Indian Premier League, 9th match: Chennai Super Kings v Delhi Daredevils at Durban, Apr 23, 2009
Delhi Daredevils won by 9 runs
Played at Kingsmead, Durban (neutral venue)
23 April 2009 (20-over match)

All set, Nannes to parthiv, two slips in place

So here we go. Moments to go before Hayden goes and tries to chase this huge total. He'll need all the help from Parthiv, Raina, morkel and Dhoni. One is waiting for how Nehra bowls, he was mildly successful last time, but then got injured again during the Ranji season. Delhi have three left-arm seamers, and one left-serm spinner in their attack: Sangwan, Nannes, Nehra and Vettori. None of them will feel left out.


Nannes to Patel, no run, on the target, length delivery, defended back to the bowler


Nannes to Patel, 1 run, similar length, just outside off, and defended with an open face, and they runs through for a quick single


Nannes to Hayden, 2 runs, whoa! Hayden walks down first ball, goes hard at it, slices it, and what an effort from AB. He runs back a long way, dives as he runs back, and gets his hands to it, pity he dropped it, it was that kind of an effort


Nannes to Hayden, no run, big swing again, and misses completely


Nannes to Hayden, FOUR, edges working for Hayden, full ball, stands tall, swings almightily, thick inside edge and fine of fine leg


Nannes to Hayden, FOUR, there is no edge about this, short of length, angling in, Hayden is on front foot, lets the ball come on and turns it over square leg, less effort, more timing

End of over 1 (11 runs) Chennai Super Kings 11/0 (179 runs required from 19 overs, RR: 11.00, RRR: 9.42)

    • ML Hayden 10 (4b 2x4)
    • PA Patel 1 (2b)
    • DP Nannes 1-0-11-0

Nehra on


Nehra to Patel, FOUR, and first ball he has been swivel-pulled by Parthiv, short, into the body, and smashed away


Nehra to Patel, 1 run, a hint of swing, there, parthiv opens the face, plays into the coverswhere Tiwary and AB both let the ball go, but doesn't cost them an extra run


Nehra to Hayden, 2 runs, a flick-chip, into the pads, and he clears the mid-on easily, deliberate shot, and a good result


Nehra to Hayden, 1 run, full, on the pads, Hayden is too early into the flick, this swings a bit, gets leading edge, but falls safely


Nehra to Patel, 1 wide, way down the leg side, no swing there


Nehra to Patel, 1 run, length ball, on the pads, and turned away towards square leg for a single


Nehra to Hayden, no run, what a lovely slower delivery, Hayden is walking down, and he loses sight of this 99ks

End of over 2 (10 runs) Chennai Super Kings 21/0 (169 runs required from 18 overs, RR: 10.50, RRR: 9.38)

    • ML Hayden 13 (7b 2x4)
    • PA Patel 7 (5b 1x4)
    • A Nehra 1-0-10-0
    • DP Nannes 1-0-11-0

Nannes to Patel, no run, that was sharp, short and straight, Parthiv looks for an upper-cut but misses


Nannes to Patel, 1 run, yorker, spot on, and Parthiv digs it out, and runs a single just to left of keeper


Nannes to Hayden, FOUR, Hayden walks down again, and slaps this length delivery for four through the gap between mid-on and midwicket


Nannes to Hayden, 2 runs, Hayden goes for extra cover this time, doesn't connect properly, but is choosing his areas well, and gets two


Nannes to Hayden, 1 run, a limp pull this time, this short one got a bit big on him and cramped him, and all he could manage was a top-edge that fell short of a running-in deep backward sqaure leg


Nannes to Patel, 1 run, length ball, on the stumps, and turned away into the leg side for a single

End of over 3 (9 runs) Chennai Super Kings 30/0 (160 runs required from 17 overs, RR: 10.00, RRR: 9.41)

    • PA Patel 9 (8b 1x4)
    • ML Hayden 20 (10b 3x4)
    • DP Nannes 2-0-20-0
    • A Nehra 1-0-10-0

Nehra to Patel, 4 leg byes, these thigh pads are superb, he walks across too much, misses, and gets four leg byes off the thigh pads, it made him run karthik all the way and dive in vain


