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Touched by the solidarity on the streets of Monaco. Touched by the solidarity for IPL. One day F1 too will have IPL following

Really Mr Modi? Really? That obscure motor sport better get ready: clearly it has never ever handled such huge following

May 16, 2010 Tweet | Share

This one's right up there with winning World Cups.

Andrew Symonds reckons IPL 2009 ranks alongside Australia's World Cup victories

May 24, 2009 Tweet | Share

Well, actually it is getting the worst out of me. I am getting very angry on the field, I don't know why.

Yuvraj Singh says he has anger-management issues while captaining Kings XI Punjab

May 17, 2009 Tweet | Share

I'm 43 but wouldn't mind having a crack at it. I think I'll go okay but I am not sure if any side is desperate to take me

Steve Waugh reveals his IPL itch

May 12, 2009 Tweet | Share

He won't be able to do that well against us. I have sorted him out.

Yusuf Pathan better not expect any brotherly love from Irfan when Rajasthan Royals take on Kings XI Punjab

May 4, 2009 Tweet | Share

I know many batsmen are out there praying hard, but sadly I'm the one with the runs.

Mandira Bedi gets unnecessarily candid with the details of her alimentary problems

May 3, 2009 Tweet | Share

I will tell my grandchildren that I was responsible for keeping out the greatest fast bowler of all times of a playing XI

Dirk Nannes isn't going to forget that Delhi Daredevils have picked him ahead of Glenn McGrath so far

May 1, 2009 Tweet | Share

There was a fair bit of Coldplay, which I don't think Chris (Gayle) was all that into. He's a pretty committed R&B guy, I think.

Matthew Mott gives an inside peek into the Kolkata Knight Riders dressing room

Apr 29, 2009 Tweet | Share

This is Dilshan and he doesn't know Hindi.

Virender Sehwag responds to someone who mistook Tillakaratne Dilshan for Mithun Manhas during a press conference.

Apr 28, 2009 Tweet | Share

I don't mind really ... except she really did seem to be doing her job very well when I was out. She didn't have to look so pleased.

Jacques Kallis is happy to see his sister Janine perform as a cheerleader for Chennai as long as it isn't his wicket she celebrates

Apr 25, 2009 Tweet | Share

'I hope Adam Gilchrist gets to face him most of the time.'

Herschelle Gibbs won't be rushing to face South Africa team-mate Dale Steyn when Deccan Chargers take on Bangalore Royal Challengers

Apr 22, 2009 Tweet | Share

I get a lot of hate mail which blame me for all the decisions taken within Kolkata Knight Riders. I've saved them and I want to go around to all the houses and say 'Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo' ... suck on this.

Dreams unlimited for Shah Rukh Khan, the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders, for season two of the IPL

Apr 21, 2009 Tweet | Share

May as well have stayed back in Cape Town, and given them two points.

Kevin Pietersen after the Bangalore Royal Challengers sunk to a 92-run loss against Chennai Super Kings in Port Elizabeth

Apr 20, 2009 Tweet | Share

You picked a fine time to leave me loose heel.

Mark Nicholas puns on Kenny Rogers' famous song 'You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me Lucille' as Rahul Dravid loses his shoe while running during an IPL match

Apr 19, 2009 Tweet | Share

You can't buy that experience. No shop in Cape Town sells it, no shop in Bangalore sells it.

Kevin Pietersen praises Anil Kumble, calling him a legend and a genius after the spinner took 5 for 5 in Bangalore's win against Rajasthan

Apr 19, 2009 Tweet | Share

How can you take this tournament seriously now? All the money in the world, and they can't get a dog off the pitch. Imagine if it started relieving itself on a good length.

Guardian's Rob Smyth wonders on over-by-over commentary why a pitch invasion of the canine kind can't be dealt with quickly

Apr 18, 2009 Tweet | Share

FIFA has been working here for eight years, we have been here for 22 days.

Lalit Modi takes a dig at FIFA in their apparent struggle to organise the Confederations Cup in South Africa in June

Apr 17, 2009 Tweet | Share

If you're dead you can't earn any money. Life's obviously more important than earning cash.

New Zealand's Ross Taylor expresses his relief at the IPL's move from India to South Africa on security grounds

Apr 16, 2009 Tweet | Share

This year I'm sleeping with all of them.

Shah Rukh Khan, the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders, provides rather more information than necessary when asked how he plans to get the best out of his team

Apr 15, 2009 Tweet | Share

The Indian Premier League is nothing but an over-hyped tournament. We have gone overboard with the whole thing.

