William Porterfield January 25, 2014

'I've captained Ireland since I was about 12'

William Porterfield talks leadership, his first match for his country, and playing on TV

First experience of getting into the game
My dad played a bit of recreational cricket but there was no one in my family that played at any great level. My sister liked the game and played a bit, but there were not too many women's cricket teams around that she could get involved with. My dad took me down to the cricket pitch when I was six or seven and it started from there.

First time I captained a side
I've captained Ireland since I was about 12. It's always something I've just done. I did every age group throughout my development until I was made captain of the senior side. I loved it and once I got the taste of it I just wanted more and more.

First time I was called up by Ireland
It came under Adrian Birrell, when Trent Johnston was the captain. I'd trained with the first team before that but had never played. Then he gave me the nod. I remember we were playing a four-day game against Namibia when I got my chance. It was all I had wanted to do as a kid - play for my country.

First time I realised I was good enough to be a professional cricketer
It would have been after I got my first couple of centuries playing for the MCC Young Cricketers against the county second teams. That was when I realised I could play the game. After that I was off to the World Cup in 2007 in the West Indies and that tournament really gave me the belief. I had belief before and I told myself I was good enough, but that really reinforced it, when I went there, playing against the best in the world.

First time I played on television
It wasn't until the 2007 World Cup, and I'll never forget it. I went out there too early and had to wait two minutes for the cameras to be ready. We were playing Zimbabwe and it was the most nervous I've ever been before any game. I had the long wait after I took guard - then I got a duck. It wasn't my best day.