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Sportswriter and senior lecturer in sports journalism at the University of Brighton
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Clocks be damned

Aug 10, 2011: The seemingly outdated concept actually makes perfect sense in deciding the Test championship

Rob Steen

The case for substitutes

Jul 27, 2011: Why is cricket so resistant to permitting like-for-like replacements for players who are under-par and underperforming?

Rob Steen

The most compelling Test of them all

Jul 13, 2011: Context, quality, balance and drama make a Test memorable. Is there any one game that ticks all boxes?

Rob Steen

Two tier or not two tier?

Jun 29, 2011: The proposed FTP may seem unjust to some teams but the likes of Bangladesh won't have it worse than they already do; and maybe a two-tier structure is closer than we think

Rob Steen

Katich out of the bag

Jun 15, 2011: Players across sports have taken legal action for wrongful dismissal. The Australian opener could do the same, but financial compensation will hardly also bring a recall

Rob Steen

It's India v the rest of the world

Jun 1, 2011: Most Test nations and their players are in favour of using the DRS in international cricket. But will the BCCI succeed in influencing the ICC to decide against it?

Rob Steen

The bold and bountiful

May 18, 2011: What words would you use to describe Shane Warne's legacy to cricket?

Rob Steen

Why does Greig get a raw deal?

May 4, 2011: The former England captain is still not fully accepted by the English cricket establishment - supposedly for his role in the Packer affair. Why is this?

Rob Steen

The fifth man

Apr 20, 2011: Wisden radically chose to pick four cricketers of the year for 2010. But they could have gone further and picked a player who showed immense courage off the field

Rob Steen

East is where it's at

Apr 6, 2011: Cricket's power centre seems to have shifted Asia-wards - and not just economically

Rob Steen

Tendulkar and the wisdom of walking

Mar 24, 2011: What sped through his mind in the seconds before he was given not out against West Indies? Did he decide to go out of pragmatism or nobility?

Rob Steen

South Africa's new bogeymen

Mar 9, 2011: Are England bowlers. While on paper, the South Africans look better, in the pivotal moments it is England who have prevailed

Rob Steen

A tale of two jaw-dropping stats

Feb 23, 2011: Australia's unbeaten record since 1999 and the absence of home teams in World Cup finals: can India or another side get the better of these?

Rob Steen

Will the UDRS be proved a good thing?

Feb 9, 2011: The review system has, faults notwithstanding, the potential to be a boon for cricket. If Indian players and the BCCI warm to it during the World Cup, its future is bright

Rob Steen

A question of greatness

Jan 27, 2011: Defining it is no easy task, since greatness can be reliant on time, place, context and memory. But it's time to acknowledge that Kallis has earned the mantle

Rob Steen

The ultimate overachiever

Jan 12, 2011: Has anyone surpassed expectations as much as Paul Collingwood has?

Rob Steen

Handbags at Christmas

Dec 23, 2010: Who'll win the Ashes? Join our merry Christmas-time talk show, featuring two notable personages from the past, to find out

Rob Steen

It was fifty years ago today

Dec 8, 2010: The effect of the first Tied Test was to raise cricket from its prevailing grisly greyness and take it closer to the zeitgeist of that heady decade. That's why that game and that series remain unmatched for cricketing drama

Rob Steen

Why we need the Ashes to be competitive

Nov 25, 2010: It's not the oldest or fiercest, but the England-Australia rivalry has enough lustre and historical baggage to make the blood bubble. And that's why it's important the contest is even and hard-fought

Rob Steen

What's wrong with this picture?

Nov 10, 2010: In today's cricket photography there's too much reaction and too little action

Rob Steen
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