Indian Premier League, 10th match: Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals at Cape Town, Apr 23, 2009
Match tied (Rajasthan Royals won the one-over eliminator)
Played at Newlands, Cape Town (neutral venue)
23 April 2009 - day/night match (20-over match)

Anureet Singh to Valthaty, FOUR, nice shot by Valthaty! It's full and on the stumps and he pushes it hard through the line and beats mid-off comfortably

Rajasthan Royals 8/0   PC Valthaty 5* (5b 1x4)   Anureet Singh 0.4-0-4-0

Sharma to Pathan, FOUR, slower ball but it's yet another boundary ball, he swings across the line and clears square leg's reach

Rajasthan Royals 24/2   YK Pathan 10* (4b 1x4 1x6)   I Sharma 2-0-19-1

Sharma to Smith, FOUR, short and he pulls this one hard over square leg, he gets in position quickly and clubs him away

Rajasthan Royals 35/2   GC Smith 7* (11b 1x4)   I Sharma 2.3-0-23-1

Sharma to Pathan, FOUR, too short and the ball kind of stops on him, that allows him to get right back and slam it wide of mid-off and cover

Rajasthan Royals 40/2   YK Pathan 20* (8b 2x4 2x6)   I Sharma 2.5-0-28-1

Agarkar to Pathan, FOUR, makes room to an overpitched delivery outside off and he frees his arms and flays him over extra cover, very nearly cleared the rope

Rajasthan Royals 45/2   YK Pathan 24* (10b 3x4 2x6)   AB Agarkar 0.3-0-5-0

Agarkar to Pathan, FOUR, slower ball but too short and wide, Yusuf chases it and at the point of contact checks his shot, he manages to place it well enough wide of third man

Rajasthan Royals 50/2   YK Pathan 28* (12b 4x4 2x6)   AB Agarkar 0.5-0-10-0

Agarkar to Pathan, FOUR, that's a low full toss and Yusuf gives it the treatment by smacking it across the line and over mid-on, boy is he in form

Rajasthan Royals 54/2   YK Pathan 32* (13b 5x4 2x6)   AB Agarkar 1-0-14-0

Mendis to Pathan, FOUR, takes the aerial route with a huge slog, he bisects the gap between two fielders and fetches a boundary to deep midwicket

Rajasthan Royals 59/2   YK Pathan 36* (15b 6x4 2x6)   BAW Mendis 0.3-0-4-0

Ganguly to Mascarenhas, FOUR, slower ball floated on the pads and the batsman is too early on the shot but he gets
a faint trickle past the diving short fine leg fielder

Rajasthan Royals 105/4   AD Mascarenhas 13* (17b 1x4)   SC Ganguly 2.4-0-21-0

Sharma to Mascarenhas, FOUR, brute power and lovely placement, he makes room and bashes a pitched up delivery wide of mid-off and cover, that travelled like a bullet to the boundary

Rajasthan Royals 118/5   AD Mascarenhas 23* (24b 2x4)   I Sharma 3.5-0-35-2

Anureet Singh to Raut, FOUR, he makes the mistake of overpitching and Raut gives it the treatment by making room and slamming it over cover point, the fielder had no cahnce

Rajasthan Royals 136/6   AS Raut 7* (8b 1x4)   Anureet Singh 3.1-0-21-2





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