Indian Premier League, 32nd match: Deccan Chargers v Mumbai Indians at Centurion, May 6, 2009
Deccan Chargers won by 19 runs
Played at SuperSport Park, Centurion (neutral venue)
6 May 2009 - day/night match (20-over match)

Malinga to Gilchrist, no run, full toss to start off with, starting on off and swinging in and Gilchrist gets a thin inside edge as he shapes to work the ball to the on side


Malinga to Gilchrist, 1 wide, cant control this one down the pads, wide and swinging away


Malinga to Gilchrist, FOUR, full swinging yorker on the pads and thats really well played, just waited a fraction and then clipped the ball through square leg to the ropes


Malinga to Gilchrist, no run, lovely yorker, swinging through the air and Gilchrist is late on the flick, the ball moves very late and hits him on the foot and then almost rolls onto the stumps


Malinga to Gilchrist, 1 run, another yorker, this one off stump, Gilchrist inside-edges to short fine


Malinga to Gibbs, 1 leg bye, yorker once more, this one sliding down leg stump clearly, Gibbs tries the tickle and misses and Gilchrist calls him on for the leg bye


Malinga to Gilchrist, no run, superb bowling from Malinga, another moving yorker deviates through the air and Gilchrist does well to jam it out from middle and off to toward point

Deccan Chargers 7/0   SL Malinga 1-0-6-0

Malinga to Gilchrist, 1 wide, now theres a wayward ball! Slides out the hand early and ends up a very, very wide full toss that pitches and dribbles down in front of slip and the wicketkeeper


Malinga to Gilchrist, no run, full on middle and leg, swinging in, and clipped to midwicket in the air, its not a catch and the fielder there falls back after stopping the ball


Malinga to Gilchrist, no run, yorker length just outside off and driven to Bravo at cover


Malinga to Gilchrist, no run, very full just outside off, Gilchrist mistimes the drive back to Malinga


Malinga to Gilchrist, no run, this one's shorter and sliding down leg stump, Gilchrist goes for a big swing but no bat on that one, the ball swings off the pads and balloons up in front of square leg


Malinga to Gilchrist, FOUR, bad ball, a full toss outside off stump which is slapped past point


Malinga to Gilchrist, no run, attempted yorker outside off, punched on the full to cover

Deccan Chargers 13/1   SL Malinga 2-0-11-0

Malinga to Sharma, OUT, now there's a theatrical catch from Bravo in the deep! Malinga pitches on a length, Rohit clears the front leg and swings it away, its another mishit over midwicket and Bravo runs in from long-on and dives forward to take the catch ... now he didn't need to dive but the showman that Bravo is, he flung himself up at the last second to get the crowd cheering

RG Sharma c Bravo b Malinga 38 (36b 2x4 1x6) SR: 105.55


Malinga to Venugopal Rao, 1 run, fired in wide of off stump and thats jammed into the covers


Malinga to Ravi Teja, 1 leg bye, ah, lovely ball but no reaction from umpire Benson! Full, straight, curling back in and that would just have missed leg stump .. but what bowling at the death


Malinga to Venugopal Rao, 1 run, dug in this time, he hops up and drops it down past backward point


Malinga to Ravi Teja, 1 run, attempted yorker outside off, Teja inside-edges wide of midwicket


Malinga to Venugopal Rao, 1 run, change of pace, still full and straight, Rao clips it off the toes for one

Deccan Chargers 123/5   SL Malinga 3-0-15-1

Malinga to Venugopal Rao, 1 run, OUT, put that down to smart work from the wicketkeeper! Its another gem of a yorker on the stumps, swung away with an inside edge past midwicket, Rao runs the first hard and then dives as he comes back on the second, Shah has to extend the hand to his right after he collects and knocks the stumps over and after a couple replays its ruled that Rao is out because his bat was in the air even though it was over the line ... really well collected by Shah, it wasn't an accurate throw back from Bravo in the deep

Y Venugopal Rao run out 28 (17b 2x4 1x6) SR: 164.70


Malinga to Harris, no run, another full one in the blockhole, Harris makes sure to get his toes out of the way as he clips the ball back down the track and Malinga stick out a hand to field


Malinga to Harris, 2 runs, just a bit astray on the yorker and Harris drives past mid-on for two


Malinga to Harris, 1 run, another good yorker on off stump, Harris makes room and just gets a bit of bat on ball, swinging it wide of midwicket, Tendulkar does the fielding


Malinga to Ravi Teja, 3 runs, shuffles across his stumps and clips the ball from off stump, uppishly wide of midwicket, Bravo again comes in the picture but returns a wild throw that gives away more


Malinga to Harris, 2 runs, good shot, uses his feet to meet the ball on the full, Harris bunts it down to long-on and with Teja sprints hard to get Deccan through to 145

Deccan Chargers 145/6   SL Malinga 4-0-24-1





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