June 20, 2004

Turn left at the end of the world - cricket at the movies

Cricket at the movies
Cricket at the movies © Israel Cricket
The rich history of cricket in the Negev desert is set to make it's way to the big screen. "Turn left at the end of the world", directed by Avi Nesher, will be released in Israel on June 26.

The movie tells the story of the immigration to Israel of Jews from two distinct backgrounds in the 1960's, and their settlement in the Negev towns of Dimona and Yeruham. Indian Jews arrived looking for a better life in the West, only to find themselves in the desert. With their English Colonial hangover, and the French background of the Moroccan immigrants, there is an inevitable clash of cultures, made worse when a married Indian man falls in love with a young Moroccan girl. The story comes to a climax when it is heard that the English cricket team will be stopping in the Negev for a match, and the two groups have to work together to produce a team capable of taking on the powerful English.

The Israel Cricket Association was proud to play a part in the production of the film. Local cricketers were provided to act in the staging of the game which takes place in the movie, the lead Israeli actors were introduced to and coached in the game so as to get a better understanding of the roles they had to play, and assistance was given with regards equipment and costumes for the cricket scenes.

Avi Nesher, one of Israel's leading directors and responsible for hit films such as "The Troupe", "Dizingoff 99", and "Rage and Glory", recently returned to Israel after several years abroad during which he directed 14 movies in Hollywood, specifically to direct this movie. It features a leading Bollywood actor, as well as a star French actress. Apart from Israel, the movie will also be released shortly in France and India.