Nehra to Patel, 1 run, full, on the pads, and turned away towards deep backward square


Nehra to Hayden, no run, almost bowled him, yorker, almost squeezed in through the big backlift, but Hayden managed to get the toe of his bat in the way


Nehra to Hayden, FOUR, and Hayden walks down again, and what would have been a yorker becomes a low fulltoss, and it is four straight down the ground


Nehra to Hayden, 1 run, on the pads this time, and he turns it away towards deep square


Nehra to Patel, FOUR, slower ball, driven away correctly, he leans into it, and off-drives it to left of mid-off, what a start Chennai have had. It's game on

End of over 4 (14 runs) Chennai Super Kings 44/0 (146 runs required from 16 overs, RR: 11.00, RRR: 9.12)

    • PA Patel 14 (11b 2x4)
    • ML Hayden 25 (13b 4x4)
    • A Nehra 2-0-20-0
    • DP Nannes 2-0-20-0

Aavishkar "McGrath" Salvi replaces Nannes


Salvi to Hayden, 1 run, short ,angling across, Hayden looks to cut, but not enough room, he still manages a single and retrieves the orange cap


Salvi to Patel, 1 run, again, short and angling across, Parthiv upper-cuts again, and this one falls just short of thirdman


Salvi to Hayden, SIX, see you later, Salvi ambled in in his run, Hayden walked towards him as he ran, he met the ball midway down the pitch, and picked it up for a huge six over midwicket


Salvi to Hayden, 1 run, fuller, on the pads, and flicked away for one


Salvi to Patel, 1 run, full, on stumps, dropped at his toes, and a quick single

As a former McGrath lookalike bowls, Nitin writes in regarding the real deal: "I fail to understand Sehwag's stratergy. Why is he not picking up Glen McGrath, and perferring it over Nannes. This is the second time he's done it. Is he just under estimating McGrath's utility or failing to learn from his previous mistakes?"


Salvi to Hayden, 2 runs, full, on stumps, and drilled down the ground for two

End of over 5 (12 runs) Chennai Super Kings 56/0 (134 runs required from 15 overs, RR: 11.20, RRR: 8.93)

    • ML Hayden 35 (17b 4x4 1x6)
    • PA Patel 16 (13b 2x4)
    • AM Salvi 1-0-12-0
    • A Nehra 2-0-20-0

Pradeep Sangwan, the 18-year-old, comes in to bowl


Sangwan to Patel, 1 wide, and stars off with a wide outside off


Sangwan to Patel, no run, full and straight, and Parthiv has no room to do anything fancy with this one


Sangwan to Patel, OUT, drilled straight up AB's throat, this was a wide half-volley, should have been hit. Hit it was, but straight to AB at covers, and despite the pace behind the ball, it was a fairly easy catch for a fielder of AB's standard

PA Patel c de Villiers b Sangwan 16 (15b 2x4 0x6) SR: 106.66

Suresh raina is the new man


Sangwan to Raina, no run, just short of a length, outside off, played with open face, no hurry to get off the mark


Sangwan to Raina, 2 runs, shorter and straighter, and Raina arches back, makes room, and dabs it to third man


Sangwan to Raina, 1 run, short of a length, on the stumps, Raina backs away and heaves, and gets the inside half of the bat to fine leg

Karthik up to the stumps for Hayden, wonder what took him so long


Sangwan to Hayden, 1 run, straight ball, holds its line, and played for one with an open face

End of over 6 (5 runs) Chennai Super Kings 61/1 (129 runs required from 14 overs, RR: 10.16, RRR: 9.21)

    • ML Hayden 36 (18b 4x4 1x6)
    • SK Raina 3 (3b)
    • PJ Sangwan 1-0-5-1
    • AM Salvi 1-0-12-0

Powerplays over. "McGrath isn't Shane Warne or Wasim Akram. He's more method than madness." offers Denzil. "It's been a tough year for him and he's started practicing only in December. There may be ulterior reasons which we viewers needn't necessary know about."


