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Editor of Intelligent Life magazine and a former editor of Wisden
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Advantage Wimbledon

Jul 10, 2007: Where tennis scores over cricket

Same old blues

Jun 26, 2007: England's unconvincing clear-out in one-day cricket

The naming-after game

Jun 12, 2007: Cricket has some handsome, concrete ways of making sure this happens, naming parts of grounds after its greatest exponents

The game's new conscience

May 29, 2007: Why the MCC's new committee matters

West Indies in England, 2007

England's four-fold target against West Indies

May 15, 2007: Tim de Lisle believes that England's targets for the series against West Indies will include hoping for an aggressive start, gettting hold of a productive middle, aiming for an accurate attack and ensuring 100% unity

Tim de Lisle

World Cup review

A farce, a fiasco, a debacle or a shambles?

May 1, 2007: Tim de Lisle looks back the World Cup and concludes that as an event, it committed the crime that sports administrators are apt to accuse players of: it brought the game into disrepute

Tim de Lisle

England captains are never great one-day players

It's not just Vaughan

Apr 17, 2007:

Tim de Lisle

The authorities are having a shocker of a World Cup

A public relations disaster

Apr 3, 2007: This World Cup has been a tough one from many points of view, not all of them the ICC's fault; they can hardly be blamed for the horrific death of Bob Woolmer

Tim de Lisle

The four keys to an exceptional coach

The wonder of Woolmer

Mar 19, 2007: Tim de Lisle on the four keys to an exceptional coach

Tim de Lisle

McGrath the one-day batsman

Gloriously inept

Mar 6, 2007: Ever thought of Glenn McGrath the one-day bowler up against Glenn McGrath the one-day batsman?

Tim de Lisle

South Africa replace Australia as No. 1

Reaching the top by stealth

Feb 20, 2007: Are South Africa the best in the world, asks Tim de Lisle? Not really

Tim de Lisle

Why does cricket carry on so?

We want less

Feb 6, 2007: Cricket, like the food in British supermarkets, has lost a lot of its seasonality. It rolls on remorselessly, year-round, and doesn't care if it loses flavour as a result, says Tim de Lisle

Tim de Lisle

All much of a muchness

Who has the world's best attack?

Jan 23, 2007: As Bob Dylan observed in a song a few years ago, Things Have Changed. For the first time in perhaps 35 years, there is no outstanding attack in world cricket

Tim de Lisle

England's decision to reinstate Michael Vaughan

The day of the specialist captain

Jan 9, 2007: For the umpteenth time this winter, England are taking a risk on a half-fit player as Michael Vaughan returns to captain

Tim de Lisle

The treadmillish times of the modern cricketer

How long is a career?

Dec 12, 2006: Tim de Lisle on the ever-lengthening careers of the modern cricketer

Tim de Lisle

The Ashes, 2006-07

Give Harmy a break

Nov 28, 2006: Tim de Lisle justifies why Steve Harmison should be rested for Adelaide

Tim de Lisle

The Champion's Trophy, 2006

Why it has been fun this time

Oct 31, 2006: The Champions Trophy has been fun, mainly because it has been unpredictable.

Tim de Lisle

The coach and legspinner divide

Warne and Buchanan: two wrongs ...

Sep 19, 2006: There is a widening rift in the Australian camp, between the brains of the team off the field (Buchanan) and the brains on it (Warne)

Tim de Lisle

End of the road?

Going, going ... Gough

Sep 5, 2006: Gough's departure from the stage has been protracted and painful, but it shouldn't be allowed to take the shine off a memorable career, writes Tim de Lisle

Tim de Lisle

Farce at The Oval

A case of over-reacting to an over-reaction

Aug 22, 2006: Tim de Lisle blames Hair for pulling the plug hastily, faults the Pakistanis for reacting churlishly before criticising Hair for over-reacting to their over-reaction

Tim de Lisle
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