Indian Premier League, 33rd match: Royal Challengers Bangalore v Rajasthan Royals at Centurion, May 7, 2009
Rajasthan Royals won by 7 wickets (with 30 balls remaining)
Played at SuperSport Park, Centurion (neutral venue)
7 May 2009 (20-over match)

Singh to Jaffer, OUT, caught! Amit's made up for that dropped catch, he bowled a good length ball on off stump, Jaffer tried to drive off the front foot but totally mis-timed it, he ended up spooning an easy catch to Lee Carseldine at short cover, soft dismissal that

W Jaffer c Carseldine b Singh 8 (9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 88.88

Royal Challengers Bangalore 10/1   JH Kallis 1* (5b)   A Singh 1.2-0-3-1

MM Patel to Kallis, OUT, that's gone miles in the air and it's been caught on the second attempt! Kallis tried to pull the ball but was a touch early on the shot, the top edge swirled high in the air towards deep backward square leg, Niraj Patel went for the catch and fumbled it at first attempt, he managed to recover in time and grabbed it ten inches from the ground

JH Kallis c NK Patel b MM Patel 10 (14b 0x4 1x6) SR: 71.42

Royal Challengers Bangalore 22/2   RV Uthappa 2* (6b)   MM Patel 0.4-0-6-1

Carseldine to Dravid, OUT, caught down the leg side! Carseldine pitched the ball outside leg once again and moved the ball towards the batsman, Dravid tried to play the leg glance but the ball thudded into his glove and went towards the wicketkeeper, Naman Ojha dived to his left to take a sharp catch

R Dravid c †Ojha b Carseldine 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Royal Challengers Bangalore 29/3   RV Uthappa 8* (11b 1x4)   LA Carseldine 0.5-0-6-1

Jadeja to Uthappa, OUT, and he's trapped Uthappa plumb in front with his first ball! Uthappa tried to close the face and play the straighter one on the leg side, he missed and got hit in front of middle, the umpire's finger was up in a flash

RV Uthappa lbw b Jadeja 17 (20b 3x4 0x6) SR: 85.00

Royal Challengers Bangalore 40/4   V Kohli 1* (5b)   RA Jadeja 0.1-0-0-1

Jadeja to Boucher, OUT, bowled him! Jadeja bowls a fuller, straighter and faster ball, it's too close to cut and Boucher gets a bottom edge on to the stumps, that's a huge loss for Bangalore, their tail is a wicket away

MV Boucher b Jadeja 6 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75.00

Royal Challengers Bangalore 52/5   V Kohli 7* (13b)   RA Jadeja 1.5-0-7-2

Jadeja to Kohli, OUT, that's a super catch! Virat cuts from outside off stump and the ball goes in the air towards short third man, it's a flat chance and Morkel bends down low to take a sharp catch, he's really tall and did well to take that just before it hit the ground

V Kohli c Morkel b Jadeja 15 (22b 1x4 0x6) SR: 68.18

Royal Challengers Bangalore 72/6   RE van der Merwe 11* (11b 1x4)   RA Jadeja 3.1-0-11-3

Singh to van der Merwe, OUT, that's an outstanding change of pace! 102 kmh! Roelof was swinging across the line even before the ball pitched, he missed and the ball uprooted leg stump

RE van der Merwe b Singh 15 (16b 1x4 0x6) SR: 93.75

Royal Challengers Bangalore 85/7   D du Preez 9* (10b)   A Singh 2.4-0-9-2

Morkel to Kumar, OUT, he's run him out! Morkel bowled a full and straight delivery, Praveen hit it straight back to the bowler and incredibly set off for the run, what was he thinking, Morkel took a moment, perhaps in disbelief, and then threw down the stumps at the striker's end, Praveen actually didn't know where the ball had gone after the yorker hit him on the boot

P Kumar run out 7 (4b 0x4 1x6) SR: 175.00

Royal Challengers Bangalore 92/8   D du Preez 9* (10b)   M Morkel 3.2-0-19-0

Singh to du Preez, OUT, caught in the deep! Amit bowled another slower ball outside off, du Preez waited for it before lofting down the ground, he may have spotted the slower one but he still didn't time it well, Niraj took an easy catch and didn't fumble it this time

D du Preez c NK Patel b Singh 10 (13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 76.92

Royal Challengers Bangalore 103/9   R Vinay Kumar 10* (9b 1x6)   A Singh 3.2-0-17-3

Singh to Vinay Kumar, OUT, Amit's bowled him with another slower one, that's his fourth wicket. It was full and straight, Vinay swung across the line and missed, all six balls in the last over were slower ones

R Vinay Kumar b Singh 12 (13b 0x4 1x6) SR: 92.30

Royal Challengers Bangalore 105/10   A Kumble 0* (0b)   A Singh 4-0-19-4





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