Salvi to Hayden, 5 wides, wide outside leg, and Hayden misses out on the scoop. Just as well for Chennai, as this beats poor Karthik, up to the stumps, and goes for five


Salvi to Hayden, SIX, is he ending Salvi's IPL here, walks out of the crease again, with karthik having gone back, and hits it cleanly over long-on


Salvi to Hayden, 1 run, same shot again, but closes the face too early, and doesn't get the elevation, but this falss just short of long-on


Salvi to Raina, 1 run, and Raina does his job well, takes an easy single into the on side

Paul agrees with Nitin: "It simply defies logic that McGrath isn't a shoo in for any team that he's a part of. He was the go to bowler for Sehwag in the last IPL and this time around he can't even get into the team."


Salvi to Hayden, SIX, Poor bowling from supposedly the McGrath clone, half-volley outside leg, would have been wide had Hayden not picked it up over short fine and taken an easy six


Salvi to Hayden, FOUR, and Hayden gets to fifty with a smart scoop-sweep, this one was slower, he waited for it, and lofted it over short fine


Salvi to Hayden, 1 run, looks to make room, Salvi follows him, and yorks him too, but Hayden still gets a single to long-off, 24 off this over

End of over 7 (24 runs) Chennai Super Kings 85/1 (105 runs required from 13 overs, RR: 12.14, RRR: 8.07)

    • ML Hayden 54 (23b 5x4 3x6)
    • SK Raina 4 (4b)
    • AM Salvi 2-0-36-0
    • PJ Sangwan 1-0-5-1

Sangwan to Hayden, 2 runs, and Hayden walks down again, but gets the toe of the bat, but this one lobs straight down the ground for a two


Sangwan to Hayden, no run, misses out on that, saw the slower ball, waited for it as it angled into the pads, but couldn't beat the short fine


Sangwan to Hayden, 1 run, full, outside off, and pummelled straight down to long-off for a single


Sangwan to Raina, 1 no ball, free hit, could be the first of the tournament, as Raina is beaten as he tries to run it down to third man


Sangwan to Raina, no run, and Raina misses out on the free hit, even edges it to Karthik, no appeals, no excitement


Sangwan to Raina, 1 run, looks to heave it, gets inside edge, and takes a single to midwicket


Sangwan to Hayden, OUT, and the extra ball because of the no-ball gets Sangwan the big wicket of Hayden, what a big moment, this was short but maybe not short enough for the pull, and Hayden top-edges it for a simple catch for Nannes running in from long-on

ML Hayden c Nannes b Sangwan 57 (27b 5x4 3x6) SR: 211.11

End of over 8 (5 runs) Chennai Super Kings 90/2 (100 runs required from 12 overs, RR: 11.25, RRR: 8.33)

    • SK Raina 5 (7b)
    • PJ Sangwan 2-0-10-2
    • AM Salvi 2-0-36-0

Dhoni is the new man in, and he will face Vettori, who is bowling for the first time in this game. Crucial phase of the match


Vettori to Dhoni, 1 run, steps down first ball, and bunts it into the leg side for a single


Vettori to Raina, no run, slow, thrown up, toppie, and Raina is beaten, bounces after hitting the thigh, and almost speeds off onto the middle stump, but the bail doesn't come off. Bizarre


Vettori to Raina, 1 run, chipped over the bowler's head for a single


Vettori to Dhoni, 1 run, nudged away into the leg side for another single


Vettori to Raina, no run, and he throws it up again, slower in the air, and Raina ends defending a topspinner


Vettori to Raina, FOUR, just a bit short, and Raina rocks back and pulls it over midwicket for four, puts the pressure back. Interesting contest between Raina and Vettori now

End of over 9 (7 runs) Chennai Super Kings 97/2 (93 runs required from 11 overs, RR: 10.77, RRR: 8.45)

    • SK Raina 10 (11b 1x4)
    • MS Dhoni 2 (2b)
    • DL Vettori 1-0-7-0
    • PJ Sangwan 2-0-10-2

Sangwan to Dhoni, no run, full, angling across, Dhoni looks for a drive, but can't beat short cover


