Indian Premier League, 46th match: Delhi Daredevils v Kings XI Punjab at Bloemfontein, May 15, 2009
Kings XI Punjab won by 6 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
Played at OUTsurance Oval, Bloemfontein (neutral venue)
15 May 2009 - day/night match (20-over match)

Lee to Dilshan, no run, another quick bouncer, 144 kmh, Dilshan loves the pull and he goes for it first ball, hits him on the body as it rolls behind the stumps


Lee to Dilshan, no run, another fast bowler, Dilshan thinks of pulling but decides not to go for the shot, good over from Lee that

Delhi Daredevils 19/1   TM Dilshan 0* (2b)

Chawla to Dilshan, no run, tossed up, on a length, bounced a bit more than Dilshan thought, his cut fails to connect with the ball


Chawla to Dilshan, 4 leg byes, that was also flighted on legstump, Dilshan was looking to sweep, it hit his pads and ran away fine for four


Chawla to Dilshan, no run, shortens his length a bit, pitching on middle, defended back down the pitch


Chawla to Dilshan, no run, similar ball, on middle and leg, again Dilshan punches it back to the bowler


Chawla to Dilshan, 1 leg bye, outside leg this time, Dilshan sweeps, hits the pads again and rolls towards backward square leg

Delhi Daredevils 27/2   TM Dilshan 0* (7b)

Sreesanth to Dilshan, no run, starts with a back of length ball, Dilshan goes for his favourite pull again, but is beaten by the bounce


Sreesanth to Dilshan, FOUR, shoddy work from Lee at third man, slapped down towards him by Dilshan, and that should only have been a single, Lee makes a mess of it in the deep, Sreesanth doesn't need this


Sreesanth to Dilshan, 1 wide, short and very wide, Dilshan chases it but doesn't reach it


Sreesanth to Dilshan, 1 run, shortish and again a bit of width, Dilshan reaches out and guides it towards third man, Lee collects cleanly this time

Delhi Daredevils 33/2   TM Dilshan 5* (10b 1x4)

Powar to Dilshan, no run, flighted, didn't turn too much, Dilshan was backing away to cut but missed, the ball nearly hit offstump


Powar to Dilshan, 1 run, dabbed towards backward point by Dilshan for a single


Powar to Dilshan, 1 run, turned away to square leg for a single to end the over

Delhi Daredevils 45/2   TM Dilshan 7* (13b 1x4)

Sreesanth to Dilshan, 1 run, good start to this Sreesanth over, length ball angling into leg stump, Dilshan pushes it towards mid-on

Delhi Daredevils 46/2   TM Dilshan 8* (14b 1x4)

Powar to Dilshan, no run, nicely flighted, defended back down the pitch off the front foot


Powar to Dilshan, 1 run, length ball, pushed towards the cover, batsmen sprint through a single


Powar to Dilshan, no run, closer to off this time, Dilshan tries to work it behind point but finds the fielder


Powar to Dilshan, 1 run, Powar is keeping things tight here, pitched up outside off, punched to long-on

Delhi Daredevils 51/3   TM Dilshan 10* (18b 1x4)

Sreesanth to Dilshan, OUT, Sreesanth gets another big wicket, a better ball than the one that got de Villiers, length ball on off, Dilshan wanted to chip it over mid-on, Yuvraj's the fielder there and he latches on to it over his head

TM Dilshan c Yuvraj Singh b Sreesanth 10 (19b 1x4 0x6) SR: 52.63

Delhi Daredevils 51/4   TM Dilshan 10 (19b 1x4)





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