Indian Premier League, 36th match: Deccan Chargers v Kings XI Punjab at Kimberley, May 9, 2009
Kings XI Punjab won by 3 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
Played at De Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberley (neutral venue)
9 May 2009 (20-over match)

Sreesanth to Gilchrist, OUT, relief for Sreesanth, he swings it towards the pads and Gilchrist follows the movement and flicks him on the up, it's a flat hit straight to Powar who makes no mistake at long leg

AC Gilchrist c Powar b Sreesanth 20 (16b 3x4 1x6) SR: 125.00

Deccan Chargers 31/1   HH Gibbs 9* (7b 1x4)   S Sreesanth 0.4-0-6-1

Chawla to Gibbs, OUT, he bowls it a touch too wide outside the offstump and Gibbs rocks back and shapes to slap it hard past point but he plays on the up and Jayawardene just manages to hang on with a diving catch to his left

HH Gibbs c Jayawardene b Chawla 13 (13b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Deccan Chargers 54/2   TL Suman 19* (11b 1x4 1x6)   PP Chawla 0.3-0-2-1

Mota to Suman, OUT, Suman stays at the crease and looks to play the stylish whip over long leg but the ball lands down Jayawardene's throat in that position, he takes it at the edge of the boundary while running to his left

TL Suman c Jayawardene b Mota 27 (17b 1x4 2x6) SR: 158.82

Deccan Chargers 70/3   RG Sharma 8* (11b 1x4)   WA Mota 0.2-0-0-1

Lee to Sharma, OUT, Doesn't take Lee too long to see the back of Sharma! He bowls another slower delivery and drops it short and angles it down the leg side, Sharma swivels to pull but the ball lobs off the bottom half of the bat and dips to Sanga who falls forward and takes the catch, the umpire Saheba consults Baxter if the catch is taken cleanly but Sharma walks

RG Sharma c †Sangakkara b Lee 9 (15b 1x4 0x6) SR: 60.00

Deccan Chargers 73/4   A Symonds 2* (4b)   B Lee 2.4-0-17-1

Pathan to Venugopal Rao, 1 run, OUT, he works it towards Katich at deep square leg and they risk the second run, Rao is run out by a mile, Sanga whips off the bails

Y Venugopal Rao run out 32 (25b 1x4 2x6) SR: 128.00

Deccan Chargers 168/5   A Symonds 60* (36b 2x4 4x6)   IK Pathan 4-0-42-0





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