Sangwan to Dhoni, 1 run, charges down this time, and turns it off his pads


Sangwan to Raina, 2 runs, slower ball, hit straight back, catchable high, but too far from Sangwan, and is placed well between long-off and long-on


Sangwan to Raina, 1 run, yorker and they steal a single to point


Sangwan to Dhoni, 1 run, slower ball again, 109ks, Dhoni is early, but recovers well, and takes a single to long-off


Sangwan to Raina, FOUR, twice in a row, Raina hits four off the last ball of an over, this was short and wide, Raina hit it in the air deliberately, and hit it square of thirdman too

So Sangwan has brought Delhi back into this contest. We are set for a good finish here, with 84 required of last 10. Vettori can bowl three of those. Elsewhere Delhi have lacked the experience.

If you are feeling the tension, here's some light reading: Who's up, who's down in IPL 2009? Check out our Hot/Not page. If you plan to go out during the next game, enjoy Cricinfo's service on any mobile from basic to high end on Snaptu

End of over 10 (9 runs) Chennai Super Kings 106/2 (84 runs required from 60 balls, RR: 10.60, RRR: 8.40)

    • SK Raina 17 (14b 2x4)
    • MS Dhoni 4 (5b)
    • PJ Sangwan 3-0-19-2
    • DL Vettori 1-0-7-0

Vettori to Dhoni, 1 run, just short of length, outside off, Dhoni reaches out and defends it into the off side for a single


Vettori to Raina, 1 run, slow, really slow, 78ks, and Raina has to wait forever for the pull, and can only get a single to long-on


Vettori to Dhoni, OUT, and Vettori strikes, this is quicker and flatter, Dhoni looks to force it through the off side, gets an edge, Karthik, wearing the baseball mask he got from Peter McGlashan, juggles it but catches the rebound. Delhi are back through the old wizard

MS Dhoni c †Karthik b Vettori 5 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 71.42


Vettori to Flintoff, no run, and he almost gets Flintoff with an arm ball, Flintoff gets a big stride, plays for the turn, ir rapped on by the straighter delivery, and Taufel says no maybe because of the huge stride


Vettori to Flintoff, 1 run, flatter, and Flintoff gets off the mark with a mistimed cut


Vettori to Raina, FOUR, and again Raina takes the pressure off with a last-ball boundary, a lovely drive through extra cover, this is the third time he has got four off the last ball of a good over

End of over 11 (7 runs) Chennai Super Kings 113/3 (77 runs required from 54 balls, RR: 10.27, RRR: 8.55)

    • SK Raina 22 (16b 3x4)
    • A Flintoff 1 (2b)
    • DL Vettori 2-0-14-1
    • PJ Sangwan 3-0-19-2

Surprise, surprise, Manoj Tiwary will bowl. He bowls decent legbreaks in Ranji Trophy, but tries seam-up here


Tiwary to Flintoff, 1 run, and it's short, and into the pads, Flintoff misses out but gets a single


Tiwary to Raina, 1 run, full, almost a yorker, and Raina can only play it straight to long-off


Tiwary to Flintoff, 1 run, length delivery, stumps to stumps, only s single to long-off


Tiwary to Raina, SIX, just short of a driving length, Raina gets down on a knee, lofts if with a stright bat, and just clears the long-off fieldsman, and Raina is in the middle of a gem


Tiwary to Raina, 1 run, on the pads this time,a nd helped away for one


Tiwary to Flintoff, 1 run, full, outside off, and drilled back to the left of Tiwary, and he gets one hand to it, but it's too hard for him to stop cleanly, and Flintoff gets an easy run

End of over 12 (11 runs) Chennai Super Kings 124/3 (66 runs required from 48 balls, RR: 10.33, RRR: 8.25)

    • A Flintoff 4 (5b)
    • SK Raina 30 (19b 3x4 1x6)
    • MK Tiwary 1-0-11-0
    • DL Vettori 2-0-14-1

Vettori to Flintoff, 2 runs, full, on the stumps, played with an angled bat, wide of long-on, and the placement gets him two


