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I do find myself making suggestions to him but I'm old enough and ugly enough to accept that he's the man in charge, and that's how it should be."

Nasser Hussain admits that he finds it hard not offer words of wisdom to Michael Vaughan

Aug 18, 2003 Tweet | Share

He has been an endless source of amusement, especially for the Yorkshire boys. They have never heard anybody speak before like Ed. At the crease he looks a million dollars, which is probably what he has got tucked away somewhere.

Mark Butcher on his unfeasibly well-spoken new team-mate Ed Smith

Aug 16, 2003 Tweet | Share

She's just a dopey, hairy-backed Sheila.

David Hookes gives his considered opinion of the accuser in the latest text-message scandal involving Shane Warne. Hookes later qualified his statement by pointing out that "hairy-back" was just Australian slang for South Africans ...

Aug 13, 2003 Tweet | Share

Ed Smith disguised any nerves with such quintessentially English charm that one observer wondered whether Hugh Grant had been drafted into the squad.

Richard Hobson in the Times on Smith's first England press conference

Aug 10, 2003 Tweet | Share

He said I had a 'nice-looking ass' and asked me for my number. I gave it to him."

Helen Cohen Alon, a 45-year-old divorced mother of three from Johannesburg, makes allegations of sexual harassment against Shane Warne

Aug 9, 2003 Tweet | Share

On the last tour we went to Holland after winning at Lord's and we celebrated for a while. The trip did get a bit out of hand - and it had got out of hand the last two times we have been.

Mark Boucher on South Africa's new-found professionalism

Aug 6, 2003 Tweet | Share

In India, we don't play in gardens like they do in New Zealand. I can't wait to get my hands on the ball and have a go at the Kiwis. They will struggle here.

Harbhajan Singh has revenge on his mind as he looks ahead to New Zealand's tour of India

Aug 3, 2003 Tweet | Share

I think each time something is said you really want to dig in and make people pay, especially if it's a bowler. Iit made me more and more hungry; and hopefully I'm not finished yet.

Graeme Smith on his brief spat with James Anderson during the Lord's Test

Aug 2, 2003 Tweet | Share

I'm trying to look like Beckham, and it's not working.

Dominic Cork, whose wife is a hairdresser, on his trendy new coiffure

Aug 2, 2003 Tweet | Share

Every time we snicked it, it went to hand. Every shot we played seemed to go down their throats; it was just not a good day to remember, really.

Michael Vaughan on an unspectacular first day in office

Aug 1, 2003 Tweet | Share

The boy stood on the burning deck whence all but he had fled. Twit.

Simon Barnes turns to the words of the great Spike Milligan to sum up England's first day at Lord's against South Africa

Aug 1, 2003 Tweet | Share

I'm dealing with people's lives now, whereas I used to deal with egos.

David Richards, the former ICC chief executive, now in charge of the Melbourne-based Lighthouse Foundation, a charity for homeless young people

Aug 1, 2003 Tweet | Share

A sporting hero has been born in South Africa, and the country needs somebody young, fresh, enthusiastic and committed. This is a guy who you know will climb Everest for South Africa.

Ali Bacher is effusive in his praise of Graeme Smith

Jul 31, 2003 Tweet | Share

I think he has resigned in haste because England have had a poor game and the seam bowling has been pathetic. It didn't help that he scored only 1 while 'Wotsisname' got a double-hundred.

Geoff Boycott has his say on Nasser Hussain's resignation

Jul 30, 2003 Tweet | Share

As baptisms go, this was not so much a blessing for the Lancashire-born Yorkshire player as a prolonged, agonising drowning.

Nick Townsend on Michael Vaughan's captaincy debut

Jul 30, 2003 Tweet | Share

I needed to see how deep I could dig and unfortunately, as captain, I wasn't good enough."

An honest Nasser Hussain admits that he knew his time was up on the first day of the Edgbaston Test

Jul 22, 2003 Tweet | Share

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What They Said About

'You should not be embarrassing your country'

"If you do not want to be playing Test cricket for India, quit. Just play limited-overs cricket. You should not be embarrassing your country like that."
Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar

"It's a disgrace to think that India have been blown away in 29 overs under blue skies on a pitch that was only doing a bit. They should be embarrassed. Some of those strokes were of players who didn't want to fight for their country."
Former England captain Michael Vaughan

"India were pathetic when they had to bat and bowl on two seaming, swinging pitches at Old Trafford and The Oval... The Indian batsmen were like lambs to the slaughter."
Former England captain Geoffrey Boycott