Indian Premier League, 9th match: Chennai Super Kings v Delhi Daredevils at Durban, Apr 23, 2009
Delhi Daredevils won by 9 runs
Played at Kingsmead, Durban (neutral venue)
23 April 2009 (20-over match)

Gony to Sehwag, FOUR, gentle loosener, 124ks, drivable length, and Sehwag gives it the treatement, straight down for four


Gony to Sehwag, no run, almost got him, is the pitch too slow for Sehwag's liking, he is early into the pull again, and almost carries to midwicket


Gony to Sehwag, 1 run, full again, and driven straight, and Bala makes a good diving save at mid-off, keeping him down to one


Gony to de Villiers, 1 run, on the target, on the length, and AB drops it down into the on side, and rushes through for one


Gony to Sehwag, no run, looks for pull, but the ball is too full, and he ends up playing it towards mid-off, not the best of starts for Sehwag so far


Gony to Sehwag, OUT, the was coming all along, Sehwag has not at all looked good today, and here he puiills a delivery that is too full, and he top-edges it this time, lobbing it to Morkel at mid-on. So the underdogs of this openeing battle, Bala and Gony, have struck once each. Sehwag and Gambhir gone

V Sehwag c Morkel b Gony 6 (9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 66.66

Delhi Daredevils 8/2   MS Gony 1-0-6-1

Gony to de Villiers, no run, and a diving Raina saves four, full driving length, and AB drives it, but Raina is quick at cover


Gony to de Villiers, SIX, boom, first six of the match, just short of driving length, he picked it early, and pulled it, despite his weight being on the fron foot, and it goes saling over midwicket


Gony to de Villiers, 1 run, a length ball, just outside off, a thickish edge but there is no slip, and an easy single to third man


Gony to Dilshan, no run, accurate, length ball, Dilshan looks to clear his leg, but there is no room to hit through


Gony to Dilshan, SIX, second six of the over, Gony errs in line this time, into the pads, just short of driving length, but Dilshan just flicks it, gets solid power into it, and clears square-leg boundary easily


Gony to Dilshan, 2 runs, on the pads again, and flicked just to left of deep fline leg, and Dilshan and AB are exceptionally quick to get two from that shot

Delhi Daredevils 29/2   MS Gony 2-0-21-1

Gony to de Villiers, 2 runs, and almsot gets AB, who steps down, and top-edges it over the keeper and it bounces before the thirdman, and gets to his fifty


Gony to de Villiers, 1 run, and AB enjoys the good luck for longer, lofted straight to Morkel at long-on boundary, and Morkel drops an absolute sitter


Gony to Tiwary, 1 run, banged into the body again, and Tiwary this time manages to get some bat to it and takes a single to short fine


Gony to de Villiers, 2 runs, slower ball, on the pads, and Ab turns it to just to left of Parthiv at short fine, and they take a quick two; they seem to have picked Parthiv as their slow fielder


Gony to de Villiers, FOUR, Morkel will be sursing himself, a peach of a shot, short, on the stumps, he stands tall, and pulls it flatly between midwicket and long-on, and Morkel, who dropped him earlier this over, has no chance this time


Gony to de Villiers, 1 run, and AB keeps the strike, via a single into the covers

Delhi Daredevils 134/4   MS Gony 3-0-32-1

Gony to Tiwary, FOUR, and Tiwary goes midwicket this time,and gets a four finally


Gony to Tiwary, no run, outside off, and Tiwary moves across, too far, and ends up defending


Gony to Tiwary, 1 run, slower ball, on the pads, and he falls over while playing it into the on side for one


Gony to de Villiers, SIX, he saw the slower ball even before Gony had thought of bowling it, waited for it, and monstrously lofted it over long-on, he could get a hundred here folks


Gony to de Villiers, no run, and misses out, this was short, at ideal pace to be cut over point, but AB had committed to front foot, and couldn't manage the cut shot


Gony to de Villiers, 2 runs, who says Hayden is 37-and-a-half? AB had placed this half-volley perfectly between long-on and midwicket, but Hayden runs around from midwicket, makes a tumbling save, collects cleanly and saves tw0

Delhi Daredevils 161/4   MS Gony 4-0-45-1





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