Indian Premier League, 2nd Semi-Final: Royal Challengers Bangalore v Chennai Super Kings at Johannesburg, May 23, 2009
Indian Premier League - 2nd semi final
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 6 wickets (with 7 balls remaining)
Played at New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg (neutral venue)
23 May 2009 - day/night match (20-over match)

Kumar to Patel, no run, moves it away from parthiv and he softly steers it wide of Taylor at gully, he slides and cuts it off


Kumar to Patel, 2 runs, swings it on the pads and he helps it on its way to Kallis at fine leg


Kumar to Patel, no run, closes the face and mistimes the straight drive, Praveen nearly deflects the ball back at the stumps


Kumar to Patel, no run, flays at it hard outside the offstump and the ball keeps a bit low and creeps underneath the bat


Kumar to Patel, no run, forces it straight to mid-on and tells Hayden to wait


Kumar to Patel, no run, nice over to begun with, he opens the face and steers it straight to gully

Chennai Super Kings 2/0   PA Patel 2* (6b)

Kallis to Patel, FOUR, drops it short and the ball doesn't rise too much but Parthiv is quick to the task and connects well with the pull, there's enough power to beat square leg


Kallis to Patel, no run, skids through off a good length and he taps it back to the bowler


Kallis to Patel, FOUR, crack! Kallis errs by dropping it short and giving it width, Parthiv rolls his wrists and gives it a mightly thump past backward point and cover point, lovely precision and placement


Kallis to Patel, no run, good comeback by kallis as he bangs it in shorter and nearly gets Parthiv to edge the upper cut


Kallis to Patel, FOUR, this time Parthiv connects and how! Kallis hits the deck hard and Parthiv follows the bounce a lot better this time and gets enough wood on the upper cut to get the ball sailing over the slips

Chennai Super Kings 15/0   PA Patel 14* (11b 3x4)

Kumar to Patel, 1 run, angles it inwards towards the offstump from round the wicket and hes clipped away to van der Merwe at deep midwicket


Kumar to Patel, no run, excellent change of pace, embarrassing moment for Parthiv as he heaves and misses


Kumar to Patel, FOUR, Hayden's the spectator again as he watches Parthiv get on top of the bounce and club Praveen over midwicket, nice shot


Kumar to Patel, FOUR, crack! Praveen overpitches outside off and Parthiv gets all his power behind that shot and crashes it past cover and mid-off

Chennai Super Kings 26/0   PA Patel 23* (15b 5x4)

Kallis to Patel, 1 leg bye, wasted appeal, the ball pitches outside and clips his pads

Chennai Super Kings 32/0   PA Patel 23* (16b 5x4)

Vinay Kumar to Patel, 1 run, hangs his bat out and deftly glides it to third man


Vinay Kumar to Patel, no run, goes for a flashy upper cut off a short ball but he fails to make contact


Vinay Kumar to Patel, FOUR, that's a gift, half volley on the offstump asking to be hit and Parthiv has a free swing of the bat and carts it over mid-off


Vinay Kumar to Patel, FOUR, this man's upstaging Hayden tonight! Vinay comes round the wicket but drops it a fraction too short for this surface, Parthiv gets on top of the bounce and mows him over wide midwicket

Chennai Super Kings 46/0   PA Patel 32* (20b 7x4)

Kumble to Patel, 1 run, shuffles on the backfoot and clips it to deep square-leg

Chennai Super Kings 52/0   PA Patel 33* (21b 7x4)

Vinay Kumar to Patel, no run, dabs it softly to backward point but Hayden wisely sends him back on seeing the lightning Kohli charge towards the ball


Vinay Kumar to Patel, 1 run, gets forward and pushes it through the line to long-on

Chennai Super Kings 53/0   PA Patel 34* (23b 7x4)

van der Merwe to Patel, 1 run, pushes it with the turn to long-on


van der Merwe to Patel, 1 run, quick through the air and Parthiv digs it out to long-on

Chennai Super Kings 67/1   PA Patel 36* (25b 7x4)

Kallis to Patel, no run, cramped for room and he goes for the cut but he swishes at thin air


Kallis to Patel, OUT, the bowling change works! Pitches probably an inch or two outside leg (at least according to the tramline), drifts away and catches him on the pad in front of the offstump, Taufel is happy with the appeal

PA Patel lbw b Kallis 36 (27b 7x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

Chennai Super Kings 69/2   PA Patel 36 (27b 7x4)





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