Vettori to Flintoff, 1 run, slower, thrown up, Flintoff waits for this length delivery, and plays it with open face for a single to point


Vettori to Raina, FOUR, and Tiwary over-runs this one in the deep, lofted towards long-on, and Tiwary makes a mess of it


Vettori to Raina, 1 leg bye, straighter ball, hits him in the pads, but an easy leg bye


Vettori to Flintoff, no run, slow, this is very slow, and Flintoff has to make all the power, and in doing that he can't place it


Vettori to Flintoff, no run, thrown up again, superb bowling, and Flintoff looks for the big drive but is beaten outside off. The ball isn't turning much, but Vettori's changes of pace are working for him

End of over 13 (8 runs) Chennai Super Kings 132/3 (58 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 10.15, RRR: 8.28)

    • A Flintoff 7 (9b)
    • SK Raina 34 (21b 4x4 1x6)
    • DL Vettori 3-0-21-1
    • MK Tiwary 1-0-11-0

Nannes is back, and despite Vettori's smart bowling, Chennai look on their way.

And again Raina has to pull out because of the overhead camera. What a pleasant presence that camera is. This is the 689th time it has stopped play too


Nannes to Raina, 2 runs, full, into the pads, and turned away nicely into the leg side, beating short fine, and getting him easy two


Nannes to Raina, no run, lovely yorker, Raina can't do anything with it, Delhi need more of those


Nannes to Raina, no run, full, stright, Raina plays it from the crease, and plays straight to short cover


Nannes to Raina, FOUR, this is just short of a length, and Raina gets his customary one boundary of the over, transfers his weight back, and pulls it over midwicket. He is planning this chase perfectly


Nannes to Raina, 1 run, fulltoss, outside off, and Nannes gets away with it, played straight to point


Nannes to Flintoff, no run, angled across Flintoff, it's full, and he wants to take the leather off, but plays one bounce to cover, ane because it's hit so hard, there isn't a run taken

End of over 14 (7 runs) Chennai Super Kings 139/3 (51 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 9.92, RRR: 8.50)

    • A Flintoff 7 (10b)
    • SK Raina 41 (26b 5x4 1x6)
    • DP Nannes 3-0-27-0
    • DL Vettori 3-0-21-1

So 51 off 36 now. if Raina can manage hitting one boundary an over, he should take them there, but one tight over, or one wicket here could make this tighter. Delhi now look to Sangwan for that over. They have kept one from Vettori back


Sangwan to Raina, OUT, what a bowling change, and Sangwan's golden spell continues, Raina tries his trademark pull over midwicket, but this it a touch too full to try that, and he hets more elevation than distance, and AB judgest the catch to perfection at the wide long-on boundary

SK Raina c de Villiers b Sangwan 41 (27b 5x4 1x6) SR: 151.85

Albie Morkel is in, at a very interesting point in the match. He hasn't had a good match so far. Time to make amends?


Sangwan to Morkel, 1 run, short and wide, cut away, and Morkel finds the sweeper-cover, Gambhir


Sangwan to Flintoff, 1 run, Flintoff walks down the track, mildly, not like Hayden, and drives straight to long-off


Sangwan to Morkel, 1 run, yorker, swinging in, and Morkel does well to hit to wide of mid-off


Sangwan to Flintoff, 1 wide, that's unfortunate, Flintoff walked down again, Sangwan bowls a sharp bouncer, Flintoff ducks, and it's just down the leg side


Sangwan to Flintoff, FOUR, there is the boundary, through an edge, fulltoss, and Flintoff throws his bat at it, and gets an edge to fine of third man


Sangwan to Flintoff, 1 run, slower ball, but it's too short and Flintoff gets a single to sweeper-cover. What a spell from Sangwan, 28 runs in four overs, for the wickets of Hayden, Raina and Patel

End of over 15 (9 runs) Chennai Super Kings 148/4 (42 runs required from 30 balls, RR: 9.86, RRR: 8.40)

    • A Flintoff 13 (13b 1x4)
    • JA Morkel 2 (2b)
    • PJ Sangwan 4-0-28-3
    • DP Nannes 3-0-27-0

