Indian Premier League, 1st Semi-Final: Royal Challengers Bangalore v Mumbai Indians at Mumbai, Apr 21, 2010
Indian Premier League - 1st semi final
Mumbai Indians won by 35 runs
21 April 2010 - night match (20-over match)

Steyn to Tendulkar, no run, outswing, 140ks, Tendulkar shoulders arms


Steyn to Tendulkar, no run, shorter this time, and Tendulkar pounces on it, but finds cover-point


Steyn to Tendulkar, FOUR, looks for the huge outswinger, and ends up being too straight and too full, and Tendulkar is not going to miss them, flicking it past square leg


Steyn to Tendulkar, 1 wide, short and wide, Tendulkar looks to chase it, but is happy with the wide in the end


Steyn to Tendulkar, FOUR, shot! short and wide, and he cuts it between backward point and cover-point


Steyn to Tendulkar, OUT, Steyn has taken SRT out in the big one! Outswinger, slightly short, slightly wider of his reach, Tendulkar stretches out for it, is playing it away from his body, the ball swings away, Tendulkar checks the shot, and hits a low catch to cover. His first single-figure score this year! What a time to do it

SR Tendulkar c Taylor b Steyn 9 (9b 2x4 0x6) SR: 100.00


Steyn to Nayar, no run, this one goes away with the angle, Nayar pokes tentatively and is beaten

Mumbai Indians 11/1   DW Steyn 1-0-9-1

Steyn to Dhawan, FOUR, thrown up full, and fiercely square-driven away, over the infield


Steyn to Dhawan, no run, shortens the length, Dhawan stays back to defend it


Steyn to Dhawan, 2 runs, bouncer, 142ks too quick for him, but the top edge clears midwicket, only just


Steyn to Dhawan, OUT, slower ball, 118ks, and the KP-Kohli combine have got a run-out here! Dhawan drops to cover, wants a single, is sent back as Pietersen is swooping on it fast. KP tries the direct-hit, hits the stumps, and they want to take a single off the ricochet. It hasn't gone too far, and Kohli runs Dhawan out by yards. Nayar's call, and Dhawan pays the price for responding to the call. Kohli is pumped: this needed a direct hit because Steyn wasn't there to collect the throw

S Dhawan run out 12 (9b 2x4 0x6) SR: 133.33


Steyn to Nayar, 1 run, short and fast, cut away, one-bounce to third man


Steyn to Rayudu, 1 wide, wide down the leg side


Steyn to Rayudu, no run, back of a length, outside off, defended to point

Mumbai Indians 31/2   DW Steyn 2-0-17-1

Steyn to Tiwary, 1 run, slower ball, checks the shot, nicely guides it for one to point


Steyn to Rayudu, no run, premeditates the charge and is nowhere close to this shortish ball outside off


Steyn to Rayudu, 2 runs, into the pads, helped away between deep fine and deep square for two


Steyn to Rayudu, OUT, slower ball, cramps him up, hit down mid-off's throat. Well bowled, time for the other KP, Kieron Pollard, to walk in

AT Rayudu c Kallis b Steyn 40 (38b 4x4 0x6) SR: 105.26


Steyn to Pollard, 1 run, back of a length, into the hips, worked away for one


Steyn to Tiwary, SIX, he has agricultured this for six over long-on! Such is the power in those shoulders that the mis-hits are carrying for sixes. Steyn would have thought the slower one had done him in, but it kept sailing and sailing

Mumbai Indians 151/5   DW Steyn 3-0-27-2

Steyn to Pollard, FOUR, full toss, thigh-high, and the outside edge goes for four past keeper. It's all happening for Mumbai


Steyn to Pollard, 2 runs, low full toss, and they steal a second after hitting it to long-on. Wide throw from Pietersen too


Steyn to Pollard, 1 wide, big wide down the leg side, and Uthappa does well to dive full length and saves four


Steyn to Pollard, 2 runs, full outside off, hit to third man, Pandey is done in by the spin, and the fumble is enough for them to come back for two


Steyn to Pollard, no run, bouncer, outside off, beats him on the pull


Steyn to Pollard, SIX, low full toss, clears the front leg, doesn't quite get hold of it, but still clears long-on. Carnage!


Steyn to Pollard, 1 run, lovely slower ball, comes through only after he has completed the shot, gets the single

Mumbai Indians 184/5   DW Steyn 4-0-43-2





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