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England's Jones-Read dilemma

Two keepers, one lack of consistency

Tim de Lisle expresses his views on England's decision to sideline Chris Read and bring back Geraint Jones

Television and the ball-tampering controversy

The telly factor

The Darrell Hair saga shows how close and complicated the relationship between the game and the small screen has become

How to revive England's one-day cricket

Rip it up and start again

England's one-day team are in disarray. They have been rubbish abroad for the last eight years, and now they're rubbish at home too

Kevin Pietersen and the art of express runmaking

The fastest bat

The holy grail of batting used to be consistency - the ability to make strings of high scores. It's still much prized, but it's no longer the chief aspiration of the most accomplished players

England's national icon sleepwalks through the Lord's Test

Yes, Flintoff is fallible

Britain woke up this morning to a sobering realisation. Andrew Flintoff - the nation's hero, Mr Incredible, Superman, Leading Cricketer in the World, etc - is capable of making a mess of things

A blast from Atherton and a memorable line from Wisden

The importance of being independent

It's a strange little tale - the curious case of the stand-in captain who made a run for it - and the plot keeps on thickening

Both have got their one-day priorities wrong

Fletcher's Bothamesque flaw

Tim de Lisle on the need for separate Test and one-day sides - despite what former greats might think - and how the ICC Champions Trophy is already a bore, some six months before it starts

Of superhuman efforts and debutants

Expectation, expectation, expectation

Tim de Lisle on how debutants have outmatched expectations in recent Tests ... and why we should savour the 400-run ODI and not complain about it being a batsman's game

Of delays and curses

Nice guy spoils thriller

Rahul Dravid is an outstanding cricketer, the most classical batsman in the world today. And he is one of the good guys - polite, modest and thoughtful. But at Nagpur, in a Test that had more twists than a racetrack, the biggest twist of all was that Drav