Nehra is back, 20 runs came off his first two overs


Nehra to Flintoff, 2 runs, full, stright, drilled down, and substitute Warner dives full length at long-off boundary, the pick-up and throw all in one motion, good substitute


Nehra to Flintoff, no run, bouncer, and Nehra gets a dot ball, Flintoff ducks in, and this is straight enough and low enough


Nehra to Flintoff, 1 run, overpitched, Flintoff walks in, and gets too close to the length, the inside edge gets him one to short fine

and again the camera, one has lost count now of how many times it has obstructed play, this overhead camera is too irritating


Nehra to Morkel, FOUR, superb timing, low fulltoss, almost a yorker, on the pads, it's just flicked away, but runs away to the sqaure-leg boundary


Nehra to Morkel, 1 run, slower ball, on the stumps, and Morkel can manage just a single to cover


Nehra to Flintoff, OUT, Nehra strikes. Flintoff goes. slower ball again, and Flintoff is early into this loft, chipping it to Warner at long-off, what a twist

A Flintoff c sub (DA Warner) b Nehra 16 (17b 1x4 0x6) SR: 94.11

End of over 16 (8 runs) Chennai Super Kings 156/5 (34 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 9.75, RRR: 8.50)

    • JA Morkel 7 (4b 1x4)
    • A Nehra 3-0-28-1
    • PJ Sangwan 4-0-28-3

Badrinath is in, the first batsman from Chennai in this line-up. 34 off 24.

Salvi will bowl now, he has had an aweful day


Salvi to Badrinath, 1 run, short and wide, and steered away to thirdman


Salvi to Morkel, no run, short, sitting up for the pull, but Morkel mistimes, and plays it straight to midwicket. Dot Ball. That's big


Salvi to Morkel, 1 run, another short delivery, Morkel is a touch late into the pull, and only just manages to clear AB at midwicket


Salvi to Badrinath, 1 run, again short, on the stumps, Badri looks for a single to thirdman, but the face opens late, he still manages the one just off the wicket


Salvi to Morkel, 1 run, another short ball, and he survives again, Morkel looks to cut it through covers, but finds Gambhir at extra cover


Salvi to Badrinath, 1 run, and Badri goes thirdman again, just outside off, Badri waits for it and opens the face at the last moment. Only 5 off the over, makes it tighter, 29 off 18

End of over 17 (5 runs) Chennai Super Kings 161/5 (29 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 9.47, RRR: 9.66)

    • S Badrinath 3 (3b)
    • JA Morkel 9 (7b 1x4)
    • AM Salvi 3-0-41-0
    • A Nehra 3-0-28-1

Nehra to continue


Nehra to Badrinath, 1 run, almost a yorker, Badri goes for the big hit, manages a mis-hit towards lonmg-off, for a single


Nehra to Morkel, 1 run, full, swinging in, Morkel looks for a big hit, and gets only the inside half of the bat, and a single to square leg


Nehra to Badrinath, 1 run, Badri tries to get out, steps out, chips it limple, from the pads, and it falls just short of a running-in square leg


Nehra to Morkel, no run, lovely, in-swinging yorker, dot ball. Could have been much more, Morkel looks for a leg bye, but the ball has gone to Karthik, who tries to throw the stumps down, with the gloves on, and just misses. 26 off 14 now


Nehra to Morkel, 1 run, another full, late-swinging delivery, and Morkel clears his front leg, and gets the inside half of his bat again, only a single to midwicket


Nehra to Badrinath, 1 run, low fulltoss, ends a superb over, only five singles, Badri can't capitalise on the fulltoss, just managing to get it past Nehra

End of over 18 (5 runs) Chennai Super Kings 166/5 (24 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 9.22, RRR: 12.00)

    • S Badrinath 6 (6b)
    • JA Morkel 11 (10b 1x4)
    • A Nehra 4-0-33-1
    • AM Salvi 3-0-41-0

What a thriller we have here. Delhi have pulled Cehnnai back appreciably. Two runs a ball required now. And the wily Vettori is on, bowling the penultimate over