India's Beijing Olympics gold medalist Abhinav Bindra wants other sports in India to get more attention

Apr 15, 2009 Tweet | Share

He's like me. He likes to push fingers up people's noses.

Ray Jennings, the Bangalore Royal Challengers' coach reveals a point of similarity between himself and Kevin Pietersen

Apr 14, 2009 Tweet | Share

If Gavaskar asks me to walk on my head and run the team, I would. Any thing that Gavaskar says that has to do with cricket, if he mentions, should be followed.

Kolkata Knight Riders co-owner Shah Rukh Khan 'apologises' to Sunil Gavaskar over the multiple-captaincy row

Apr 14, 2009 Tweet | Share

At the end of the day he is a Sardar and I am also a Punjabi as I am playing for Kings XI Punjab. So I wish him all the best in the IPL.

Sreesanth insists all's well between him and Harbhajan Singh despite Slapgate

Apr 13, 2009 Tweet | Share

Hamein nahi pata woh kya bolein. Bahut fast Angrezi bolte hain." [I don't know what he said. He speaks English very rapidly]

Rajasthan Royals bowler Kamran Khan can't understand the compliments showered on him by his captain Shane Warne

Apr 13, 2009 Tweet | Share

I'm the only guy in the team who doesn't drive.

Cape Cobras' Rory Kleinveldt couldn't have asked for a more perfect Man-of-the-Match prize - a flashy SUV

Apr 11, 2009 Tweet | Share

Twenty20 is not a gentleman's game. It's like a one-night stand and not a marriage. It is a street format and the goonda [thug] doesn't know what is a late cut or a cover drive.

Ad man Prahlad Kakkar explains the logic behind Mumbai Indians' new adverstisment showing Tendulkar, Zaheer etc as street punks

Apr 11, 2009 Tweet | Share

They have a very big support staff, which includes Buchanan's son, and most of them are from Queensland. The [Kolkata Knight Riders'] owners - poor souls - have little idea that they are being milked.

Sunil Gavaskar joins a high-profile list of current and former players who don't rate John Buchanan too highly

Apr 6, 2009 Tweet | Share

If you want to make a big deal out of it, go ahead.

John Buchanan, the Kolkata Knight Riders coach, insists there's no rift between him and Sourav Ganguly over the team's captaincy

Mar 25, 2009 Tweet | Share

Here's hoping it's South Africa. England's cricketing summer already has its starter and its main course. It doesn't need an Indian takeaway as well.

Not everyone is keen to host the nomadic version of the IPL, the Daily Telegraph's Mike Norrish being one

Mar 24, 2009 Tweet | Share

I'm not happy. The IPL started in India and it should remain in India.

An Indian fan, interviewed on CNN, sums up the feeling of many

Mar 23, 2009 Tweet | Share

We are a very safe country. You are sitting here, I am sitting here, we all are sitting here ... we are not Pakistan.

IPL guru Lalit Modi emphasises that all is well in India as far as security is concerned

Mar 12, 2009 Tweet | Share

I was sweating bullets waiting to see what was going to happen. I was pretty nervous.

Jesse Ryder reveals how he was feeling about the IPL auction

Feb 8, 2009 Tweet | Share

I really don't want to sound like an airhead and say 'entertainment'. So, better cricket... because the entertainment comes from the cricket.

Preity Zinta, co-owner of the Kings XI Punjab franchise, on what she's looking forward to from the second season of the tournament

Feb 6, 2009 Tweet | Share

We brace ourselves for the IPL auction itself ... a distasteful and chaotic procedure which, last year, left Aussie Adam Gilchrist describing himself as feeling like a cow at the market.

BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew looks forward to the IPL auction in Goa

Feb 3, 2009 Tweet | Share

I'm not too sure whether I would have been bought at the auction anyway.

Michael Vaughan has a surprisingly high strike-rate of 135 after nine domestic Twenty20 games but doesn't rate himself too highly in the game's shortest format

Jan 31, 2009 Tweet | Share

When you picked, you would have known that Dravid, Kumble and Kallis might retire soon; the whole Challengers side might be retired in three years' time.

Ray Jennings, Bangalore Royal Challengers' new coach, expects an empty dressing room soon

Nov 4, 2008 Tweet | Share

I'm disappointed all the countries want to copy the IPL. Why can't they embrace India and sell the brand worldwide?

Too many leagues disappoint Shane Warne

Oct 23, 2008 Tweet | Share

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