Indian Premier League, 26th match: Chennai Super Kings v Delhi Daredevils at Johannesburg, May 2, 2009
Chennai Super Kings won by 18 runs
Played at New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg (neutral venue)
2 May 2009 - day/night match (20-over match)

Nannes to Vijay, 1 wide, Nannes charges in, and starts off with a wide down the legside


Nannes to Vijay, no run, on target this time, full on middle, 136.3 kmph, watchfully pushed towards midwicket by Vijay


Nannes to Vijay, 1 run, Vijay gets off the mark by guiding a length ball with the angle towards third man

Chennai Super Kings 2/0   M Vijay 1* (2b)

Nehra to Vijay, no run, good start by Nehra, nice line, tight around the offstump, just back of a length, pushes Vijay to the backfoot, and the batsmen defends it back down the pitch


Nehra to Vijay, no run, slightly fuller, good looking cover drive from Vijay, placement isn't good so he doesn't get any runs


Nehra to Vijay, FOUR, Nehra surprises Vijay with a quick bouncer, Vijay was looking to get on the front foot, gets a top edge on an attempted pull and the ball sails over the keeper's head for a boundary


Nehra to Vijay, 1 run, this one's again on legstump, doesn't rise as much as the previous delivery, only about waist high, pulled away to deep fine leg


Nehra to Vijay, no run, length ball on off, vijay is quickly onto the front foot and goes for a booming on-drive, a bit of a mishit and it goes to mid-on on the bounce

Chennai Super Kings 16/0   M Vijay 6* (7b 1x4)

Nannes to Vijay, 1 run, another thick outside edge to third man, this time by Vijay, who was pushing at a ball angling across him

Chennai Super Kings 18/0   M Vijay 7* (8b 1x4)

Sangwan to Vijay, 2 runs, length ball on offstump, lofted over towards midwicket to get a couple


Sangwan to Vijay, 1 run, this time a single for Vijay, dabbed off his thigh towards sqaure leg


Sangwan to Vijay, FOUR, ends the over with a boundary, clipped off his pads and races away to the midwicket boundary

Chennai Super Kings 28/0   M Vijay 14* (11b 2x4)

Nehra to Vijay, no run, this time it's outside off, Vijay crashes it towards cover, but again the placement wasn't great, so Vijay doesn't get a run


Nehra to Vijay, OUT, short ball does the trick for Nehra, Vijay's gone, the batsmen went for a pull, it got a thick top edge and the ball swirled towards extra cover, for a moment it seemed Rajat Bhatia and David Warner might collide attempting the catch, Bhatia takes a simple catch in the end after clashing with Warner

M Vijay c Bhatia b Nehra 14 (13b 2x4 0x6) SR: 107.69

Chennai Super Kings 36/1   M Vijay 14 (13b 2x4)





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