Indian Premier League, 1st match: Chennai Super Kings v Mumbai Indians at Cape Town, Apr 18, 2009
Mumbai Indians won by 19 runs
Played at Newlands, Cape Town (neutral venue)
18 April 2009 (20-over match)

Thushara to Jayasuriya, FOUR, that's the first of the tournament! Steaky as he plays with soft hands and the ball travels off the outside edge and beats second slip, runs to third man

Mumbai Indians 9/0   ST Jayasuriya 6* (5b 1x4)   T Thushara 0.4-0-5-0

Gony to Tendulkar, FOUR, too short and asking to be hit, Tendulkar has the time to rock back and cart it over extra cover

Mumbai Indians 15/0   SR Tendulkar 6* (7b 1x4)   MS Gony 1.2-0-8-0

Gony to Jayasuriya, FOUR, he gives him the charge and Gony drops it short, Jayasuriya adjusts well and carves it over backward point

Mumbai Indians 20/0   ST Jayasuriya 12* (9b 2x4)   MS Gony 2-0-13-0

Thushara to Jayasuriya, FOUR, a bit too short and Jayasuriya likes it there as it sits up nicely, allows him to swing and connect off the meat of the bat and place it wide of square leg

Mumbai Indians 25/0   ST Jayasuriya 16* (11b 3x4)   T Thushara 1.3-0-11-0

Flintoff to Jayasuriya, FOUR, short down the leg side and he glances it off his gloves and beats a diving Patel, nobody patrolling that area to cut it off

Mumbai Indians 32/0   ST Jayasuriya 21* (14b 4x4)   A Flintoff 0.3-0-5-0

Thushara to Jayasuriya, FOUR, unlucky for Thushara! He swings it in and nearly hits the yorker length but Jayasuriya swings across the line and gets an inside edge past the stumps and pumps his fist

Mumbai Indians 39/0   ST Jayasuriya 26* (17b 5x4)   T Thushara 2.2-0-17-0

Oram to Tendulkar, FOUR, that's a Tendulkar special! He knows fine leg is up close as he gets on his knee and paddles it well clear of the fielder, he attempted that off the previous ball too

Mumbai Indians 53/1   SR Tendulkar 19* (22b 2x4)   JDP Oram 1.3-0-10-0

Joginder Sharma to Dhawan, FOUR, too short down the leg side and Dhawan easily works it on its way over short fine leg's reach, bad ball and well dealt with

Mumbai Indians 63/1   S Dhawan 15* (15b 1x4)   Joginder Sharma 1.5-0-11-0

Oram to Tendulkar, FOUR, he gets it right this time, same as the previous ball, he waits for it to come onto him before scooping it over the vacant slip region, bends his knee slightly, that's masterclass

Mumbai Indians 69/1   SR Tendulkar 25* (27b 3x4)   JDP Oram 2.5-0-17-0

Oram to Tendulkar, FOUR, back to back fours, he bowls it fuller outside and he gets forward and bashes it over the covers

Mumbai Indians 73/1   SR Tendulkar 29* (28b 4x4)   JDP Oram 3-0-21-0

Gony to Dhawan, FOUR, stays at the crease and fetches it from just outside off and swings across the line, he finds the yawning gap at midwicket

Mumbai Indians 77/1   S Dhawan 21* (19b 2x4)   MS Gony 2.1-0-17-0

Joginder Sharma to Duminy, FOUR, bangs it in short but doesn't challenge the batsman with any pace, he swivels and bludgeons it past square leg

Mumbai Indians 90/2   JP Duminy 6* (3b 1x4)   Joginder Sharma 2.3-0-18-0

Gony to Bravo, FOUR, goes for a wild slash outside off but it's effective enough to beat the keeper, no slips so that's a boundary for the taking

Mumbai Indians 101/3   DJ Bravo 5* (2b 1x4)   MS Gony 4-0-32-2

Flintoff to Nayar, FOUR, he's got his eye in alright! The short stuff gets too predictable and he stays at the crease and clubs it over midwicket, more power than timing on that one

Mumbai Indians 112/4   AM Nayar 5* (4b 1x4)   A Flintoff 2-0-14-0

Thushara to Tendulkar, FOUR, makes room, moves his front foot towards the on side to execute a delectable scoop over the covers, the follow through was also excellent

Mumbai Indians 116/4   SR Tendulkar 46* (41b 5x4)   T Thushara 3.1-0-22-1

Thushara to Nayar, FOUR, pitches it up and Nayar goes for a big heave over wide mid-on, not very well timed but good enough for the ball to dribble to the boundary

Mumbai Indians 125/4   AM Nayar 13* (7b 2x4)   T Thushara 3.5-0-31-1

Oram to Tendulkar, FOUR, lucky boundary for Tendulkar, he steps down, makes room and scoops it flat down to long-off but the fielder was a few yards too many in front of the rope,he leaps up in despair as the ball clears him, that's his fifty as well, well played sachin!

Mumbai Indians 152/5   SR Tendulkar 52* (45b 6x4)   JDP Oram 3.3-0-25-1

Oram to Harbhajan Singh, FOUR, and Harbhajan of Slapgate fame makes his return to the IPL with a delightful slog off over midwicket, nice timing on that shot

Mumbai Indians 157/5   Harbhajan Singh 4* (1b 1x4)   JDP Oram 3.5-0-30-1

Flintoff to Tendulkar, FOUR, cracking way to end the innings! He makes room but the attempted yorker doesnt come off well, it's a pitched up delivery and he crashes it past deep extra cover

Mumbai Indians 165/7   SR Tendulkar 59* (49b 7x4)   A Flintoff 4-0-44-1





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