Indian Premier League, 33rd match: Royal Challengers Bangalore v Rajasthan Royals at Centurion, May 7, 2009
Rajasthan Royals won by 7 wickets (with 30 balls remaining)
Played at SuperSport Park, Centurion (neutral venue)
7 May 2009 (20-over match)

MM Patel to Kallis, SIX, he feeds Kallis on his pads and gets dispatched over the square leg boundary with the sweetest of flicks, superb timing, that's the first six of the match


MM Patel to Kallis, no run, massive appeal for a caught behind, there were two noises, Kallis tried to cut the ball but there was no room whatsoever, the ball brushed the top of the pad, good decision from umpire Hariharan


MM Patel to Kallis, no run, Kallis charges and drives the ball hard towards mid-off, he's going after Munaf


MM Patel to Kallis, OUT, that's gone miles in the air and it's been caught on the second attempt! Kallis tried to pull the ball but was a touch early on the shot, the top edge swirled high in the air towards deep backward square leg, Niraj Patel went for the catch and fumbled it at first attempt, he managed to recover in time and grabbed it ten inches from the ground

JH Kallis c NK Patel b MM Patel 10 (14b 0x4 1x6) SR: 71.42


MM Patel to Uthappa, 1 run, played on the leg side for a single to give Dravid strike


MM Patel to Dravid, no run, good length on off stump, Dravid gets behind the line and defends on the off side

Royal Challengers Bangalore 23/2   MM Patel 1-0-7-1

MM Patel to Uthappa, no run, Munaf bowls a short of a length delivery which beats Uthappa for bounce as the batsman tries to cut


MM Patel to Uthappa, no run, short of a length and straight, Uthappa tries to work the ball off the back foot on the leg side but doesn't make proper contact


MM Patel to Uthappa, no run, he tries to do it again but misses and gets hit on the thigh


MM Patel to Uthappa, no run, fuller and wider outside off stump, Uthappa chases it and tries to cut but misses


MM Patel to Uthappa, 1 wide, Munaf bowls a bouncer, is it a touch too high? It is a little down leg side? It's high and that's a wide, Munaf's not happy but that was very high


MM Patel to Uthappa, FOUR, Uthappa stands his ground and swats a length delivery past the bowler, he hasn't timed it well but the outfield is so fast that mid-on and mid-off have no chance


MM Patel to Uthappa, FOUR, midwicket has no chance this time and boy did he time that! Uthappa latches on to a short ball and pulls it hard along the ground for four, two in a row now

Royal Challengers Bangalore 38/3   MM Patel 2-0-16-1





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