Dec 10, 2003

A ****ing cheat, a ****ing chucker"

Nasser Hussain's alleged welcome to Muttiah Muralitharan as he came out to bat at Kandy. Muralitharan reported the incident to the match referee, but no action was taken

Dec 10, 2003

Australian cricket, or 'Cricket Australia' as they prefer to be known, is doing everything possible to stamp out personality, character and individual thinking from the sport. And it's pathetic to watch. [They] are behaving like anally retentive librarians."

Neil Manthorp attacks Cricket Australia in the light of the decision to reprimand Brad Williams for his breathtaking comment that he bowls with "the wrong arm" (a reference to the numbe rof left-armers in the side)

Nov 4, 2003

There are three great international team sports in Australia: cricket, rugby (two codes), and Pom-bashing. But the greatest of these is the last, and it is time we prepared ourselves for the greatest celebration of Pom-bashing since Bodyline, the 1930s cricket tour that became an international incident. That one rankles to this day and is otherwise known as the longest whinge in sporting history.

The Times' Simon Barnes anticipates an upturn in anti-English feeling in the Australian media ahead of the rugby World Cup final