Bangladesh tour of Ireland and Netherlands, 2012 / Commentary


Abdur Razzak to Davey, 2 runs, clips it to deep square-leg for a couple


Abdur Razzak to Davey, 2 runs, overthrow from cover as they take a couple


Abdur Razzak to Davey, 1 run


Abdur Razzak to Davey, 1 run, pushes it to deep midwicket for a single

Scotland 155/5   JH Davey 6* (4b)


Mashrafe Mortaza to Davey, 1 run


Mashrafe Mortaza to Davey, OUT, hits it straight down the throat of the long-on fielder and Mashrafe gets his first wicket at the fag end of the innings

JH Davey c Ziaur Rahman b Mashrafe Mortaza 7 (5m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 116.66

Scotland 161/6   JH Davey 7 (6b)
Series Results
Bangladesh v Scotland at The Hague - Jul 24, 2012
Scotland won by 34 runs
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