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Sportswriter and senior lecturer in sports journalism at the University of Brighton
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Make the third umpire proactive

Feb 3, 2010: It may disempower the two men on the field but failing to do so could make them unbending, self-protecting not-outers instead

Rob Steen

Why all the doom and gloom?

Jan 20, 2010: England have done surprisingly well over the season just past. It's not the end of the world for them by a long chalk

Rob Steen

The vincible and the untouchable

Nov 25, 2009: Records that are vulnerable to the passage of time, and those that are safe forever

Rob Steen

The decade of entertainment

Nov 11, 2009: There's been plenty to moan about in the 2000s, but the cricket itself has been mostly exciting, less draw-prone, and more unpredictable

Rob Steen

Death by circumstance

Oct 28, 2009: It's hard not to feel sympathy for the former England coach, who has conducted himself with dignity amid the stone-throwing

Rob Steen

More innings, more fun

Oct 14, 2009: The way to go to save the ODI would be to get rid of the various artificial restrictions and have four innings

Rob Steen

Anyone for England?

Sep 30, 2009: Should cricket adopt soccer's six-five rule, where the majority of the members of any national team would have to have been schooled in the country?

Rob Steen

Strauss for the title

Sep 16, 2009: It's hard to look beyond England's captain when you're picking the top cricketer of the last 12 months

Rob Steen

Johnny Wardle and the importance of being memorable

Sep 2, 2009: He's in the top seven in the all-time bowling averages, top four by economy-rate. Turns out that's not enough to fetch him a place on the shortlist for an England all-time XI

Rob Steen

The Bell question

Aug 19, 2009: In not just retaining faith in him but promoting him to first-drop, England's selectors have been brave way beyond the call of duty

Rob Steen

Faster, stronger, uglier

Aug 5, 2009: Why has cricket deteriorated aesthetically even as it has improved as a spectacle?

Rob Steen

Right said Fred

Jul 22, 2009: Can Flintoff emulate Botham by helping recapture the urn for a second time, as the latter did in 1985?

Rob Steen

The biggest day in Welsh cricket

Jul 8, 2009: Andrew Strauss wondered how a match played in Cardiff could give England any home advantage, but few will begrudge Wales its moment in the sun

Rob Steen

Tradition v survival

Jun 25, 2009: Don't double up in horror: day-night Tests, coloured clothing and the white ball could be the saviours of the first-class game

Rob Steen

Who rates the fielders?

Jun 10, 2009: Is Dravid as good a catcher as Mark Waugh was? There's no objective way to tell. Surprisingly for a game that can boil most achievements down to cold stats, fielding is mostly overlooked

Beware the freelance cricketer

May 27, 2009: How long before board contracts are torn up? How long before Test cricket becomes a three-day game?

The case for a more inclusive Hall of Fame

May 13, 2009: Why the ICC's initiative to honour just 55 of the many greats who have played cricket is flawed

The shine's off KP

Apr 29, 2009: One of the most engrossing subplots of the Ashes summer will centre around whether Pietersen can go back to being golden again

Eight miles higher

Apr 18, 2009: The link between keeper and tail has become more important and has produced handy runs since the advent of one-day cricket

Twenty20: an earthly odyssey

Apr 1, 2009: The shortest format has well and truly come into its own and can no longer be sneered at

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Is Sarfraz Ahmed Pakistan's best wicketkeeper-batsman ever?

Kamran Abbasi: His stats so far and the calm assurance he showed in Dubai mark him as one to watch

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