Indian Premier League, 9th match: Chennai Super Kings v Delhi Daredevils at Durban, Apr 23, 2009
Delhi Daredevils won by 9 runs
Played at Kingsmead, Durban (neutral venue)
23 April 2009 (20-over match)

Gony to de Villiers, SIX, boom, first six of the match, just short of driving length, he picked it early, and pulled it, despite his weight being on the fron foot, and it goes saling over midwicket

Delhi Daredevils 20/2   AB de Villiers 9* (6b 1x6)   MS Gony 1.2-0-12-1

Gony to Dilshan, SIX, second six of the over, Gony errs in line this time, into the pads, just short of driving length, but Dilshan just flicks it, gets solid power into it, and clears square-leg boundary easily

Delhi Daredevils 27/2   TM Dilshan 11* (6b 1x4 1x6)   MS Gony 1.5-0-19-1

Flintoff to Dilshan, SIX, there is no luck involved in this one, shorter, this is pur timing, shorter, Dilshan rocks back and swings it over square leg, one of the longer boundaries. He looks in top form

Delhi Daredevils 57/2   TM Dilshan 35* (14b 5x4 2x6)   A Flintoff 0.4-0-11-0

Flintoff to de Villiers, SIX, what timing, good length, on the stumps, and AB just frees his arms, sweetly, and clears the long-on fielder, the first hit to boundary since 9.3 overs

Delhi Daredevils 122/4   AB de Villiers 47* (33b 1x4 2x6)   A Flintoff 2.2-0-27-0

Morkel to de Villiers, SIX, He is a sucker for punishemnt, is Morkel, another fulltoss, AB goes midwicket again, but higher, and for a six. is he looking at 200?

Delhi Daredevils 144/4   AB de Villiers 68* (41b 3x4 3x6)   JA Morkel 3.2-0-37-1

Gony to de Villiers, SIX, he saw the slower ball even before Gony had thought of bowling it, waited for it, and monstrously lofted it over long-on, he could get a hundred here folks

Delhi Daredevils 159/4   AB de Villiers 77* (44b 3x4 4x6)   MS Gony 3.4-0-43-1

Flintoff to de Villiers, SIX, you don't slog-sweep balls at 136ks, but you are not AB either, and he gets under it and clears the midwicket boundary by a long way

Delhi Daredevils 168/4   AB de Villiers 85* (47b 3x4 5x6)   A Flintoff 3.2-0-35-0

Flintoff to de Villiers, SIX, and AB has got more, Flintoff tries a bouncer, sits up rib-high, and AB pulls it from front foot, over the short suqare-leg boundary, one run to go to hundred

Delhi Daredevils 182/4   AB de Villiers 99* (50b 5x4 6x6)   A Flintoff 3.5-0-49-0





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