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Former Australia captain, now a cricket commentator and columnist
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The Champions League is split wide open

Sep 25, 2011: It's hard to pick a favourite for the tournament, because for the first time in a long time bowlers have been given a fair chance to attack in the Twenty20 format

Ian Chappell

Michael Hussey, role model

Sep 11, 2011: He's got the shots, and he can grind when needed. Cricket needs more old-school batsmen like him, not the Suresh Rainas, bred on Twenty20

Ian Chappell

The international game needs an overhaul

Aug 28, 2011: Australia's review has been window-dressing, and India are unlikely to have one at all, but international cricket as a whole needs thinking about, if it's not to be reduced to just Twenty20

Ian Chappell

Have India lost the Australia series already?

Aug 14, 2011: India have problems in every department, and it doesn't look like they'll be able to fix them in time for their year-end tour

Ian Chappell

How have India remained No. 1 this long?

Jul 31, 2011: The credit goes to MS Dhoni, who has shrewdly managed with a thin attack, but leaving England with their top billing intact is the team's biggest challenge

Ian Chappell

Sehwag's absence will hurt India

Jul 17, 2011: Without him they will have to be cautious against England's swing bowlers. But even so the series, with its several mini-contests and the No. 1 ranking at stake, is expected to be a mouth-watering one

Ian Chappell

Who's the ICC fooling?

Jul 3, 2011: It's laughable that cricket's global body asks its member boards to democratise when it is itself politically manipulated by the BCCI to make confusing compromises

Ian Chappell

India's riches, Australia's need

Jun 19, 2011: One country lacks the young talent it needs to replenish its national side with, and the other has too many in the wings, waiting for the fading stars to leave

Ian Chappell

Tendulkar, Ponting and the question of retirement

Jun 5, 2011: What are the signs that lead a player to decide on retirement? And are there any successors to these two greats?

Ian Chappell

Terry Jenner, 1944-2011

TJ's frankness and humour stood out

May 25, 2011: A friend and captain pays tribute to Terry Jenner

Ian Chappell

The problem with fining Warne $50,000

May 22, 2011: Slapping such a hefty fine on someone for speaking his mind sets a precedent that may be tough to follow

Ian Chappell

Warne makes the game interesting for his players

May 8, 2011: As captain, he makes every ball worth watching. He empowers his players and makes them want to contribute to the team every time

Ian Chappell

How do you determine the value of a player?

Apr 24, 2011: It won't be long before IPL franchisees figure out a formula to calculate the true worth of players

Ian Chappell

Dhoni's among the great modern captains

Apr 10, 2011: India's captain has taken his side to the top without a great bowling attack, which makes his achievement more remarkable

Ian Chappell

Ponting's time is up

Mar 27, 2011: If he quits the captaincy now, he'll be remembered as a beaten and bloodied warrior who refused to bow down. Also, it's just the right time for Clarke to fill his shoes

Ian Chappell

Australia need a workout

Mar 13, 2011: It's been all too smooth sailing for Ponting's men so far. They need a tough match against Pakistan

Ian Chappell

Look, now you've angered Ricky

Feb 27, 2011: The coverage of Ponting's dressing-room blow-up was excessive. And it just may end up being bad news for the other teams

Ian Chappell

The five favourites for the World Cup

Feb 13, 2011: England, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Australia are looking good

Ian Chappell

The misery that is Michael Clarke

Jan 30, 2011: Clarke needs a long innings in the first-class format but captaincy worries and the World Cup prevent him from concentrating on his batting

Ian Chappell

Why Aussie fans are cheering for England

Jan 16, 2011: Because the olde enemy could help their side make it to the World Test Championship

Ian Chappell
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