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CLICO Under 15 International Championship

Zimbabwe visa problems only half the story

May 2, 2008: Zimbabwe's failure to participate in the CLICO Under 15 International Championship appears not only to have been because of problems with visas, as has been the story in general circulation

Martin Williamson

USACA elections

This time it's for real

Mar 28, 2008: Martin Williamson says this weekend's USACA elections represent the last chance for stakeholders inside the country to end several years of massively self-destructive bickering and start rebuilding

Martin Williamson

Ignorance is not bliss

Mar 23, 2008: The ICC's continuing cop-out over Zimbabwe

Chingoka ban could have major consequences

England at risk of ICC shutout

Mar 19, 2008: Martin Williamson reports on the serious issues facing the ECB if the UK government refuses to allow Peter Chingoka into the country

Martin Williamson

Jesse Ryder's biggest battle

Feb 26, 2008: A look at the latest setback to hit the turbulent career of New Zealand's wild child, and where it will end

Why the old guard must stand down

US board has to wipe the slate clean

Jan 13, 2008: Martin Williamson on why the old guard, headed by Gladstone Dainty, must not seek re-election in the USACA elections

Martin Williamson

Australia v India, 2nd Test, Sydney

Not walking is not cheating

Jan 6, 2008: Why is cricket the only major sport in the world where some people demand that players do the umpires' jobs for them?

Martin Williamson

Cricket's distant Olympic dream

Dec 22, 2007: IOC recognition is only the first step on cricket's long road to appearing in the Olympics

Don't let Nairobi hijack Kenya's future

Nov 30, 2007: This weekend's stakeholders' meeting in Nairobi threatens to be overshadowed by the ongoing row between the Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association and Cricket Kenya which has rumbled on for months

Beyond The Test World

Thailand board fails accountability test

Nov 23, 2007: A look at the problems facing Thai cricket after 2006's elections that never were

ICC must go on funding cricket's expansion

Nov 14, 2007: The budget allocated by the ICC to Associates must not be cut to give more to the big boys

Giving democracy the finger

Nov 10, 2007: Zimbabwe Cricket has finally abandoned any pretence of being democratic

Bad publicity is no publicity

Nov 9, 2007: Cricket Australia's stand-off with the media is all wrong

Nairobi needs to lead the way

Oct 22, 2007: The behind-the-scenes machinations in Kenya's biggest province is worryingly familiar

A Pyrrhic victory for the ICC

Oct 9, 2007: Although Darrell Hair withdrew his claim for racial discrimination against the ICC, both sides suffered considerable damage

Digicel deal highlights West Indies' problems

Jul 27, 2007: Why the new Digicel deal highlights gaping deficiencies in the Caribbean

USA cricket's final opportunity

Jun 26, 2007: Despite a dismal record, the deal struck in the USA to salvage the country's cricket administration has to be given a chance

How low can they go?

Jun 24, 2007: A week of shame for the West Indies Cricket Board

Another Caribbean crisis

Jun 6, 2007: Cricket is heading in the wrong direction in Bermuda

Stretching to four days

Jun 3, 2007: Cricket Kenya is hoping to launch a four-day national competition later this year providing that sponsors can be found to underwrite the costs of the event

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