Vettori to Badrinath, 1 run, Badri steps out, full, on the target, no room for Badri, and only a single to long-off


Vettori to Morkel, 1 run, nice arm-ball, quick, angled in, and Morkel just turns it around to square leg, it was more than 100ks


Vettori to Badrinath, OUT, a dot ball, and a wicket, Badri, who looked out of place through the innings, steps out, and hits a flat delivery straight to Warner, the substitute, at long-off. How Delhi have come back. Good move too, to keep Vettori for the death

S Badrinath c sub (DA Warner) b Vettori 7 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 87.50


Vettori to Morkel, 1 leg bye, lovely bowling again, Morkel looks to make room, Vettori follows with an arm-ball, getting just a leg-bye


Vettori to Gony, SIX, and Gony turns it around, Vettori had bowled so far this game, with this flighted delivery is clubbed from down on a knee, this could well be eight over midwicket boundary


Vettori to Gony, OUT, and he has run himself out now, hit powerfully towards Sehwag at cover, who underarms it to Vettori, and Gony is slow and short of the crease. What a twist. The crucial second was lost in this run-out because of a near-collission between the batsmen

MS Gony run out 6 (2b 0x4 1x6) SR: 300.00

End of over 19 (9 runs) Chennai Super Kings 175/7 (15 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 9.21, RRR: 15.00)

    • JA Morkel 12 (12b 1x4)
    • DL Vettori 4-0-29-2
    • A Nehra 4-0-33-1

Joginder Sharma is in, 15 required off the last over


Nannes to Joginder Sharma, 2 runs, Joginder makes room, lofts it over extra cover, but they stroll only for two


Nannes to Joginder Sharma, 2 runs, just short of a length, Joginder slaps it to wide of long-on, and they take two again. Surprising? Wouldn't they want Morkel on strike?


Nannes to Joginder Sharma, OUT, Warner, the substitute, makes the difference again. Joginder hit a fullish delivery straight to mid-off and ran, and gave up half-way through, and Warner hit the middle stump out of the ground

Joginder Sharma run out 4 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

We are down to Morkel now, three boundaries will do it


Nannes to Morkel, OUT, this is not smart from Bala, Morkel fails to hit a full and wide delivery, but Bala for some reason wants the single, Morkel doesn't. Sangwan from cover flicks it to the bowler, and Bala is at the strikers' end

L Balaji run out 0 (0b 0x4 0x6) SR: -


Nannes to Morkel, 1 run, and it's all over for Chennai, Delhi have won it, a full delivery, Morkel looks to clear his leg and hit big, and the same story repeats, the inside half of the bat, and only a single to long-on


Nannes to Muralitharan, no run, short of a length, Murali goes for the big swing, and misses, the ball misses the stumps too, but Delhi have completeed a solid comeback

Presentation time now

MS Dhoni: "Thanks to Hayden we were close. They were remarkable with their death bowling, we were nowhere close to that. I hope our bowlers are paying attention." Is Flintoff listening? Well, he did bowl at the death and was licked by AB

AB de Villers, Man of the Match: "I was a little bit scratchy, and there was a little bit good fortune, thanks to Albie." Albie dropped AB just after the 50, it's a good idea to remind your compatriot of the costly drop. Not that Chennai will be forgetting that anytime soon.

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This one could qualify as a choke. After the Hayden blitz, Chennai required 84 from 10 overs, with eight wickets in hand. And when Raina got out, they were still the favourites, 51 required off 35, and Flintoff and Morkel still in. But then they choked, losing wickets, imploding amid sensible bowling and sharp fielding by Delhi. Bowling changes worked perfectly for them, especially with Sangwan and Vettori. All in all, the first close match of the tournament. Dharmin reminds: "Even last year the two teams had a similar contest with Chennai chasing about 188. Chennai won that one after Gony hit 15 runs in last over. No repeat of that this time."

End of over 20 (5 runs) Chennai Super Kings 180/9 (10 runs required)

    • M Muralitharan 0 (1b)
    • JA Morkel 13 (14b 1x4)
    • DP Nannes 4-0-32-0
    • DL Vettori 4-0-29-2





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