high in the air towards deep cover where Maharoof runs froward and to his left from the boundary and takes a well-judged catch

RA Jadeja c Maharoof b Mahesh 7 (5b 0x4 1x6) SR: 140.00

Rajasthan Royals 171/6   YK Pathan 27* (14b 1x4 3x6)   VY Mahesh 3.4-0-49-1

Mahesh to Warne, OUT, that's a sharp catch! Yomahesh pitches short of a length and outside off stump, Warne uses the length and the width to cut the ball hard, it's travelling quickly towards point where Sehwag takes several steps to his right and then dives to hold the catch with both hands, Warne's got a duck off his first ball

SK Warne c Sehwag b Mahesh 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Rajasthan Royals 172/7   YK Pathan 28* (15b 1x4 3x6)   VY Mahesh 4-0-50-2

Mohammad Asif to Rawat, OUT, caught! Rawat backs away and tries to pull a short of a length ball from middle and off stump, the top edge goes in the air back towards the bowler, Asif runs to his left and takes a simple caught and bowled

M Rawat c & b Mohammad Asif 2 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Rajasthan Royals 190/8   YK Pathan 44* (20b 3x4 4x6)   Mohammad Asif 3.3-0-30-1

Mohammad Asif to Pathan, 1 run, OUT, Yusuf's run out! He hits a full toss towards deep midwicket and runs the single, he wants the strike back so Yusuf sprints back for the second, Dilshan is the fielder in the deep and his throw to Karthik is flat, fast and accurate, Yusuf dives full length but still can't make his ground

YK Pathan run out 45 (21b 3x4 4x6) SR: 214.28

Rajasthan Royals 191/9   MM Patel 0* (0b)   Mohammad Asif 3.4-0-31-1





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